June 26, 2012

The Project Continues

Made another Movie Project for my friend's 1st year Anniversary!

Apparently my previous Movie Project wasn't my last :)

June 25, 2012

This one place on earth

Me and Sabrina have gone into some place..... literally in our imaginations.

 Hahahaha yes it was fun! Totally worth it. While i was searching for some pictures of Paris, i really got amazed by the beauty. Most people put Paris in their number 1 Destination and now i know why.
And the dress itself was actually my Mom's! And thankfully it fits perfectly on me hehe ^^ I really like going in my Mom's stuffs, i could find buried vintage treasures that somehow fits me. Btw, we like to swap clothes, my mom sometimes borrows some of my clothes while i also borrows some of her's.


  Yes, my twitter is finally back on track :")

June 24, 2012

June 22, 2012

La Fleur

 I've been surrounded by different kinds of flowers recently. Starting from paper flowers, floral patterns  until real actual ones. Which is good. Who doesn't love being in the middle of these beautiful livings? But i just loooove this purple + white combination of the flowers! They're somehow elegant but romantic at the same time >.< It really is cooling and calming. And not to mention that it came from a very special person :)

June 21, 2012

Swing Bling

P.I.C.K watercolor tasseled outer, DIY denim jacket, Gifted top, GAP tutu skirt, DIY necklace, DitchyMitchy T-Bar heels

I have not much to say so i'll let the pictures talk for themselves. I have been pretty exhausted with my own personal projects because it really is taking a lot of my own time. But hopefully it all turns out satisfying :)

June 12, 2012


I've been stalking over at TOPSHOP's webstore and found these things that caught my eyes and won't let go. I've been really into neon and candy colors lately because they're somehow very attracting and amusing. It's just nice seeing these colors, it somehow makes me wanna eat them :9
This Crochet dress really nailed it! The white lace fabric makes it look very sweet but the galaxy print on the collar makes it look bold. so sweetness bold?? And for the accessories, i've been loving quirky ones. either for the color or the design itself. Accessories can make a simple look outstanding, so the accessory itself must look outstanding on it's own. Since i am a one girl bag, which means i only use 1 bag for a very long time. I like choosing bags that has an everlasting design and has it's own plusplus. These neon whipstitch satchel bags are actually the ones i've been looking for. The neons are only taking small part but it could already attract so many eyes. So summer is here and it's time to get up, enjoy the air and enjoy what u wear!

Have a great holiday guys! :)

June 10, 2012

The Dramatic Walk

P.I..C.K Assymetrical skirt (e-mail for order), unbranded striped top, DIY studded necklace, Gifted bold necklace, CENTRO red maryjane

I really love how my skirt goes with the wind. The chiffon fabric makes it very light so it'll give this cool tail effect when ever I walk. Then the best part is, it's red. Fire burning tails.... wicked :o I've been falling for maxi chiffon skirts lately, it brings a lot of drama whenever you walk. Especially when it has bright colors or prints. Wearing a bit much of red won't hurt right? So let's just say that my heels' the supporter. But then i wanted to add more drama on the look by giving it some striped patterns. But at the same time neutralizing it with black and white combination. And for the final touch, BOLD ACCESSORIES! Accessories never fails to create an outstanding look. Btw, i'll be showing some of my Accessories DIY on my next posts! do wait :)

Have a great day :)

June 08, 2012