February 12, 2013


 Believe it or not, I have never done any beauty treatments… I’ve never tried facials and its other friends. It’s just that I guess my face goes pretty well without any of those helps. Although I do most of my activities outdoor, out in the sun and getting polluted with Jakarta’s sarcastic air, I still don’t pay that much attention to my skin face and others. Before activities, I only put a small amount of moisturizer and perhaps that’s all. Then when I get home, I clean my face with baby soap… yes baby soap.

But I've finally realized that it's time for me to actually pay more attention on my outer beauty. Besides the fact that i'm already 17 now which also means that more and more skin and other beauty problems will often occur. And i also have this statement that i don't want many people to hurt their eyes by seeing my face in horrible situation here in my blog. What i mean by horrible is unhealthy skin. My main goal to have this blog is to inspire others and also channeling my interests at the same time, but not to give cataracts.

I still remember i've once about to take photos of myself for an outfit post for this blog but found out that i have this big acne on the right side of my cheek, which everyone can see clearly. I tried to put foundation on it, hoping it'll fade or sumthin. But since it's so big and red, nothing helped. Soooo i didn't do the photoshoot. My mood just dropped.

But when some skin problems do occur, that doesn’t mean that I’ll do nothing about it. Because I really have to do something about it, fast. And I do have a trusted friend that I always count on to solve my skin problems. Specifically, skin face problems. Well, I always have this Clean  Clear Acne Clearing Cleanser in my bathroom rack. And one day I browsed and found at Clean & Clear Indonesia  that it’s upgraded with Fast Acne Solution that rid of acnes 2x faster than regular cleanser! Don’t you also hate it when you suddenly have huge red pimple on  your most important day ? Thankfully C&C  has this Clean & Clear Speed Clearing Gel that can clear pimples from 4 hours. They’re a combo duo, that works like magic! That’s why I always have them close by.

 I've finally realized that what makes this product amazing is its Salicylic Acid formula that works through the skin pores, helping fight against bacterias that causes acnes. Also its unique Active Botanical formula that helps reduce redness and gives a breezy feeling to the skin. And it gives a smoooooth vibe to my face, which I love a lot!