February 27, 2012

Me still GUSTA u, KARL

Has anyone of u  seen KARL by KARL LAGERFELD NET-A-PORTER Collection? 
This collection is not the same as the creations coming out of Chanel, this is a side project for Karl. With his own brand and separate from the fashion house. The designs itself are very different and un alike. It is full of some amazing statement pieces that are also pretty basic the can be worn for daily wears. Such as the Jerry PVC Sleeve Cotton Jersey-Logo Sweatshirt that became my favorite! u will see a lot of monochrome colors and mixed fabrics together in 1 design such as pvc, cotton, leather, sequins and more. you'll also find a wide selection of items ranging from collars, to vest tops, biker's jackets, jeans, dresses and tote bags. Wait, what?? Collars?? uuuu :o Let's go check it out !
 This also means as around Rp 1.750.000

With a little bit of twist  and creativity
 You now have ur own sequined collar! For only..... 

 A.K.A Rp 15.000,00


February 26, 2012

Let me eat myself!

 I've been desperately seeking for some neon skirts and luckily i got 1 from Legal & Crime! Let me introduce u to Legal & Crime, it is formally known as a local brand who sells both men and women ready-to-wear apparels! :o The designs are yet simple but somehow has this quirky chic touch that makes them different.
And i am loving this color palette! Pink meets purple meets orange .... yummm :9 I feel like i wanna eat myself since the colors looks so good. i should be wearing yummy colors more often :) btw, i've been experimenting with collars!! collars have been an "it" item from early this year and i've been falling in love with them way before it was in. But i never realized how cool collars looks now! different shapes different colors different designs different ornaments and so much more! Me Gusta Collars! :D

February 24, 2012

Let's make GIF IMAGES!

Hey! It been a while since my last photoshop tutorial, but now it's back!! I've been seeing a lot of people trying to do my tutorials and they beautifully done it :')
This time i'm going to show u how to make......

        To make GIF images, u will need Photoscape and Adobe Photoshop application. U can easily download it for free from the internet. 

        Now, open ur Adobe Photoshop application. Then open up a new white layer

 Use the “ Horizontal Type Tool” ( or by typing “T”) to write down your text

 Remember the “Pictured text” tutorial I made? Do the following instructions here to transform ur black colored text into a pictured text. The result will be like this :

Now, u have to make 2 more pictured texts with the same motive. Instead of re-doing the pictured text tutorial, u can just duplicate the layer. Here’s how it works.  Bring ur mouse to the top part of the layer, then click on ur right mouse, then click “Duplicate”.

Now u have a copy of ur previous layer

 Use the “Move Tool” (or by typing “V”) then click and drag ur pictured text on the duplicated layer and bring it to the first layer. Repeat it 2 times and It will look like this:


 U see that u’ll be having 3 pictured texts in 1 layer

Now use the “ Horizontal Type Tool” ( or by typing “T”) again to write another text

 Since u are going to make a GIF image, u will have to make 3 more exact layers.  Repeat step 1-9. But this time, u will have to use other motive/colors/pictures for ur text. Each layer must have different motive/colors/pictures.  The size and placings have to be EXACTLY THE SAME as the other layers. It will look like this :

 Now u have 4 layers with different pictured texts :)

     NOTE :
If u choose to use colors instead of motives/pictures , u can use different colors for ur texts in 1 layer ,just like this : 

Or, u can actually put different positions  to ur motive/picture (but still with the same motive/picture) for different texts in 1 layer, just like this :

 Just use ur creativity :)

 STEP 12
 Once all 4 layers are done, save them in an order

 STEP 13
Now u are done with the Adobe Photoshop part! 
Next, open ur Photoscape application then click “Animated GIF” on the right side


 STEP 14
       This will show up :

Click “Add” --> " Add A Photo” (on the top right side) , then select all of the pictures then click “OK”

 After u’ve inserted all of the photos, arrange the speed by clicking “Change Time” ( on the right side) then arrange the “Display Time”. I changed mine into 30 which means the speed will be 0.30 sec for each transition/picture. Then click “OK”

U are almost done!! >.< Last step, Click “Save” on the right side or by typing “Ctrl+S”



 P.S : Feel free to request any other tutorials u want me to show :) 
btw, thank u soooooo much for the amazing feedback on my anniversary video !! i didn't really expect it becos i made this video for a gift , but Glad u guys liked it :D Some of u actually requested for me to make a tutorial of it....... Let's just make this clear, it's not that i don't want to, but it took me around 1 month to make that 9-almost-10-minute-video. 
what?? 1month?? y so long?? Well..... it is actually a stop motion form video which means i have to edit the pictures one by one in photoshop. 1 single movement means 1 photo. So this whole video used about more than 2.000 photos... yes, <2.000 photos edited in photoshop. But i didn't even realize it was that much! i thought it was only around hundreds cos i didn't even feel the pressure or feel tired at all. I guess it was becos i made it with love :)
So really sorry if i can't give u the tutorial. maybe other more simple video tutorials someday?
good night :)