August 28, 2012

Walking in Mid Air

Time stood still but our movements haven't
 I've accidentally found this low light program in my camera that are able to snap pictures very detail. And it is supeeeer fun and awesome! :D

 You see how i somehow look like a ghost in mid air? And i tell u these are not edited works! The results are truly like this!
 Modify nebula tank , PICNIC oversized outer, Riotous Barbie pants, Wondershoe flats, DIY necklace
The holiday is OVEEEER! back to the daily hiatus... huft. And things are going to get wild here!
Some random photos i'd like to share

August 27, 2012

The Biography, Mia Maestro

Music is something that cannot be separated in the making of a movie.Movies without music is just…. Plain. It wouldn’t even be dramatic. The music in movies always makes me feel “there”. As if I was brought into the movie and can feel all the emotions of the characters.
Speaking of music and movies, I’ve always been attracted to actresses who are also a singer or the other way.  I see them as super people being able to do so many things at once. I don’t suppose being either a singer or an actress is something easy. It needs hard work and so much effort.  They also need to be consistence and be maximal for both of their work. 
And I know just 1 multitalented woman who can do both!
She is indeed the beautiful Mia Maestro! She has become a very inspiring figure.MAXIM Magazine even nominated her as one of the Sexiest Woman alive :O

  I  guess her name is already familiar to you , especially you guys twilight saga movie maniacs!  She is the girl behind Vampire “Carmen” in Breaking Dawn part 1. But her debut in acting didn’t start from here. She has accrued a selection of wide ranging film credits since she made her screen debut in Carlos Saura's“Tango”, which received Golden Globe and Academy Award nominations for best foreign film. Already making great achievements on her first debut. :) Her roles in outstanding movies always collaborate with great well known actors such as Kurt Russel, Adam Brody, Blake Lively ‘till Sharon Stone. Towards 1998, she played a role as ‘Lulu’in “Wedekind’s Pandora’s Box” at San Martin Theater on her born city Buenos Aires. Her performance got an Ace Award as Best New Actress.

I see that all of these achievements she’s been getting are all because of her totality while playing a role. She transformed into a character in a zap and played it deep. But her great debuts don’t stop here!  Soon, she will appear in “Twilight Saga : Breaking Dawn part 2”.
Speaking of Breaking Dawn, did you know that Mia is the girl behind Breaking Dawn’s soundtrack “Llovera”? You see here?  This is exactly what I meant! An actress and a singer at the same time J But most importantly, being good doing both of them!

Just as same as her acting career, this isn’t her first singing debut. Her love for singing started at a very young age.  Mia started practicing her vocals and studying about repertoire of a song in Berlin and covers song masterpieces from Kurt Weill and Hans Eisler. Mia also improvises her talent as a song writer and has been an open performer for Sinead O’Connor’s concerts in Los Angeles, New York, Reykjavik and Buenos Aires.  She also had a chance to collaborate with band ‘Faithless’ from UK, singing in a song on their album.
  Now, Mia is currently finishing the last touches of her first album which will feature collaborations with Damien Rice. She's previously worked with Faithless (The Dance) and recently toured with Emiliana Torrini. Mia's new album has been produced by Valgeir Sigurðsson (Björk, CocoRosie, Feist) and recorded at Greenhouse Studios in Iceland. A medley of great solo musicians were brought together to record the album: Ben Frost, Thomas Bartlett, ShahzadIsmaily and ValgeirSigurðsson; with string and brass arrangements written and conducted by NicoMuhly (Jónsi, Antony and the Johnsons).

Mia’s talent in both singing and acting came together in a collaboration which created a beautiful song called “BEWITCH”. For the song, she was inspired by the scent of the exotic Black Orchid Fragrance. On her opinion, this black orchid scent shows a beautiful mysterious feeling which can amaze the people around us :)

 So now we know thatMia is a well-known actress and singer who has been admitted by Hollywood and also a super talented artist that has achieved so many credits both on screen and on stage. She was always intrigued by the combination of singing and acting which led her to follow both careers. Such a great inspiration for others:)

August 18, 2012

Mess it up Tear it down.

