August 30, 2009

Damn Internet -.- and future giveawaaaaays

Dear bloggers
OMG i hate this internet connection soooo baaaaaaad !
I haven't posted anything for a week because of this lazy super lazy connection . Sometimes i can't open internet at all !
Oh yea !!!!
I was thinkinf something , actually not something but somethigs and i'm working on it :)
One of them is that i wan't to change betty la shop's name and make my own label . It will be very different , so just wait for it . If my prediction is correct , you can already shop at "the new" betty la arround early October !
And the other one is that betty la's first birthday is really near and my birthday is 1 more month sooooooooooooooooooooo
I wil be giving giveaways !
But i'm not so sure when the giveaways will be held , but it will be on early september.
Always watch by

Love ya all ! :)
And let's hope that the internet connection is fixed.

August 24, 2009


Again , my house is full of shoes

I just got packages from the TIKI man today :) And there were like 6 shoe boxes , and none of them are mine hahaha !
Feeling very tired lately , 3rd day of fasting .
You can see that most of the shoes are studded shoeeeeees

And i quickly unpack and then repacked it again to send them to their new homes .
As you know , whenever any customer shoe package arrives at my home , i unpack it right away . Then i take pictures of it for Betty LA 's album and then repack it to send it to their new homes. The TIKI man usually waits for them , so the shipping wont take long :)
Oh yea, do you know what my fav shoe is ????
It's this Studded heels ! It fits well and looks sooo cute :) To bad it's not mine
Well i've order one like this except without heels , I don't like wearing heels .

A to Z abstract blue outer , TOPSHOP acid tank , Betty LA white skirt and studded heels , DIY rapunzel Belt , Forever21 accessories

And then I have to say good bye to it -_-
And i want to thank the TIKI man for waiting hehe it took me 2hours to unpack and then repack all of these ( it took me so long because of the pictures taken )

Well none of them are my size , i'm a size 39 and most of them are size 40 or 36 .
Bye bye shoeeeeeey



P.S : Betty's new arrival part 4 will be on Wednesday 26 August at 2pm . There will be skirts, jeans , shoes and accessories

Don't miss it :)

August 21, 2009

Sabila feat Sabrina

Thank god its Friday !
I'm baaaaaaaaack
Well i haven't finished the project yet , but schools out for 2 days so i'm currently free
I didn't go anywhere , buuuuuut i played with Sabrina this morning :)
Our theme is CRAZY , do anything you wanna do.
So by the pictures below , lots of them are jumping scheme .
It's FUN ! You should do it with your sis too.
Enjoy the pics :)

And then we got tired and took some regular pics :)
You can see that Sabrina got really exhausted ....

Oh yea , today i was planning to post a post about my style or something like that . But i was not in the mood for dressing up . sooooooo i'll post about that later
Hope you enjoy the pictures :)
You should do something like this with your sister too
Love yaaaaaaa !

August 18, 2009

I'm out for a while

Hey guys :)
You might be thinking why i haven't post any posts for these days
It's because life has been very crazy lately . Starting from my school works , my own life and this next project i'm going to do ...
So i'll be out for awhile . And that means no posts
Hmmmmm , hey just start to guess what my next project is :)

The picture above are hints on my project !

Keep guessing until i'm back !

Hope i won't be long too :)

Love and will miss ya all,


August 09, 2009


Hello !
Like I said on my last post , that i'm making DIYs
But i was trying to make some acid jeans and turned out bad -_-
So can't post the result of them , instead i made DIY accessories !
I transformed alot of things ! From lame to shame :)
Just like ;
*My old ripped stocking is now my cool multifunction fringe scarf
*My plain belt and bracelet is now my dazzling studded belt and bracelet
*My plain stretchy black belt and left over red satin is now my cute lollita red belt
*Last but not least , the left overs of the stocking + some left overs purple satin star studds are my new big belt

I didn't give you steps on how to make it because it's very simple ! You can do it on your own
So just be creative with it !
And just for the bow belt , you have to sew the bow so it will be neat :)
So do you like it ?? Hahahaha

Have a good day !

P.S : Betty LA Shop will lauch the new collection on Thursday , 13 August at 14.30 . Stay tuned at Betty's Fb and Betty's blog !

There will be many accessories and shoes ( no clothing )

Don't miss it

August 03, 2009

A , B ,Crazy for accessories !

Dear all bloggers !
I just wanted to share how much i LOVE accessories :)

What do you think ?
Are they HOT or NOT ? hahaha
Btw i got some of the necklaces from HappyBee, Drole Project , Craftiq , forever21 and others from local boutique or a gift :)

Last Saturday i went to Kemang with Dinta :)
And she just got those cute bleached legging ! What do you think of it ??
Oh yea , and don't you just LOVE her peep toe boots too ? It's adorable ! She purchased it from Betty LA Shop for your information :) haha
SPOTTED Sabrina crying !
And wait for my DIYs ! I'm working on some ( alot ) :))
See ya later and LOVE ya guys