September 21, 2011

Ms. M

this is Ms. Monkey. say hello! she's my new friend. she accompanies me on hot,stuffy,and exhausting moments in class. She's a life savior. Not to mention that she's wearing a cute polkadot peterpan collar >.<
vintage sequin tank + inner , DIY studded belt, GAP tutu skirt, topshop tights, schu.coo oxford

enough words for today. I'm going to spend my night finishing my working papers about...taxes. sigh

September 19, 2011

lucky 7

Ok so this post is dedicated to a cow. Wait no, a person. I never dedicate a post to anyone before but since this person is too special, this post is all for him.

The fairytale all started on Saturday, February 19th 2011. To be exact, it happened at a place called Kemang. But since this was suppose to be a "fairytale" , let's just say that it happened at a magical and lovely place called dreamland.
So once upon a time began here. At the beginning it was like going over smooth roads where nothing seems to go wrong, it just feels like heaven on earth. like people use to say "the world is ours" and yes it feels that way since it's so beautiful and we were 2 people who were drunk in love. but on our way, there were pretty much bumpy and broken roads. suddenly dark grey clouds starts to approach and the land tumbled until the ground cracked and separated us. It was a disaster. We decided to stop the journey together and continue our own journey by ourselves. We were no longer together. But then after a short stop, we suddenly realized that how could a simple short storm separate us so far away. There will always be a rainbow behind every storm. So we decided to continue the journey together again until we find smooth roads and happy moments again.

These are some random facts about this dude.
-He likes to steal things, especially my heart
-He likes to sleep, A LOT
-He likes to eat, until he feels like he's going to throw up any moment
-He likes to make me fly,then catch me when I fall
-He hates to be tickled, but I always tickle him
-His jealousy level is like 95%
-He likes to ride on his bike, then crash into old ladies or other weird things on the street
-He likes to draw, especially doodling around writing things on my hand
-He thinks he's in my kidneys, but he actually is in my heart always
-He likes justin bieber... #eh
-He likes so smell my hair or just play with it

Dear boy,
I love u more and more each and every day, more than yesterday less than tomorrow.
I don't have a big heart. Why should I have a big one when the only thing I want inside it is you. Just u, only u, no one else.
I want this fun and exciting journey to never end, with no more bumpy and broken roads. Just a smooth and long and long and long and never ending road.
So happy hippy 7! People say that 7 is a lucky number and 19 is our lucky number. Let's just hope that this month and beyond will be a lucky, happy, fulfill, lovely, smooth month,year and life.
Lots and lots of love to u, tito rachman rahadi

September 18, 2011

they came early

what is this?? early birthday presents!yeayy!
let me explain u a little bit. This cute package came from REEBONZ. wait , what is reebonz? no, it's not the name of a guy or something , REEBONZ is a private sales members only shopping club that gives you access to designer fashion and luxury travel and lifestyle experiences at amazing deals. A.k.a u can get many great deals and discounted branded items for cheaper prices. Their luxury brands range from Prada, Miu Miu, Gucci, Coach, Mulberry etc for both Men and Women. But don't worry, all products are brand new and authentic and they take great pains to ensure this. Prices are amazing because most of this merchandize is past season inventory and thus they are able to get these at really attractive discounts.
The name Reebonz (pronounced "ribbons") came from the idea of the ribbon we untie when we receive presents. They are stressing on the element of surprise that is unveiled when you untie the ribbon and open the present!
Ok so this is how it works, they work on a 2-3 days online sale event basis where products from a specific brand is placed on their website for a short time span of 2-3 days for members to purchase. At the end of the 3 days, the event will close and members will not be able to purchase the items anymore. so u better be quick. Since the entrance is invitation-only, i am going to invite u all! the benefits of being a member is , u can purchase many designer goods for cheaper prices AND if u invite a friend u will get 5% credits when your friend joins and makes their first purchase. the other good thing is, the registration is FREE! soooo, JOIN NOW! CLICKCLICK to be a member :)

and guess what's inside this cute box.... don't worry, it's not a bomb.
it is...tadaaa it's a TOYWATCH KIDS!
there are so many other brands i could choose but this one caught my eyes first. Like i've told u before, colors makes me happy. and this sure made me happy seeing so many colors. and the best part is, the rubber around the watch is actually attachable! there are 5 different colors which means that i can change the color anytime i want! and the other good thing is, this watch also comes with colorful markers and 2 extra plain watch straps so we can doodle around these straps... this just couldn't get anymore better <3 the last reason why i choose this is that i can wear it anywhere and anytime i feel like wearing it. i don't have to wait for some occasion to wear it.

