March 24, 2009

My Style II

Hey all

Here it is again, My Style Part II . I would be uploading more photos when I feel like too and when I have time ( It sounds like i'm a busy girl, but actually not at all ).

Ok, then here's what i was wearing:

a. ( The toppest picture) Shirt : Black Tanktop
Skirt : Stripes Skirt
Outer: Old Navy Jeans
Bag : Silver Bag
Shoes: Flowery Brown Wedges

b. ( Below picture a) Shirt: Knitted Blue Loose Tanktop
Belt : Vintage Belt (Mom's)
Skirt : Polka Assymetric Skirt
Outer: Assymetric Sweater
Bag: NINE WEST Black Chained
Shoes: Hiking Boots (Dad's)
Necklace: From SVS
Watch : Vintage Watch

c. ( Below picture b) Outer: Black Blazer (Mom's)
Accessories: Blue Big bow HANDMADE
Dress: Tie Dye Dress From The Fashionistas
Shoes: Black Tight Heels
d. ( Below picture c) Outer: Black Beludru OLD NAVY Jacket
Dress : Green Vintage Oversized See Thru
Shoes: Vintage chained Pantofel (Mom's)
Bag : The bag I've found from the boxes
e. (Below picture d ) Shirt : Black Oversized Shirt
Skirt: OLD NAVY Denim Skirt
Belt: From Ms.Cleopatra
Bag: Black Vintage Golf Bag
Shoes: Brown Oxford Shoes
Necklace: Bisquit Dog Necklace ( Rika's , tx girl for letting me borrow it)
Watch : Vintage Watch

March 23, 2009

My Style

Trust me, I can't even describe my own style. I mean I wear what I want to wear. I wear stuffs that I think that's cute for me and combine it with the other things I think is cute too. Ok , this is 1 day when I took this picture. And I think it's on Monday afternoon ( because on Tuesdays, I don't have alot of homework) , so you can call it as FREE TIME. Ok let me just kinnda explain alittle what i was wearing :
a. ( The toppest Picture ) Shirt: White long loose tanktop
Skirt: Vintage pink flowery skirt
Bag: Green Hermes Bag
Shoes: Vintage Brown NINE WEST wedges
Necklace : From SVS
Bracelet : Handmade
b. ( Below picture a) Shirt : Fringe tanktop (Mom's)
Outer : White peterpan collar outer (Mom's)
Skirt : That's actually a long inner (Dad's)
Shoes: Black Vintage Oxford
c. ( Below picture b) Dress: Vintage Lace Dress ( cousin's)
Shoes : Black Suede Mary Jane Heels
Bag : America's Pink Fur ( Trust me, it's not real fur)
Necklace : I made it myself (HANDMADE)
Bracelet : From everywhere, some are from my mom, from Japan, or others
d. ( Below picture c) Dress : White long loose tanktop
Vest : Black knitted Vest ( I bought it at a flee market)
Belt : Mom's
Necklace: Car biscuit necklace (HANDMADE), and triangle neckalce from SVS
Shoes: Black Suede Mary Jane Heels
e. ( Below picture d) Shirt : Loose Purple See Thru shirt
Pants: Washed short pants (Mom's)
Belt : White small belt ( bought it at FO Bandung)
Shoes : Black Vintage Oxford shoes
Bracelet: Many kinds

Cleaning Up The House

Wow, cleaning up the house was something. Just look at the different on the bottomest picture. There's the before and after photo. The "before" picture was a total mess. Just look at the stuffs there. A lot of boxes, but when you see the "after" picture, that's totally different right? I helped too you know?
Ok , on the toppest picture that's the stuff that i found from the boxes. Let me explain what they are;
1. That's a hairdryer. It still runs . It's kinnda durty but still in good condition. Their like salon hairdryers, you know the big ones.
2. An antique clock. It's really cute and vintage, but it don't run. It's broken. I think my mom want's to throw it away but maybe i can hide it so she won't be able to find it and she can't throw it away if she can't find it right? It's too cute to be in the garbage.
3. An ANDY WARHOL book. You might be thinking, "Who the heck is Andy Warhol?" or " Is that a biography book or something?" I don't know what it is either LOL. But when you open the book , there's cute pictures in it ( It's not a biography book ). I don't read the book , just look at the pictures.
4. Vintage Bags. The black one's my mom's. It's like a party bag ( The PARTY i mean is not clubbing or anything, but you know like weddings), and the tan bag is my grandma's. It's actually my mom's, but she gave it to my grandma, so it's really my grandma's ( Kinnda complicated ). But my mom want's to throw the tan one ( my mom always throw the stuffs i like). I think i have to hide it again just like the antique clock.
5. A World Frame. It kinnda weird, because i don't really know what it's for. It's a golden frame but there's a world picture in it. It's kinnda antique just like the clock, but this one I don't have to hide it again from my mom because this one she won't throw it away.
And look at the pile of Really Old Books i've found. There are Encyclopedia from series 1-30 , Do It Yourself Book from series 1-20 and other scientific books, and there's also books about photography. Cute right?
But i didn't find any cute vintage clothes. But it's OK, at least I got books ( although I don't read it ).