So, when was the last time u've seen me and Sabrina's collaboration photoshoot? 

 Oh i remember! The last one was about this vintage tea party we were having... yeah it was pretty girly and things. But this time we're bringing something different... our grungy side.

 We wanted to bring something new and release that sweet girly image u might think we are
 Me: Pull & Bear printed jeans, Unbranded top , sunglasses & necklace, BloopEndorse inner cardigan, DIY denim jacket, Candyfeet Docmarcs
Sabrina: Modify tiger nebula tank , OldNavy studded denim outer, Topshop tights, DIY necklace, Reebok shoes

Sabrina was mostly wearing my clothes. Like that modify tiger nebula tank, it actually is a top but it changed into a dress when worn by her. And the denim outer, if i hadn't rolled up the sleeves, it would be ultra big for her hahaha

And now i am going to announce the winner of the Cotton Ink Giveaway!! *Drumrolls*
I will be contacting the winner via e-mail. And thank you to u all who's been participating! :) stay tuned for my other giveaways!
Have a great day :)

August 17, 2012

Locked and Sealed

 Wow time flies by waaay too fast >.< It'll be Idul Fitri in no time :D

 Furthermore... i have nothing else to say :" enjoy the pics!
Btw, Happy 67th Independence Day to my dear Indonesia!! Besides all of these never ending controversies and cases, i bet there are still so much to be proud of, yes?

August 16, 2012

Portal Portals

 Have you ever watched magic/mystery movies that usually have portals that can lead us to other dimensions?  Well those kind of portals usually help the characters in the movie to reach or find something in an easy way.  Too bad here in reality there are no such things as magical portals. But I surely know 1 portal that has a solution for an easier shopping experience. It’s called portal shopping! And you can find this kind of shopping experience over at Dskon is known as an the first online service deal  aggregator and shopping portals in Indonesia that gathers various interesting bargaining and deals from various stores and group buying websites in Indonesia. So by this, we can get great deals with lower prices, without a long and complex process because it is just 1 click away!

 Let me share my experience. Nowadays, everything could be done online, especially shopping. But sometimes, it is hard to find a trusted webstore. How do we know that the products they’re selling are good? How do we know that they’ll send it on time? But here at Dskon’s curated Fashion Webstores page, I could read the complete information about each store that are listed there! Starting from the products, service, payment and delivery method, customer service information, even the delivery regulations! Each fashion store page also has its own description and review / rating where people can write their opinion about the brand. And by just clicking on “pergi ke toko”, it will send you directly to their webstore. Isn’t this a much easier and trustable way?  :)

 The stores here are divided in several categories. So not only fashion, but also culinary,Health&Beauty,Home&Garden,Entertainment,Sports,Automotives,Kids and Baby,and Travel. So this surely is suitable for anyone, any age, any gender. :)

But there’s more! Dskon also has a Blog that mainly discusses about useful tips and latest fashion news and trends that no one wants to miss. Like this “Women AccessoriesTrend: Play With Collar” article! It does not only review about the trend, but it also gives a link to the webstore where we can purchase the 
trending item itself! 

And look! I guess those trend tips really made an influence! i've already followed it by wearing this collar necklace from SEEN LABEL.
 I really love how my skirt from SEEN LABEL has this flowy  effect when wide open :) And of course, the color!!
 U can get the exact same one as mine over at SEEN LABEL. or perhaps, u can find other great clothes too there with such an affordable price :)

But wait... something is missing from this look!

 I've got no shoes on! :o But i guess i'm just too lazy to go out and buy one... So where can i get good shoes online but also trustable?
How about if i go to to their fashion webstore page and find some references.
And syalaaa! Now it's time for me to stroll down their pages and find the perfect pair!
So what else are you waiting for? Go and experience a fun and easy way of shopping with Dskon :)
Have a good day all :)