September 30, 2009

Kucakuca daaaaay

Heyaaaaaaa :)
Ok, tommorrow is the "day" but 2 people already wished me a happy birthday ! hahahaha
But it's ok , i really appreciate them ! Thanks Vani and Nadhila haha
Btw, I went to Pejaten Village on Monday with Diah and Dinta from little pinky hood . Finally , i had the chance to watch The Grudge 3 ! It was freakin' scary , but i mostly closed my eyes . You should watch it
And then we went to Sour Sally , woooohooooo

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Thrifted Black Jacket , TOPSHOP ruffle pink top , Vintage belt , Just wanderlust studded skirt , Schucoo oxford shoes

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You should know, i bought this Jacket from Senen for only $3 !

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Aaaaaaand , i ordered more studds ! Sooo lovin' them <3
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Oh yea , you have to read my calendar yaaaa ! So you'll know when i will launch the very first MIINT Collection and also the giveaways , etc
Have a great day guys !!!!

September 29, 2009

Super quick but (kinnda) important post

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Watch this calendar carefully yaa :)
So you'll know what's making the big delay on the giveaways
And you know whaaaaat ? I didn't go to Bandung this holiday -.- What a shame , i really wanted to though huhuhu
It's already late guys ! Heading to bed now ..........
Good night :)
* Sweet Dreams *

September 22, 2009

Let's just hope that i'll win

I'm still at Jakarta , so i haven't gone to Bandung yet.
And yes, it's so freakin' boring hereeee ! So i was blog walking to ka Onic from Gimme Smoothies' blog and found out that she was participating in some giveaways , and i decided to participate in some too . But mostly the prizes are makeup and beauty products that i don't use and don't need them . So i only participated in some giveaways that gave away cute accessories :)

Just like these :

Verina from Lil bit of this and that's giveaways

CLICK CLICK her blog !
Dana from My simple randomness giveaways
CLICK CLICK her blog !
Shanghainese from Shanghainese dumpling's giveaways
CLICK CLICK her blog !
Poppylipstain's giveaways

CLICK CLICK her blog!
CLICK CLICK her blog !

Let's just hope that i'll win all of them ! haha
But i'm already happy if i win just one of them :) especially those super cute headbands !
And always stay tuned for my own giveaway !
It's going to be super different then other blogger's giveaways yaaa . And the prize will be a complete fashion set ! Starting from headpieces to shoes :)
Sooo make sure that you participate guys.
Happy holiday

September 21, 2009

We all love Eid Day

Wohoooo finally Eid is here :)

We all muslim people have been waiting for this day to come and celebrate for it . The first thing we all did is pray , this is a very special one because we only do it once a year . So who wants to miss it ?

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After praying , we straightly went to my grandparents funeral . And then we headed back to my aunt's house to meet all of my big families




And it's a ritual of us to give angpaos to the kids , and yes i'm still a kid ( kinnda ) so i still get angpaos :)) The envelopes are very cute and creative . Although i throw it away and put the moneys in my wallet hahaha

And the most MUST food for lebaran is ....... KETUPAT !


Lebaran won't be special without ketupat . I got really full eating these stuff haha , but still can't get enough of it !

So again , Happy Eid day ! Hope ya guys had a great daaaaaay :)

Btw , i'm going on a vacation with my family to Bandung . It's a vacation yaaaa not mudik or something hehe because all of my family's all here . I will be out for a week , but that's still my Prediction coz i have to come back to school on October 1st , so is my birthday :) hihihi i don't know why but i'm just sooo exited for it .

See ya !

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Oh yaaaa ! Don't forget to check out my Fashion Tips for Gogirl! Mag web HERE , HERE , HERE , HERE , and finally HERE .

I made 7 tips , so there's still 2 more that they haven't published yet .

Finally , wait for my giveaways ! Actually it's kinnda different from other blogger's giveaways . Because usually we have to comment and follow the blogger's blog to win the giveaway , but on this giveaway you have to send your creations instead of following my blog ! And the most creative one will win the giveaway !

Do you think that's fun ?? haha so don't forget to participate yaaaa

I'll miss ya guys :)

September 17, 2009

Counting lovely days and moreeee

I'm already counting big days starting from today :)

4 more days until Eid day , 7 more days 'till my house maid comes back , and 14 more days 'til my 14th birthday :) wohoooooo haha . Can't wait 'till i go to Bandung with my family , so much places i want to visit and eat too ! And alsooo there's so much things i want and hope for my 14th Birthday . But 14 more days i have to come back to school and start studying hard again for the mid test -.-



Pictures from HERE , HERE , HERE , HERE and HERE

I'm just so in LOVE with lace, chains , and cute headpieces . And also with this super cool CANON 50D , I was thinking to sell my NIKON Coolpix and buy this canon . But it doesn't have to be this one , atleast an EOS edition .

Oh yea , these are some more sneak peeks on the coming soon MIINT Creations


What do you think of it ? But the jeans aren't finished yet , because i have to add some studds on it to make it cooler :)) Please be a FAN on MIINT's facebook fan page and FOLLOW MIINT's blog.



