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January 31, 2013

Featured: GADIS #01

Wow apparently i've got featured in GADIS January #01 issue yeaynesss :)

 Apparently i was the Special Winner: Powered by INDOSAT and also the Favorite Winner of GADIS Fashion Blogging Competition. 2 in a row woot woot, alhamdulillah :) Well actually this was announced since December but i was waiting till the edition that reviewed about this was published.
Btw, thankyou to Florencia Irena for telling me about it and being super kind by sending me the pics! :)

Pssst, whoopsies see some Typos of my name there hehehe :)

December 04, 2012

Featured: LOOKS

Good to know myself being in these pages :)

 Whoot whoot got featured in LOOKS "Reader Style" December issue! :)

Btw, i guess u've known already from yesterday who are the winners of my previous giveaway from Shoecorner's twitter and also mine.
But it wouldn't hurt to also announce it here right??
Soooo they areee.........

1. HASNA YASMIN (@hsnysmn)
2. ANGELICA HENNATA (@angleicahennata)
3. ROSIE ANINDYA (@rosieanin)

yeayyy congrats to the 3 of u! And for those who haven't won yet, it's ok cos they'll be plenty of giveaways to join!

November 22, 2012

Featured: GirlfriendMagz

Great! Just got another feature from Girlfriend Magazine November 2012 issue :)

   And here i am also going to share some snapshots during the photoshoot over at their office!

Unbranded striped top & necklace, NasiGorengKeju maxi skirt, PICNIC wedges

DIY denim jacket, Gifted from boyfie top, ANATA fringe cape worn as skirt, Topshop tights, PICNIC hat, DitchyMitchy T-BAR heels

ANATA fringe cape, ROMWE lightning dress & retroglasses, DIY peterpan collar, PICNIC wedges

OldNavy denim top, Modify nebula tiger tank, Pull&Bear pink pants, UP wedges, Unbranded necklace

 I got to style 6 different looks but it was totally fun! Thankyou to the whole Girlfriend crew!!
BTW, all of these snapshot pictures were taken by my assistant... Oh wait sorry, my sister, Sabrina! She's been very helpfull ;)

November 12, 2012

Featured: KoranJitu

Woopsies got Featured in a.... newspaper! :o thrilling~

This is something pretty new...
It's the Newspaper version of Koran Jitu. Actually, this was the end of September issue but i've just recognized about it earlier this month... hehehe. Also got featured along with ka Michelle Koesnadi and other fellow bloggers :) yeaynesss

November 04, 2012

FEATURED: an inside scoop

Yeaynesss! Got featured in GADIS magazine :) But this time it's a bit different cos they scooped in what's inside my closet! :o

 Aaaand now for the first time ever i'm going to let u discover my closet a little bit more deeply!

 Hope u enjoyed the journey! ;)

October 21, 2012

Featured: KoranJitu

Yeayyness! Got featured at KoranJitu! wootwoot
I've been featured together with ka Michelle Koesnadi! You can read the article HERE
It is also featured in their newspaper so i'll post about it soon! ;)

July 04, 2012

Go ahead and jump!

 I try to be more playful this time by combining all of these colors. But i didn't want to hurt anybody's eyes so i prevent wearing bold colors. Instead, combining pastel colors then give a little touch of neon from my BAGGU bag! These colors i'm wearing really assembles Summer, sweet yet fun. You should really try to combine lots of colors, because it shall never go wrong this season. :) And yet, don't forget about the prints! I've chosen Floral Prints to add more sweetness. But it actually is the neutralizer of the whole look.
Highlight my Mint sweater, please!I have been desperately searching for clothes (or perhaps anything) in mint color but it wasn't easy. Mint is more of a Blue to greeny combination which is very rare.
 Then luckily i've spotted one over at PICNIC! Just the thing i was craving for!

But hey! This Mint Sweater wasn't the only thing that caught my eyes over at PICNIC! I've actually been blown away seeing all of the collections over at their store at Gandaria City. They were all sorted by different colors and prints! And not to mention that they almost have a complete color collection >.< They were specially made for this season's colors and prints bringing in items based on the latest trends. Which means they have a wide section of "IT' items :D
But you don't have to go far far away to get their collections because they are available online too! And let me give you a glance on PICNIC SS 12 LOOKBOOK!

 Got your eyes on something already? :p Go and give your eyes some reward by visiting PICNIC's Webstore to see more and more of their wonderful collection! And also follow their Twitter for updates on the collection!

March 09, 2012

When purple meets orange

 I have always loved how purple goes along with orange. The first time i noticed this color combination cuteness is when i spotted a cute necklace with purple and orange strings over at some store. Well i didn't get the necklace but at least it inspired me. Since that day on, i've always adored this color combination. Then i remembered that my mom has this orange top somewhere in her closet. when i took a look, BAM it was there! i was thinking to mix it with my purple dress but thought it was just too plain. So then i decided to add some flower ornaments on to the collar! :D And it looks better then i expected! I guess this is good for an early start for Spring :)

 By the way, did u remember this look of mine?

Well i've won Gogirl!'s January Fashion Tag of The Month from this look!! hihihi happy :)

Sooo, enjoy ur Saturday Night guys :)