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June 04, 2013

DIY: Accessories Stack

It's a good thing to keep our stuffs in proper places, but also we want a cute looking "place" to put it. I've seen many in stores but i just can't stand the price. So then i thought out a way to..... make one instead! This one only cost me... Rp 26.000 :)

Here are what you need:
- 2 Carton boards (make sure u choose the hard ones, so it would be strong enough to hold on to ur stuffs. You can find the big sized ones in various stationary stores or gramedia, the price range is Rp 6.000 - Rp 13.000 each)
- 3 Patterned wrapping paper (u can find these everywhere!! bookstores, scrap stores, stationary stores, everywhere! the price range is Rp 1.000 - Rp 4.000)
- Polypropylene Ribbon ( in Indonesia it is usually called "Pita Jepang", but u can use any kind of ribbon! The price range for 1 roll is Rp 5.000- Rp 10.000)
- Glue (try to use the super sticky ones, like aica aibon or super glue. but u have to be super tidy and careful when using them)

Here are the STEPS:

 Super easy 10 steps right?? But what u have to concern here is that cutting out the carton board is 1 heck of a job... which means it's hard! U will need extra energy and 1 (very) sharp scissor. Becareful though.

 Soooooo goodluck!! :D

April 21, 2013

The spirit of the double date

 Since today is a double date, which means it's Kartini day and also Earth day! 
I don't think doing nothing on a (usually) lazy sunday is a good idea to celebrate this day.
Let's move and do something to celebrate both! This is a DIY tutorial on how to make a Lettered Stationary.
So since it's Kartini day, i will be making the letter K and using batik fabric! And since it's also Earth day, i will be making it from used carton boxes!
U don't need much to make this, only:
1. Used carton box
2. Printed fabric (leftovers are better)
3. Pencil, ruler, scissor, glue

And it's very very very easy to make! Here are the 5 very simple steps:

Since it has volume, u can use it for anything! U can use it as a book shelf holder or perhaps just a little decoration for ur room.

Dear great women, we may stay in wonder why our country established Kartini as a national day. If we think with an open mind, this country will not put much respect on someone if it hasn't contributed something big for this country. And the fact is, Kartini did. Especially to the women's generation. We've learned at school who the history of herself, we know what she's done, and we also know that's she's a hero among all. So since we knew so many, isn't there a feeling for us to do just same? To be a change maker for our own generation? Ok perhaps changing the whole nation is a bit too far, so how about applying it to urself first? Apply Kartini's spirit, her dignity, her braveness, her willing to change, her intelligence, and her love for our country, our Indonesia. 
Women shall not stay still and let men do the work. We make actions with our own. With high dignity and spirit.

October 27, 2012

July 24, 2012

Black Rose

 GAP black top & tutu skirt , Nine West heels , Unbranded accessories

 So my buddy buddy just had her 17th Birthday a few days ago and since she's so special then i just had to give her sumthin... so then i made her this :)
I don't know what to call it as, but it's sort of a book frame... It's like a scrapbook but attached on a frame, so u can hang it or put it anywhere u like :)

June 24, 2012

June 08, 2012

March 30, 2012

They say it's a book

 No, this isn't a Diary for god sake. This book belongs to me and my boy. So u could say it's a love book :) This book shares pretty much everything , pictures,quotes, letters, drawings, etc. But mostly, love :) All of the great moments were just too precious to only be memorized in our heads, so then this book was created. And we could be pouring all of our unspoken thoughts and feelings here :)
The cover itself was handmade by my own hands :)

( This last epic drawing was made by him ^^ hihihi )

I'm really sorry for the lack of updates, I'm facing this mid test thing at my school and my mom's reducing my time in front of the computer......
But no worries!! I will be holding a GIVEAWAY right after my mid-test is over! yeaaaay! Do stay tuned on early April ;)