Look at this money


Do you see anything wrong with it ? if you say there's nothing wrong with it , then your WRONG . Look at this very poor money , it's cut in half ! The other half part of it's body is nowhere to be found hahaha , it's kinnda funny if you think of it :)

And yesterday , i met with my elementary school girls :)) I miss them soooooo much <3>


Gifted blue jacket , Happy go Lucky grey inner , MIINT Creations washed jeans , TOPSHOP tights , Drole Project ring and feather necklace, Schucoo pink oxford shoes





We were suppose to watch The Grudge 3 buuuut some of us were late so we had to cancel it . But who cares ! We had a WONDERFUL time :)) Toobad the boys didn't come , they were too busy sleeping ! LOVE ya girls!

Btw , there was this funny but actually embarassing moment . We had dinner at Pizza hutand the total was 300 something , after we finished eating we were about to head the mushollah. And then there was this pizza hut man walking towards us , and you know what he said ? "Maaf mbak , uangnya kurang 6 ribu " ..................... No comment guys

Featured on Kawanku Magazine




Thanks alot yaa Ka Anggi :)

Wow , that's alot of topic i've talked about :) haha

Well have a great day guys !

XOXO, Sabila

September 15, 2009

Jolly Holly Molly Chores

It's almost Eid day :)
But that means my house maid is away until Eid . And by that , it means that there will be no one who will clean our house , wash the dishes , iron the clothes and much more .

So i have to do some of those chores , my mom and dad is working and i'm just at home with Sabrina. Sabrina helps too but not alot
My chores for the day is sweeping the floor , watering the plants , ironing the clothes , do my bed , heat sabrina's meal , wash the dishes , tidy things up and make a fruit punch ( for magrib ) .
Do you think that's alot of chores ? But for me it's ALOT hahaha

Sweeping and cleaning things up ( also playing around :) )


Watering the plants





That's a lot of things to do .
Well , i have to wait 'till 1 more week then this whole cleaning thing will be over !
But i'm really sure that i will still have to do the dishes and do my bed when my house maid comes home. If i still can do it , then why not right ?
And look at the time ! I have to do some of my chores , can't blog oftenly guys .
Have a great day :)

Oh yea ! I almost forgot .
Sabrina just wanted to say ....


Although she's not fasting :) What a weird greeting right ? haha
Oh well ....

Sabila and Sabrina

September 11, 2009

Let's Play Dress Up :))

hellooooo ,
You've read my latest post right about MIINT Creations ?
Psssst , there are some items from MIINT Creations here that i wore :) But you're not allowed to reserve anything okeeee ?
And i think it has been a VERY LOOOOOONG time that i haven't post any posts about my styles . So today we are playing Dressup :)
Tell me what you think about it

MIINT Creations floral outer , Thrifted denim Skirt , Happy Bee MJ Necklace , DIY Rapunzel necklace and studded belt , Garage Store boots

Thrifted loose see-thru blouse , Drole Project Necklace , DIY Rapunzel belt , Thrifted washed jeans skirt , Forever21 accessories , MIINT Creations Creme Strappy Wedges

MIINT Creations Acid jeans jacket , ZARA Zipper dress , Drole Project feather necklace, unbranded stocking , Schucoo Pink Oxford


MIINT Creations Studded assymetrical outer , MIINT Creations blue sea loose blouse , Craftiq colorfull necklace , Toko dua Amoi zipper legging , Candyfeet Doc Marc


Urban Outfitters blue jacket , unbranded grey inner , Just Wanderlust studded skirt , MIINT Creations bow leopard bangle , NINE WEST bow flat

Pick wich one you like better guys !

So far I like number 3 :) And tell me the reason why you like the style you picked okeeeee? haha

And before i forget , I just wanted to say MINAL AIDIN WAL FAIDZIN mohon maaf lahir dan batin :) Sorry for all of my mistakes , or if i use unproper words .

You might be thinking , isn't it too early ? Maybe it is, but maybe not too . Because you can say sorry whenever right ??

And finalyyyyyyyy , my tips have been published at Gogirl! web :) This is the secret project i've talked about . The first one is how to make the studded belt

To take a look at it , CLICK CLICK
Hope you like it :)

Happy fasting and have a good day guys !

Love yaa all :)

September 07, 2009

New Face

Heyaaaa !
Like i told you , i'm working on a project
And this is it :)
It's a new version of Betty LA Shop .
You can see the creations by October

I proudly present

MIINT by Dinata

We love zebras and peach :) Check on it later okeeeeee ?



P.s : Thinking of watching Final Destination in 3D ! :) Have any of you watched it ? What do you think ?

September 01, 2009

Catching Up ( AGAIN )

I can post something again .....
Let's see what's up from these past days

Oh look at here !
What do you see ? 2 packages :) Let's guess first , The box might be a shoe and the other one maybe clothes , let's open it !
Yes i'm right !
Which one should I open first ?

Let's open the box from Schu.coo shop :)
And it's a pink oxford shoe !!! Isn't it just cuteeeeeeee ?
It's really comfortable too , very worthed !
You should take a look around their shop too , Click click

And the last one is from Just Wanderlust agaiiiiin :) A t-shirt and a studded skirt !

I just LOVE their collection , they're really cute too but very limited so if there's a new arrival you have to be FAST !

Click Click their shop

I LOVE them all . Thank you thank youuuuu
And on Saturday I went to GI with my friends to watch Bandslam

The movie is funny and very interesting , you should watch it :)

Just Wanderlust lady t-shirt , unbranded black legging , Zara assymetrical outer , Candyfeet Boots , DIY and Drole Project accessories

And we did alittle shopping too :)