July 26, 2009

6 Smooches

I've been tagged by Fika from Sweet Escape and she told me to write 6 things that makes me happy and pass it to 6 other bloggers . But why 6 ?? Haha , well here they are

1. Friends , Family , Friends

They are everything for me , without them i don't know what i'll be right know. They're so important for me :)
Friends : If i have problems , I can just tell them all about it and they came out with great solutions . If i'm bored and have nothing to do , i can come over their house or we can chit chat by phone. If i'm happy , they're the one who made me happy :))
Family : I wouldn't even be in this world if it wasn't for family . They know the most about me , sometimes they know things about me that i don't know myself .
So they all comes in 1 package that we can't separate them from ourlives

2. My Baby :)

I'm like a mother who loves my kid sooo much , but my kid is not really a living kid who has organs and bodyparts . It's this cute NIKON coolpix L100 :) Everywhere i go i MUST bring this thing !
Mommy will always take care of you baby !

3. LONDON fashion week

Just 2 words , LOVIN' IT

4. Melted Chocolate

Melted chocolate is the BEST . This is my buddy who will always be there for me where ever i am

5. Flower Meadow

Like i told you before , i LOVE flowers . Especially when there's a bunch of it ! But becarefull of bees when you go there

6. I wonder wander ... yeaaay !

I just LOVE this thing soooo much !! I've been searching for this Studded drape outer for months and finally got one :) I got it from Just Wanderlust . The owner kindly restocked 1 piece just for me because it was all SOLD out ! yeaay thank you so much ka Catherine !

If i may add 1 more, it would be SHOES SHOES SHOES !

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July 25, 2009

Nostalgia from 1995-2009

Hello Bloggers :)
You know, yesterday i was just helping my mom decorating a frame , and i saw some pictures of me from when i was born and until now . I laughed at some of the photos because they're so embarassing, but i started to miss those days when we get to play in the rain and running around . It's just really different know , so i want to share my photos from the year 1995 'till know :)

1. Year 1995
These are some of my baby pictures , i'm still around newly born - 4months old . For more information , i was born on October 1st 1995 at RSCM around 11.45am , you can say that i was a big baby ( 3,6kg ) , but don't know why , when i get older i get skinnier :) haha

Oh yea, mind the photo on the toppest left corner . That's a picture of my dad when he was in Junior High School :)

2. Year 1998

Can you guess where i was in those 2 pics ??
Any guess ?? Well in that case , i have to tell you :)
That was at my grandma's house located at Jagakarsa . She has a little pond at her front yard , but no water in it. Only when it's raining then water fills it up , so we can ride a plastic boat just what i did with my cousin . It's so much fun ! But know they destroyed the pond because of some reason -_- That's what i miss the most.

3. Year 1999
In this photo , we were at Puncak . It seems fun doesn't it ? Especially the place seems very refreshing :)
I'm thinking of going there again and maybe take some pictures ! And think of the old memories , but maybe the place isn't this beautiful anymore .

4. Year 2000
5 years old is the first time i flew to another country :) We went to Sydney Australia and stayed for about a week . My dad didn't come with us but i can't remember why haha . I went here with my mom and my aunt ( actually it's my mom's friend but i call her aunt ). But these 2 are my most favorite pictures :) You know why ? Because i LOVE the backfround , flowers ! Thinking to go back there again , yes . Already planned to go back there again , No .

5. Year 2001
Kartini Day !!
This is my 1st year of Elementary school :) No comment for the "kebaya" .................

6. Year 2002
1 year in 2 countries , that's my life :) Visiting Yogyakarta was my last holiday in Indonesia before i went to America . And on August i flew to America with my mom and dad ( my sister wasn't born yet ) , kinnda missed my big family back then but starting enjoying my new home :)
And on the second picture , that's me with my "new" friend . She's from Afghanistan ! And her name is Morsal . Oh yea when i first got there i was a mess ! I mean i sleep at 1 afternoon and wake up at 10 pm , the first weeks are hard but getting used to it.

