October 30, 2012

No tinman No scarecrow

To welcome this year's Halloween, me and Sabrina thought of dressing up like the characters of.... a fantasy old movie called
Btw, really lovin' Sabrina's pose here! But don't tell her that....pls.
 I've watched the movie a couple of times so long ago. I loved the setting of the magical land and of course the idea of the yellow path! And not to mention Dorothy! Dorothy is more of a barbie doll type with the cute bow, fluffy dress, 2 pony hair styled and yes those red bow heels. I guess it wouldn't be hard to find things like her's in my closet. But i kindda see the living scarecrow, Tinman, Lion and especially those weirdly flying monkeys as something creepy... So i didn't want't to put them in this costume play but instead i brought up the wicked witch! Aaaaand Sabrina's the lucky girl. She did say that she wanted to be a witch with the broom and a wand.... and the hat. But the wicked witch here was supposed to be green (i still like to question myself, why green?) so i wanted to paint her green but i guess it was a bit absurd.
Okey so perhaps u can make ur own story from these pictures!

 Ok so for my costume, it's a bit tricky. I didn't have a blue dress but i did have this old super duper oversized long-handed blue shirt. since it's waaay big it'll look like a dress for me. So i cut the sleeves and shaped it just like Dorothy's blue dress. But since this shirt has buttons,  i put it on backwards..hehehe. For the fluffy effect, i wore my mom's top that has a layered effect on the neck then a white tutu skirt for the bottom part. Then the shoes, i did have red shoes but it didn't have a bow like Dorothy's, so i made one up then attached it to the shoes! Lastly, the hair bow was handmade~
 It's Sabrina's turn! Her's wasn't that difficult because i just put her on clothes that was...black. That long dress was my mom's ( no wonder it's way too long for her) and the black outer is mine. But then she said she wanted to wear a witch hat, a broom and a wand...sigh. For the wand i already have it, it was a Harry Potter wand that i got as a bonus from a magazine hihi For the hat, i made it out of carton then drew some stars on it. Then for the broom, well... we apparently have it in our house! but it has these weirdly colorful straps or whatsoever on it , so then i covered it up with some black leftover fabric and added black strap to the holder. Lastly for the shoes, it's mine! hahaha and yes of course it didn't fit but perhaps u can't really see that it was too big in the pictures, eh?
 So now it's ur time to get up and get dressed! Halloween's a moment u wouldn't wanna miss! It's a day full of fun :) 

October 27, 2012

October 24, 2012

Monochrome Baroque

 ANATA mettalic top, Esprit collar, Vintage lace outer, DIY studded bow tie, Unbranded baroque legging, ROMWE glasses, Yongki Komaladi Heels

 Monochrome is usually taken to mean the same as black and white or, more likely, grayscale, but may also be used to refer to other combinations containing only tones of a single color. But sometimes you have to be careful with this.For example, if we wear blue monochromatically , then from top to toe will be blue and this''ll be super boring and more worst, fashion fail.So it'll be better to wear neutral colors for monochromatic such as black or brown, BUT... give it a twist by creating shades and by using patterns so it wouldn't be boring and will look more interesting. Just like i did, i decided to wear black monochromatically . but that didn't mean i will wear purely black, infact a gradation like white grey black. and then using"eye-catching:" patterns that are going to give an amazing final touch.

 Btw, i'll be having another batch of REDUCTION SALE SOON! Sooooo stay tuned!

October 22, 2012

Floral in Pastels

 PICNIC purple lace dress + gold glittered outer, Pull&Bear floral jeans, Stellar Neckwear bow tie, DIY floral belt, Ditchy Mitchy shoes

Now its time to sweeten up the look a bit by using pastel colors!Different than neons , the more pastel colors u wear in 1 look, the sweeter and cuter it will get. Since all pastel colors are in the same candy-color palette, any pastel color can be mixed and matched and give you that girly, flirty feel.
So perhaps, there are no boundaries at all when it comes to using pastel colors. For this look, i tried to combine as many pastel colors at once and as the result it didn't go wrong at all. My favorite is combining floral patterns with pastel colors, the flowers itself are already sweet then combined again with pastels will make it look super sweet. pastels are also going to look great with lace, different kinds of patterns (floral,stripes,dot,watercolor effect) and also some layering (and ofcourse by using different color for each layer).
So its all about doing experiments without worrying that it will ever go wrong.

October 21, 2012

Featured: KoranJitu

Yeayyness! Got featured at KoranJitu! wootwoot
I've been featured together with ka Michelle Koesnadi! You can read the article HERE
It is also featured in their newspaper so i'll post about it soon! ;)

October 20, 2012

Geos, mes and Tricks

  Thrifted top, DIY flower collar + necklace, Gifted (from 7S!), Bonus clutch, Schu.coo flats

Bringing up some colors today... and patterns! i've not much to say so have a great night~

October 16, 2012

Dead week

 PICNIC gold peplum top, RiotsBarbie pants, Centro necklace, Yongki Komaladi platforms

This week is like a dead week. Each day is filled with bunches of tasks and activities. school things and also other things that are not related with school. All the things that have to do with school are things that i feel i HAVE to do. it's something that i can't wait for it to be over but at the same time working my guts of to achieve what i've targeted before. And the other things that are not related with school are things that i wanted to do and enjoy every bit of it. It does make me sweat and exhausted but its all productive and worth it. It's something that i would want to be doing after school is over. But for now, i'll just have to face what i've started before until it's done.. go with the flow.

So for this look, i tried to combine monochrome cremes+brownish gold with bright vibrant accessories. And the bright colors did make this look more alive. And if u've noticed, i've been falling for peplum tops! I really feel good when wearing it and precisely, it goes well with almost anything! I'm not that type of person with big hips, instead small hips. So the layering accent adds more volume to it. I see that peplum tops are a big hit right now, but i'm not that girl who wears what's in and throws all the clothes that are not trending anymore. I wear what i think suits me best and represent myself clearly. So u can picture my character a bit by what i wear. 

October 14, 2012

A Sweet Escape

 No no no i'm not getting married... keep scrolling down~

 Top & skirt Handcrafted by my mom :) , DIY headpeace, Unbranded accessories, Yongki Komaladi heels

 It was my sweet 17th birthday bash! I didn't celebrate it alone cos i was with my 2 other friends Bunga & Syifa :) I remembered that i celebrated my last birthday years ago... so i thought it shouldn't be wrong celebrating this special one.

 These are only a few photos and still got plenty where that came from. So there sure are more photos to post!
    So then i wanted to thank everyone sooo much who has gave me their love! Everyone means so much to me <3 :=":" amazing="amazing" blessed="blessed" by="by" feel="feel" i="i" nbsp="nbsp" people="people" so="so" surrounded="surrounded">