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Another round of giveaway from Oh La Vintage!
I present this giveaway, for you, vintage lovers. So there will be 3 lucky winners that will each win a piece of top from Oh La Vintage!

How to join? Simple!
1.  Simply answer: What makes vintage so interesting for you?
2. Follow Oh La Vintage and my (Sabila Anata) instagram account ( for extra points)

Leave the answer in the comment box below, with an additional explanation if you have followed the instagram accounts for extra point.

Oh La Vintage lace top // Handmade batik cape // Forever21 floppy hat // Kenka Footmate shoes

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Kstylick said...

Hi there my dear! I just want to ask if we can follow each other on Bloglovin, GFC or Facebook?

Please leave a comment on my blog and follow by blog!


You can also like my Facebook page.


I will follow you back! XOXO

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Hasna Yasmin said...

What makes vintage so interesting for you?

Because...Vintage is extremely deeply gorgeous style. The coolest style even! And...also vintage is about floral pattern, which is i'm very crazy about floral pattern. Not only floral pattern, but also about pastel colour which is very match and soft in my skin :) and i love to wearing simple-chic-vintage dresses too. And vintage is about the fabric, which is the fabric (like cotton, laced) that usually used for vintage style is lovin' it banget Ka Sissy!
Walaupun pandangan "vintage" dibeberapa orang kayak "tua/oldschool"-banget, tapi bagi aku, Vintage itu Keren banget, Ka Sissy! Soalnya...aku juga suka buat 'ngorek-ngorek' lemari Mama buat nyari baju jaman muda-nya Mama, hihihi

Luv-luv-luving Vintage deeply so muuuuch <3<3

Anyway, aku sudah follow ig-nya Ka Sabila dan Oh La Vintage dengan id ig-ku : @hsnysmn

Wish me Luck!

Eria Eka W said...

Aw, it's finally giveaway again here! And I'm gonna answer the question why vintage so interesting for me. It's simply because vintage is my kind of taste, a part of my life. Well actually it's not just interesting for me, it becomes my authentic style. Vintage is timeless, and I don't follow the trend. I tend to wear vintage clothing or arrange a vintage outfit to wear instead. With a vintage style I can be different, though there are so many vintage founds and vintage also become a trend now. With vintage also, I can be a princess just because my friends are calling me a vintage girl.
I've already follow both instagram account, yours and Oh La Vintage's account, and my instagram username is: eriaekaw

Thanks ;)

neni lisnawati said...

Karena vintage itu menurut aku membuat tampilan perempuan menjadi cantik anggun dan elegan.

IG : Mzelleznon

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Putri Pasaribu said...
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Putri Pasaribu said...

Thanks for the giveaway Sissy! :)
I've followed you and Oh La Vintage on instagram ( @putripasaribu)

So, What makes vintage so interesting for me?

Well, I do love vintage so much because it will never be old fashioned. When I do vintage,I can be sweet and classy at the same time. I love how vintage could never go wrong. It seems like vintage is a kind of style that made to be universal. Vintage is for everyone in every age :)

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