March 19, 2009

My Fish Eye

You might be wondering "What the heck is that little green thing? Is that boogie?" First, it's NOT a boogie. How can you say that. This thing is cute, very usefull and as I can say, cheap. But rhis thing is really, a Fish Eye camera! Just like the Lomo Fish Eye, except this thing is only the camera ( I mean the lens) . How this thing work is, you stick it to a camera ( It could be your Cell camera just like mine on the first and second picture or your digital camera) and when you take a picture, the photo will look like a fish eye effect. Just like the third photo. Cute right? So you don't have to buy a real Lomo Camera that costs million rupiah ( or hundreds of dollars). This little thing only costs Rp 95.000,00 ( around US $ 9.00 ). Cheap right? I bought it at Pondok Indah Plaza, Indonesia. In the sky walk , but I forgot what the name of this store is. It's hard to find the store because it's small. From the first time i saw this thing I thought it was a key chain. I don't really like key chains. But when the lady ( at the shop) explains me about it, without thinking I bought it. There are not only Fish Eye effect camera, there are others. So it took me about a half an hour took pick the right one. And it leaves to this little green thing. So once again it's not a boogie. It's a Fish Eye camera that's cute, adorable, usefull and cheap.


These are really the things that haunt me for the last few weeks. Just by looking at the pictures maybe you already know. Let me explain it alittle more

1. Green Tennesse Meadow. Isn't it beautiful there? You see horses, trees, fresh air. Just wanna lay down there and have a picnic or just sleep under the trees.

2. Old Vintage Camera. Just wanna have it, not really to use it but taking pictures with it or maybe just put it in the room

3. Urban Outfitters Clothing. Now this is the number one whose been haunting me for the last few weeks. Just look at the designs. Aren't they cute or what?

4. Report Card. WOW getting straight A's was the past. When I was in elementry school in Pennsylvania , getting straight A's is something ussual. I mean I always get straight A's. But now is totally different. And the report cards are always bugging me. Each time I get a bad result on my daily test, i'll be thinking what grade I will get on this white paper.

5. .......... . You know what it means right? Not a French kiss or major lip kiss. Just a cheeck kiss. Or whatever it is. But as you know, I'm not that fat and curly like the girl on the picture and my soon to be boyfriend's hair is black. But I can't find a black haired boy kissing a skinny and straight hair girl picture on the net. So i'll just use this picture. It ain't that different though.

So you know what's bugging me or haunting me for the last few weeks. This is my life. I have to hold it tight.

March 18, 2009


CHEERing is totally fun !
But hold on, where's me? On the uppest photo , i'm the 2nd one from the right. Wearing a CHEERS costume ( almost everyone is wearing it? Stupid me.). On the photo below it , i'm the 3rd one from the right. The full body picture where there's 2 people in it, i'm the right one. And the picture below it, i'm on the right (again). And the bottomest picture, i'm the 4th person from the right (what's with the right? LOL).
So you know me now. Next time I don't have to tell which one is me. Just guess where Diah,Maia, and Dinta is. I don't have to mention where they are one by one.
In this picture we're at Senayan. We're waiting our turn to play in.

Me and My Friends

Yap, these are me and my friends. My strange and weird friends , but also caring and crazy ( good crazy).

Let me introduce you, i'm the one with the purple shirt , washed short pants and brown oxford shoes. That's me for sure. My full name is really Sabila Hasya Anata. But i prefer just to write Sabila Anata because it's much more simple. People usually call me Sissy. Especially my little sister Sabrina. You might be asking, " Where did she get the word Sissy from? I mean her full name is Sabila Hasya Anata and there is no word like Sissy in it". Many people askes me that. It's from the word SISTER. You know babies can't speak letter R very well, so my little sister calls me Sissy.

The one with the grey t-shirt , black legging and bringing a backpack is called Maia. Well her full name is Chandras Suryo Kusmayas Putri. What a long and complicated name. It's longer than my name. I like to call her Maia better than her full name. Btw, Maia sells omlet ( not really important. Maybe you'd like to know).

The small girl with long necked shirt with blue jeans and white shoes is called Diah. Her full name is Diah Suci Rahmawati. At home , people calls her Uchi. I don't know where that name comes from, but it's still cute.

Last but not least, the one with white BURBERRY jacket , a GIRL shirt, black hotpants, and curly hair is called Dinta. Her full name is Dinta Rahmayanti Setyadi Putri ( i think that's how to spell it. I kind of forget. Sorry Dinta darling if you read this) . She's such a naive girl. I mean look at her face, you can already predict it from the first time you see her picture. Btw , her mom has a salon. So she always go to the salon , no wonder she has good hair and almost perfect skin.

There you go. They are my friends. Well not really my friends, but my best friends. We do things together. And what ever we do it's always crazy ( a good crazy). We have slumber parties , hang out together and much more. And in these pictures, we're at Pondok Indah Mall. Just hanging out and playing. What ever or where ever we do or we go we always take pictures. And that's totally a must. So I Love Ya Guys !

March 17, 2009


My Next Destination : SOUR SALLY

I always want to go to this place. And totally I must , but still i don't know when to go. Just not the perfect time right now, but soon or later i will go to this place and try the delicious yoghurt. Well all yoghurts for me are always delicious LOL. But i think this one is different than the other yoghurts. SOUR SALLY is just like PINKBERRY. Ofcourse you know pinkberry right? It's the American Yoghurt that many celebs eat. Not just the taste that's interensting about this SOUR SALLY, but the place is also interesting. Just look at the toppest picture. You can see the adorable chairs. Cute right? Ofcourse it is. So, SOUR SALLY i'm coming :)