April 28, 2012

I May Bite

P.I.C.K fringe cape & neon collar , Pull & Bear pink jeans, Retail Therapy wedges , unbranded accessories

Sometimes, i get scared of what's going to happen next in life. I'm scared that what if one of my worst expectations becomes real. What if god is planning something bad for me. 
But after that, i finally realized that i'll be slowly killing my self with those negative thoughts. Then i just let life flow as it is and enjoy every moment of it. When bad things happen, i won't let it in my way. Life is a gift , never forget to enjoy every moment u are in :)
Aaaaand eventually wearing yummy colored clothes is actually very enjoyable :D It's very sweet and can slightly bring up my mood. colors do make me happy :) It is actually a very simple combination, but the yummy colors nailed the look :D just imagine that the clothes i'm wearing are all black.... wouldn't it be umm boring? 
These pink jeans are eventually my favorite! well my favorite after my denim ones. When i need a mood booster, i'll be wearing this pinky babe. I guess i'll be hunting for more colored jeans and trousers. I was thinking of purple and mint. They are all just so attempting >.< For my daily activities i like wearing jeans trousers leggings and anything that covers up my legs more often rather than skirts or shorts. I just feel more comfortable this way :)

So enjoy ur nights!

April 21, 2012

Printy print


April 20, 2012

Reduction Sale Part2!

Write down your :  NAME - FULL ADDRESS - PHONE NUMBER - NAME OF ITEM  example : LISA - JL. MATAHARI NO.35 RT07-05 , TANGERANG - 0123456789 - R-6)

With the subject : REDUCTION SALE part2


April 19, 2012

Cuddly Friends

We may be desperately lost in the jungle, but our cuddly friends helped us out :D

 But we became sad after hearing their tragic stories about their habitat. They no longer can live safely. Habitats being destroyed and also illegal hunting by irresponsible man kind. and these were all done by our people... humans.

 When forests are destroyed , it means that all of these animals' habitats are gone and they have no place to live. Which can end up with extinction. But the thing is, they bring a big impact to the ecosystem and also our lives.

 Animals should be treated with big love and care. They could be the cutest friend we ever had.Some can be kept with us while some others belong in the wild. But they all must be treated fairly and respectfully like other animals should be.

P.I.CK navajo assymetrical top, unbranded trousers and accessories

 So let's go and save them now! Treat them like they should be treated, with great love.
For those who would love to make a bigger action to save these cuddly friends, u can lend out a bit of ur kecings by donating to WWF Organization HERE
A small action could save our friends and also the ecosystem :)


BTW , Today is my 14 months anniversary with my Hero!

 Me super duper mega ultra gusta you!! :)

April 14, 2012

Love is in Family

What a Saturday morning!

 DIY fringe lace cape & printed collar , Legal & Crime neon pink skirt, Forever21 flower necklace

 Sabrina told me that "she wanted to take pictures on her birthday" and so i granted her wish! The weather of course was really friendly that day so it was totally fun! She chose what she wanted to wear by herself... But i've just added the gold bow headband and it did look cute >< But of course it'll look cuter on me #eh
After we were done, sabrina was too busy with her sweets. So i declare that she is happy and my work here is done! :D

Aaaaaand today is my mom's birthday!!!
The woman with great power to my life :)
Yes , Sabrina and my mom's birthday is only 1 day far... interesting. 
Since my mom LOVES chocolate cakes, so Sabrina and i came with the idea to get her one of her favorite chocolate cake ( and mine's too :p )

So happy birthday dear mother, Thank u for all of ur blabbing talks that i sometimes find it annoying but in the end very useful and leads me to the right direction. U are the strongest person i've ever known, when life seems to go wrong, u still stood strong and face it bravely. U've thought me so much about life and future expectations . There are times when i imagined myself living without u and i usually find my self shredding into tears. Don't worry, i will be the one who will achieve ur dreams that u may have failed in ur previous life. And all of my achievements in life are all for u and because of u.cos ur happiness is also my happiness :)