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May 20, 2014

The treasure hunt

I see vintage advertisements as an art piece. In the old times, advertisements were done manually, with hands, ink, and paper. So that is why i highly appreciate them. The ads tend to be full with illustrations & words which makes it more upfront and explicit. That is why it's always fun to pay attention to a single old ad. It's just like reading out of a story book. The other extra factor that grabbed my heart is that "happiness" and "funny" feeling they try to channel through the illustrations.The characters were always illustrated in a happy gesture, as if it pictures how they felt with the brand.

I do remember my dad getting home bringing some framed old ads. I couldn't remember where he got it because it was a pretty long time ago. From that moment, i realized that a piece of ad was highly appreciated and turns out to be a form of everlasting art. 
Ads these days tend to turn 180 degrees, where the great ads are actually the simple implicit ones. While the highly animated colorful ads with taglines that kinda sounds like "hungry? eat me!" or "use me to be pretty" ends up to be just an ad. I don't think i'll have the idea to hang them up on my walls. 
But the digital advertising era tend to also wow me. I guess it's more challenging to control technology rather than controlling your own hands. I was highly grateful that i have been "investing" some technology skills (read: photoshop skills) way before it hit me, realizing me that this skill will somehow become handy.
I try to upgrade them by learning more, from some of the experts. The more i learn, the more challenging it gets.
Nowadays, people were made to "think more". It is clearly seen in how great ads were made. The simpler and the more implicit an ad gets, the greater it is. And that drives people to think more. The complexity of an ad is not formed in its visualization anymore, but in its un-visualizedd message (that we have to figure out ourselves) and the whole process of creating the ad itself. So it's just like a treasure hunt game!

 Esprit turtle neck top // Martiga floral shorts // Dnc Hologram shoes // Hens Necklace // Vintage hat // Vintage bag

Speaking of treasure hunt, this whole old books setting reminds me of a library scene in the National Treasure movie! I really fascinate super old architectures and interiors, just like old library buildings.The dull colors combination of the books are just so... genuine. The victorian era inspired carves, the cracking sound of old wooden floor, the smell and texture of old lusty books, and the silence that deepens our minds into the books.
I don't know why i adore the atmosphere and objects of old eras so much. Perhaps because it was so different than all of these modern technologies i "eat" everyday that makes it very peculiar. That's it, peculiar.

April 13, 2014

A Paralyzed Universe

Humans seek for beauty, humans seek for happiness. 
Either for a glance or for eternity. 
There was never a parameter on how people define it, on how people reach it.
In fact fact, it can never be calculated.
Math has no power. Science has no power. 
A piece of bread could be so meaningful to some certain ones, while it has no meaning at all to the others. Meaningful because of its true value, or because of an implicit story from the process of earning it.

Ones might even find a form of happiness on its way of reaching happiness itself.
Either it was realized or probably not.

Ones may face severe struggles but defeated it just so they can reach their very own defined form of happiness.
The journey was never formed in a linear pattern. Sometimes, you meet holes. You'll never know what's under it, either something bad or that happiness you seek. You just gotta take the chance, and jump.

It's always good to feel some adrenaline,  to experience some adventure.
What ever's on the other side, there's always something good that can be caught.
Only if, you open your eyes, your mind, and your believes.

But sometimes things might be a little tricky. What may be seen as something beautiful, might just not be as it is on the inside.
Something seemed so harmless, so small, that turned out to be something so harmful, so dangerous.
It's a caution. A sign to always see things from many sides, many perspectives.

One thing is, that you can always turn a chaos into something beautiful.
It depends, on the human itself.
We create our own reality.
We are our very own directors and actors of our own lives. We have the ability to control it, and to act it out.
So what ever's bad that happened to us, it has always been our fault. What ever's good that happened to us, it has always been our greatness. Noted, something that was controlled by our very selves.

