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December 23, 2013

Photoshop Tutorial: Christmas Greeting

I present you...
Here's a way on how you can use the stickers! You still have time to make your very own christmas greeting! GOODLUCK!!

Open a New Layer in a horizontal position (rotate it).  Change the background color to red (code:  c20000). This will be your working layer

 Then I’m going to make some texture to the background so click Filter --> Artistic --> Rough Paste--> OK

 To make dark edges click Filter--> Distort --> Lens Correction. Then change the Vignette Amount to -79 and Midpoint to +8 --> OK

Then insert all the downloaded stickers that you are going to use. This time I’m going to use the Santa, Snowflake, Flag, and slayer sticker. 

I’m going to use santa first. I will only be using the moustache so I’m going to use the Magic Wand Tool (W) to cut the moustache by clicking it then dragging it to the working layer

Then I’ll be inserting the flag. But I want to change the color to green, so click Create New Fill or adjustment layer --> hue saturation. Change the Hue to +153 --> OK

Then drag it to the working layer. Make sure that the flag is positioned below santa  

It’s time to put in the words! Let’s start with the word “Santa” first since it’ll be In the centre. Use the Horizontal Type Tool (T) and type in the letter S (font:  Blackadder ITC. Font: 60. Color: white) 

I want to make the twirling effect at the bottom of letter S as santa’s nose. So I’m going to adjust the shape a bit, firstly make sure that the cursor is back at Move Tool (V) then type  Ctrl+T. Then adjust the shape so it’ll fit on the nose --> ENTER

Now I’m going to trim in some of the edges of the flag to make it look neater. But this is optional and not really necessary to be done. Use the Polygonal Lasso Tool (L) to do it. Make sure that u’re clicking on the flag layer. Then block the area that u want to trim à click delete on your keyboard. I trimmed the flag edge on the left side of santa’s beard, and on the right top side of the letter S. 

Now continue making the rest “Anta”. This one’s a bit tricky since I made some shadow effects to it. You might want to do it in a separate working layer so it’ll be easier to do. Make a new layer (240 x 95 pixel). Type in Anta (font: Blackadder ITC. Font: 12. Color: white). Then delete the white background layer.

Now to make the shadow effects, were only going to play with duplicate and color. Go to the layer box then right click --> Duplicate layer. Make 3 duplicate layers. 

Arrange the position. “Anta” on the very top, “ Anta copy” below it, “Anta copy 2” below it, then “Anta copy 3” at the very bottom. Now change the colors. Anta copy to red (code: a90000), Anta copy 2 to peach ( code: f17462), then Anta Copy 3 to dark red (code: 7b0000). Then adjust the position like in the picture.

Combine them all by clicking Ctrl+Shift+E. Now I’m going to delete the ones in red ( that used to be “Anta Copy” or the second layer), Use the Magic Wand Tool (W) then click on the reds one by one, then type delete. Once all of the reds are deleted, drag it to the first working layer by using the Move Tool (V) 

I want to rotate it a bit so type in Ctrl+T then rotate it a bit --> ENTER

Now it’s time to type it “MAY” and “COME”! Do the exact same thing when we made the S, but this time the font is only 20pt while the font & color is the same. Rotate it to the left a bit by typing Ctrl+T --> Rotate it --> Enter 

Let’s make Santa’s eyes! Use the Ellipse Tool (U) then make 2 small oval shapes in dark red. I placed it on the twirling effect of the letter S. Make sure that these 2 ellipse are placed below the S layer

Time to use the snowflake stickers! I reduced the size to 100 x 102pixel. Drag it to the working layer. Place it wherever u like 

To make the pins, we’re going to use the slayer sticker. But since I’m going to use the pin, use the Magic Wand Tool (W) then click on the first part of the pin which is the one shaped like a circle, then use the Move Tool (V) to drag it to the working layer. Do the same thing for the pointed one. Do the exact same thing for the other side.