September 29, 2012

Different Dimensions

 I've never tried to combine metallic gold with colorful prints before... but this time is a suicide mission! And i think it goes in great!

 PICNIC geometric outer + metallic peplum top, VINTAGE leather shorts, ROMWE retro glasses, KEDS sneakers, bonus tribal clutch, unbranded necklace

   Soooo... let the day count itself

September 26, 2012

D'Eyeko Fashion + Beauty

 Got the dress, got style, got the look.

It’s all about looking good and being in the spotlight. But by looking good isn’t always from what is worn, but also from the beauty. The boundaries between fashion and beauty have always had a blurred midpoint. Fashion without beauty is somehow pointless and couldn’t stand on their own. Both have to be prepared well to get an outstanding look. Paying attention to every little detail.

So we should start from the style. Picking out perfect clothes for an event isn’t an easy thing to do. But it all comes back to our own taste. Our creativity in mix and matching clothes. We shouldn’t wear something that doesn’t represent our characters. After all, you are what you wear. But on the other side, we shouldn’t force our self to wear something that doesn’t suit. Wear something that gives comfort and confidence. 

Then let’s move on to beauty. The perception of beauty is subjective. People have their own opinions.
They say that a beautiful woman has it all. 
But are all people born with perfection? Well apparently, no one is. We all have those blemishes and imperfections that we honestly hate. But that doesn’t mean we have to stay that way forever. There may be some ways that we could do to make our imperfection become perfection. But of course, reasonable ways.
A part of the body that is the highlight of a woman’s beauty is her eyes. The eyes are the window of the soul. It reflects what is felt by the heart. Sparkling, beautiful eyes are the best assets a woman can have. That’s why, most people really focus on the eye area when it comes to make ups.
I really love seeing people with long curly lashes and strong eyes. Just like Kristin Kreuk with those beautiful green eyes and super long + curly lashes. And not to forget the legendary Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor! They seem to hypnotize people with those daring eyes! 

But perhaps it isn’t impossible anymore to be able to have fierce eyes. Because D’Eyeko can actualize them all! D’Eyeko isn’t that ordinary False Eyelashes brand, because it specializes in fake lashes (known as “bulu mata”) that are 100% handmade of natural hair

 Also with 100% sterilized human hair with the highest standard of excellence in manufacturing. That’s why it becomes so light , soft and smooth just like real hair! I used to have some bad experience when using unbranded fake lashes, they are mostly heavy and irritates my eyes. But D’Eyeko seemed to be a life savior and changed it all! D’Eyeko are fine designer quality false eyelashes because each of them were made very detailed and carefully.

Each pair of the Premium Lashes gives different looks to your eyes. They offer a wide variant of choices that you can choose and adjust with the situation and occasion. I have 4 different kinds of lashes that are suitable for different kinds of occasions.
1.       D’Eyeko Super Full: Best worn for special events. It is ultra long and thick that’ll bring a fabulous look to the eyes and be the center of attention
2.       D’Eyeko Lengthening: Now this one is best for those who always dreamt to have marvelous long lashes. Giving charm at each wink

 3.       D’Eyeko Natural Volume: Being natural’s best! By just a little boost, it brings a noticeable change without looking too much

 4.       Olga Lydia Lashes: These are an Olga L. edition, not so different compared with the natural one, but this one’s a bit thinner. But it does makes your eyes shine

  Wait wait, it isn’t over yet! Have you ever been in the situation where you have your fake lashes but forgot the glue? Well the surprising thing is that 1 package comes with glue!

I’ve always been scared to death when it comes to applying fake lashes. I’d rather battle with a lion than applying fake lashes. Hahaha too much but it’s true! It’s terrifying! 1 wrong movement can ruin everything. But thank god these D’Eyeko ones are very simple to apply + remove.  They are also purely contact lens safe and fully reusable. So you wouldn’t need to throw away and buy a new one after usage. And let me remind you again that they are ultra light which means you can wear it everyday without feeling your eyes heavy. It’s just like regular normal lashes and blends in well with my own real lashes!

So, Elizabeth Taylor is nothing compared to us now! We all now have the same fierce perfect lashes!
Now it's time to gather up fashion + beauty together!


 Now, we are yet done ready to go and be fabulous to the fullest!

September 25, 2012

The "B" Factor Giveaway

 As you can see above that yes, it's another giveaway... But this time, i wanted to share happiness on my own happy day! It wouldn't be fair if i celebrate it on my own would it? Sooo since i'll be turning 17 y.o ( yes, 17 :o ) on October 1st, i am going to give away 17 items for 17 lucky winners!!
 And here's the deal, u can choose 1 item that u want the most. Then i will categorize each item then randomly choose the winner!

1. Make sure you've followed my twitter and this blog via Blogger
(if you don't have a blog it's ok! Cos u can also follow my blog from your twitter/yahoo account :) )

2. Describe my self with 3 words!
3. Choose 1 item you want the most
4. Leave comment in this post with format:
  - How u describe myself with 3 words:
  - Name:
  - E-mail: 
  -Your chosen item:

- Clumsy, weird, dorky
- Sabila Anata 
- Burberry Hat

 For extra entries:  
1. You could post this giveaway link in your blog
2. Don't forget to leave another comment everytime you post it,
with your name & your post link.

Sabila Anata - I've posted this on my blog!

REMEMBER! 1 post only counts as 1 entry/comment.
Ohyaa for those of u who don't have a blog, u STILL CAN JOIN THIS GIVEAWAY. Just post the comments using ur NAME and URL
--- CLOSED ---

September 23, 2012

Dip and Dye

 I'm still not done exploring different kinds of collars, I've yet worn the fierce spiky ones and now it's time to sweeten up a bit. Btw, this one's from Stellar Neckwear!
 SheInside watercolor skirt, Stellar Neckwear Collar + bow , Unbranded lace top, OASAP necklace, Nine West shoes

 Btw, how many of you remembered Goosebumps?? 
These were my favorites back then! I remembered i used to go to the library and borrowed these books. And now... I'm trying to collect them and read as many as i can with my fellow friend Sabun! They're pretty hard to find, i mostly get them from kaskus. But perhaps u could also find them at an old book stand.

Aaaaaand get ready for my upcoming giveaway on my next post! There won't only be 1 or 3 winners, but 17! yeayyyy! :D