Then it is up to us what kind of story we are willing to create. A predictable happy ending, or with a little twist at the end. ;)

Btw, this photoshoot was Sabrina's idea. All the fantasies. It was actually inspired by the famous alice in wonderland,  but it was more of a remake version with all of the changes we made.
And, this was also dedicated to Sabrina's 10th birthday today!
She wanted to do a fun shoot, so I granted it ;)

October 18, 2013

Nari Mataya Lokatara

I couldn’t really remember when was the last time  i’ve watched an art dance performance. It’s clearly because i’ve spent most of my time doing tasks and projects and didn’t really reward myself with some entertainment. I didn’t think that travelling was a good idea since it’s pretty impossible to manage the time for it now. So i guess watching a dance performance would be a right pick, and it turned out that i was very right. I decided to watch one hat was held by FISIP UI Dance Community called Nari Mataya Lokatara which means a group of woman dancers who dances beautifully. On the other hand, i was also there to support my cousin Nindy who was one of the traditional dancers there.

                 The place was full packed, with parents, family, friends, and even public people. I knew that the show was about to start when the lights were dimmed off, and the place turned pitch black. Then came a group of traditional dancers performing a dance called Lenggang Maye, a welcoming Melayu dance performed by alumni FISIP UI, a great dance to start the show.

                I was pretty surprised by the whole concept they were performing. At first i had in mind that they were only going to perform a list of dances, but eventually they packed it up into a drama with a story tale. 
                 And old man opened the first scene of the drama, shortly previewing the story. The story was about a girl named Nari who was raised in a professional dancers family. But sadly Nari couldn’t give out her best, so then she entered another side of the world to keep on learning about dancing.

The first dance performed was a Javanesse dance, that pictured happiness and the beauty of Javaneese woman. 1 type of dance, 2 costumes set. My mind was at first questioned why they would dance in a costume that looks as if they wanted to go to a market with a farmers hat. But slowly, they took off the fabric and revealed their true costume, a costume that i truly want to wear & adore.

 Then followed by a dance called Nindak Mask Dance. The character Nari showed up followed by a group of woman dancers and (finally) men dancers! In this scene, it shows Nari’s eager to learn dancing. From the dance’s name we know that there’s going to be a mask involved, and yet there is. All the dancers were fighting for a chance to wear the mask, and the wowing part starts here. There was a slowmotion mode while they were fighting and to me, this was cool. 

After this came a part where Nari entered the other element after opening a box from an old lady. I loved the idea how they set Nari to enter another element in the universe, a darker element where they showed other kinds of dances like hip hop, contamporary dance, and sexy dance here. My heart fell for the contamporary dance that was very beautiful, very romantic. The moves somehow clearly shows the whole drama that was going on.

 There were also some traditional dances performed afterwards like Kalimantan Zalecha Dance and Zapin Betawi Dance ( performed by my cousin!). Then Sexy dance was there to close the show, with its beatful songs. 

 I was fully entertained, and overwhelmed. Traditional and modern dances are pretty much different but they somehow packed it perfectly in 1 show. I also give a big applouse the the musicians and lighting crews that completed the show. I do have 1 quote that i got inspired by, “This dance performance is a form of respect to our Indonesian culture”. 


October 15, 2013

5 in a row

I've been having a thing called "adventure" these past few days...
I feel that my days are full with productivity and that makes me happy :)
Here's a quick preview of the list

-Watched an art dance performance called Nari Mataya Lokatara from Komunitas Tari FISIP UI-

 Was totally entertained the whole show and was also there to support my cousin who was also one of the dancers.
Will write a review about this soon!

-Had a company visit to Net TV!-
 So this is how the editing room looks like...

-Had a fun small photoshoot to start the Saturday morning-

 - Always excited for weddings...-

- Spent the whole day wandering around the city with my man! :) -

so called soldiers?
LDR is tough so that is why we decided to use wisely every bit of the time we have.

When i said the whole day, i did mean the entire day. 
Monas should always stay like this.... in pink... also at day.