7. Year 2003
My new home !
Snow seems odd with me , because that was the first time i felt snow :) And really hate it when snow's in my boots! You think playing in the snow is FUN , well it is fun but my longest time playing in the snow is only 1,5 hours . It's really cold out there ,and usually when i'm finish playing , my toes , ears, and fingers are blue . But thinking of it again , i really miss the snow !
And when it comes to summer , the temperature is high ! And it's sooo hot , but i got the chance to visit the Capital Building , Washington DC . There were many tourist there , just like me :)

8. Year 2004
This year is the best ! Because i finally have a sister ! Sabrina was born on April 14th 2004 at a hospital which i forgot the name around 8am , oh yea on the picture where there is me and Sabrina, i wrote the wrong year . It was suppose to be Februray 2005 :) Sabrina was a BIG baby ( 4,2kg ) , she is still big know because know she is 5years old and her weight is 26kg ( i was 26kg when i was 10 years old ! ) .
And i introduce you my bike ! I go everywhere with that bike , to the library , my friends' houses and many more . But not to school because i go to school by the school bus

9. Year 2005
My last year
This year was my last year in America . But before leaving , we went to some places like Niagara Falls , Statue Of Liberty New York , and Atlantic City . We made alot of memories there and totally miss my friends right know , thinking going back there to continue school . Maybe when i'm in college perhaps :)
3 years living there is not a short time

10. Year 2007
When i came back to Indonesia it felt different , I had a hard time for few weeks ( again ) like hard to comunicate with others because i kinnda forgot indonesian language a bit , then just like the last time i sleep at 1 afternoon then wake up at 10pm , and had flu because of the weather.

11. Year 2008

I start to " like " fashion this year. Actually I know about fashion when i was in 6th grade but i start mix 'n matching my clothes this year , i started to be brave to go out wearing unusual clothes .
But thinking of it again , it was fun :) Then i start browsing everywhere for fashion tips and everything about fashion !
12. Year 2009
From like to LOVE fashion :) I started making a blog too but stopped blogging for some reason then continue it again until know !
I can't separate fashion from my self because it's already a part of me !

I think that is all :)
Hope you know me better this time !

July 21, 2009

Somethings to catch up today

Alohaaa !
5 days of not posting hmmm not too bad :) Well forget about that
Today i have somethings to inform or tell

1. Sunday night i went to my Mom's Friend's Daughter Wedding . Do you get it ? haha Well i didn't take any pictures at the wedding because i left my camera at home , but i only brought a small purse so can't fit my camera in there
Btw , there's only my cell in the purse :)

GAP black jacket , TOPSHOP ruffle top , Happy-Go-Lucky corsage , Studded Belt bought in America , Unbranded skirt , Mom's purse , Betty LA Shop Peep toe boots

2. Betty LA Shop new arrival on Friday , 24 July 2009 . But limited stock , only 1 stock per item ! So don't miss it and check out the blog too www.bettylashop.blogspot.com

There will be many Loose shirts , assymetrical dress , urban dress , summer dress , leopard shoulder dress , shoes , acid jeans and many more ! I'll upload it around 12am - 2pm , i can't tell you exactly when because i still don't know yet

3. Anyone who has PAYPAL please tell me right away ! I really really need your help :)

4. Last but not least , i want to inform all of you who has added betty's Facebook : bettylashop@yahoo.com i can't approve you anymore because the account is already FULL . And there is still around 700 friend request , so just add our second Facebook account : bettylashop2@yahoo.com .

Oh yea and the picture isn't small anymore ! So you can see my clothes hahahaha

Think that's it :)

See ya!

July 15, 2009

Sea Of Shoes Indonesia :)

Afternoon ya all !

Something very unique just happended to me today .
Today when i just arrived home i saw 3 big packages on my bed , but i remembered that i didn't order anything . I only ordered somethings from Garage Store , but when i opened it , it was shoes !! They are all so cute :)
But too bad they aren't mine , they're customer's shoes ! And none of them are my size , but some fits though :)

I was like a shopaholic finish shopping then trying the shoes :) It felt nice though!
So instead dreaming of the shoes , i just try some of them before shipping them to their owners .. But not all of them because some of them can't fit in my feet .
But i LOVE my knit outer and boots from Garage Store !

Bye bye shoes ! -_-

Oh yea, the next onlineshop i want to buy is Nefertiti Jewels ! Maybe just a necklace or something :) Nefertiti i'm coming !

Sabila the shoe lover

July 14, 2009

Stupid Post About School

Holla !
Huff second day of 9th grade ! We actually didn't do anything because some of the teachers didn't really came to class. But some just came in and tell about UAN and others .
Oh yea! I just want you to know my new chairmate Seleta! She's kinnda shy to take pictures haha . Incase you get confused, that's my face and Seleta's the one looking down ( actually she's playing her cell ). And so you know too , i'm not paying attention to anything ! There's no teacher and nothing on the board . It's just my pose so i can get Seleta's picture , with me ofcourse . Because she's kinnda in a bad mood that day :)

And here are some stuffs that are not important at all but just so you know . I mean come on , i post a picture on what i wore to school ...... You all know that when you go to school you wear uniforms so there won't be anything special at all .