And don't forget to join REEBONZ HERE to get lots and lots of great deals :D

September 12, 2011

fringe this way

nastygal pink collar, P.I.C.K fringe lace cape,vintage leather shorts,topshop tights, retail therapy clogs

3 things i'm currently falling in love with:
- all sorts of collars
- fringes
- titorachman

September 11, 2011

Spot it

attended the Spot A Vendre this Saturday :D yeayeay
DmartEngland dress as top, DIY lace collar + studded belt, vintage skirt , avanas heels

the event was super fun , i had a blast :D

September 08, 2011

back and reality

I'm back to my prisoner cell. Having 2 weeks of holiday feels like there was this angel who just fell from the sky and gave us temporary freedom. But the sad thing is, it's only temporary. So that means one day, i'll be back. And the day is today.
But hey, it's KINDDOF a good thing, i can't really stand it spending days at home for too long. i miss people! especially this extraordinary guy named ummm... Mr.T!:)
If u think that highschool is some of the best moments in your life where u spend most of ur time with friends,go to parties,getting home late,teenage romance,sneaking out of the house,late nights and funfunfun , u missed some things. Don't forget about the school assignments, crazy homeworks, getting up way too early, lotsandlots of exams,staying up late for that math test,weird teachers,unacceptable rules,school all day and homeworks all night, and being stressed out.I don't go looking for trouble. Trouble usually finds me. One thing i tell you, it's very very tiring! becos ur actually trying to complete all of those school works and trying to have fun at the same time. It'd be better if there were actually more than 24hours a day. let's be real, 24 hours is NOT ENOUGH. it just isn't :'( Is it that bad? hahaha no. just be smart, on managing ur time, although it's superduper hard! i mean , we're teenagers, we just wanna have fun but at the same time we have to accept reality that we still have a future, we still got many years to go, we have to think forward,think about our future. like trying to be one of the best, graduation ,college applications and wattawattawatta. But no matter how hard it is and how bad i wanna die every second just because of these "schoolthings", just enjoy it :D
There will always be light behind those dark frustrating moments.
There are nights which are actually the best nights where teachers are finally trying to be angels by not giving us any homework or for finally feeling peace realizing that there's not going to be any exam to face the next day.
Having many great supporting crazy humble friends who knows the true meaning of "fun" .
Owning the boy who owns a pure heart that i could rely on to keep my heart safely in his' who's always there to create a happy simple smile on my face after all of those dark days i've been through and someone i could spend hours with talking about the most pointless thing in a fun way with endless laughter.
The days where i finally can feel like a free happy full-spirit teenager: being in the middle of a big group of friends,breaking rules once in a while,late nights, getting home late,fall in love,knowing that i am loved,sleepovers,getting up late,taking pictures,holding hands,hugging someone and being hugged back,being told beautiful by someone,seeing people smile,getting unexpected gifts,listening to my favorite song,dance to the beat,flashback through old songs,eating lotsandlots of chocolate until my teeth hurts,having adventures,plan stupid things that could never happen,laugh too much 'till my stomach hurts badly,finding the perfect outfit in my closet,seeing blue clear perfect skies, and what i love the most :)
The thing is, i don't want to waste this moment. Because one day, i'll miss the moments where i suffer the most, the moments where i laugh all my guts out, happy memories , and endless friendship.
Keep reminding myself that if i don't go after what i want, i'll never get it. If i never step forward, i'll always be in the same spot

goodnight :)

September 06, 2011



September 05, 2011

dance street dance

these 2 videoclips are probably my favorite ones that consists cool street dancing (with cool costumes too ) :D

September 04, 2011

cold breezy air

i'm back! from my little holiday! i finally got away from this crazy city and can feel the cold breezy wind flash through my hair. But now i'm back here again, back to reality

September 02, 2011


I just know,somehow, that I'm being compared with "someone" when it comes to certain things.After all of these, I make a conclusion that I am no better compared to "thisomeone". No I'm not trying to be low profile or somthin but it's true.Maybe "thisomeone" do things better the way u like it, but I have my own ways of doing writing showing explaining acting over things. I am not and will never be the same like others. It actually is not a big deal when it come to comparing but as long as u don't expect me to change and be more like "thisomeone" I'll be good with it. So this is me,always trying to be better, but never trying and never want to be like someone else.REMEMBER THIS.

Soooooooo how's ur holiday?? Btw, I'm out of town :D ok I'm not going to blabber much. I just want to write a little note :) sooooo have a fun and safe holiday :D