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January 08, 2013

An awesome event u don't wanna miss

I have this awesome event that u all have to come!!

Okey so this might be a different kind of event i usually announce, cos there won't be any bazzar or any fashion-related. It's an event where u can dance along with the music all night long!! It's my school's event ( 34 senior high school ) and made by my own school generation! There will be SERINGAI , ADERA, and PASUKAN LIMA JARI. There will also be many fun games :o
It's an event colored by great music that allow you to dance 'till u drop. The greater part is,it's created by Indonesian Youth :)
And i will also be there!! So there's a big chance we could meet :)
Come everyone, on Saturday 19th January 2013 at RollingStoneCafe Ampera, starts from 17.00 pm. See ya there!