Well, just enjoy :)

Look what i did to my shoes! I change the usual white rope with this thing , so it'll be cuter. And this is how my desk looks like , i put my bag on the table while the others put it behind their chair :) And ooops spot a cell there! haha there's no teacher so who cares!

Today we had gym so i brought a bigger bag . Yesterday my bag was soo small that only fits 2 books and a pencil case.
And YES , i wear glasses :) i'm -1.25
Is that bad or just still normal ? Oh well i only use them in class
And in that picture i was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ugly -_-
I look like my mom !!
P.S : Speaking of cheers , tommorrow i have drumband ( i'm a cheers) practise . Huhh will be home late

July 12, 2009

After Sickness

Oh so glad i can finally write again :)
I have been absent for 1 week because i had tifus . When i finish writing the last post my body temperature strats getting higher so i thought i had fever again , but it's actually tifus .
Oh yea yesterday i went to FX and watched Hannah Montana The Movie. I didn't go to the bazzar because i was too late and i didn't go to Pramuka Island ( GETS EVENT , it was on Friday ) because i was still sick .
Oh yea ! I just remembered , on RATED STYLISH GoGirl they wrote my name Sabila ADINATA . But it's suppose to be Sabila ANATA hhe , missplled name there :)

Oh yea and they gave out a zipper legging, i got a black one . It's really cute , but people around the country will be wearing the same one . So i was thinking to re-Do it.
All i need is Acrylic Paint and a Paint Brush, then splash it everywhere on the legging . Just be creative :)

It's really fun doing it . Because every time i ( try to ) make acid wash it never turnes out good . So i try with paint and it turns out cool! yaaay
If your not so good doing acid wash projects ( like me ) just try splashing paint :) hhe

Before painted
After Painted

So i don't have to worry about wearing the same legging like the other girls :)
Because it's totally one of a kind , if you want to try to do something with your leggings , please be creative with it . Don't do exactly the same like mine . I don't want to be the same , again.
Oh yea tommorrow first day of school ( hate it , need it ) . My mom has been yelling at me to clean up my room . When i was sick she was beeing this nice angel taking care of me , but when i'm healthy already she became the regular evil mother . But no matter what i still love her :)
Good day everyone !

July 07, 2009

Pick One !

Alloha everyone :)
Sorry been awhile from my last post , i have fever for 3 days so i can't get my self to post anything .
Oh well but now my fever is gone but i have a soar throat -_-
It hurts BADLY ! My voice is like a boy and i can hardly talk , well lest just hope that it'll be gone tommorrow :)
Oh yea there are 3 photos here , and i want you to CHOOSE WHICH ONE IS THE BEST HAIRSTYLE for me ok?
Just say which number you like better .

1. 2.
3. My fav one so far is the 2nd one . hhe
Oh yea i have some plans for this Saturday
The first one is go to this Holiday bazzar then go to the cinemas to watch Hannah Montana The Movie
or should i join GETS go to Pulau Seribu to release the sea turtles , and plant mangrove trees ......
Can't choose one , but surely i will pick one of them
Help me deciding where i should go and what hair fits me perfectly !

July 04, 2009

RATED STYLISH : Gogirl! Magazine

Hey Everyone !
You might already notice this, and this is my "Big Project Thingy" i've mentioned on my post few days ago .
Well they told me they would send the magazine to my house, but didn't arrive yet till know. The magazine is already out so you can see the page by yourself :)
Well i asked for Ka Nanda's help to scan the page for me and send it to my email . But have to wait till Monday !
So these are some pictures edited by me , ENJOY :)

The photographer offered my lil'sis to take some pictures too , but she was too afraid so she took some pictures with me :) Guess how old she is !

P.S : I have DOZENS of these photos but too bad i can't upload it all . Especially edit it too. Because these picture sizes are way too big so i have to minimize them one by one ,and that will kill my hands :)

So these are just some of it !



July 01, 2009

Future Prom

Happy Morning everyone !

Kinnda unusual for someone to say "HAPPY" morning . Usually "GOOD" morning right? Well let's try something different

Btw , i always wanted to go to prom . But not yet , i've been always thinking on what to wear to prom . Well there will be a prom but on May 2010 ( graduation from junior high school ) , instead i didn't start 9th grade yet

So these are my DREAM PROM COSTUMES . Tell me which one is better :)

ZARA Shoulder Dress , Inner Acid Wash tanktop , Happy-Go-Lucky Flower Corsage , Forever21 accessories , Nine West Bow heels

Happy-Go-Lucky loose top and flower corsage , Unbranded lacey white dress , Forever21 accessories , Betty LA Shop heels

Well i'm not actually wearing them to prom :)

Me !!