May 30, 2012

What a month

This month has been my laziest blogging month in 2012. I've only got 2 posts before this hahaha.My mood's been going on like a hill, but apparently right now i'm at the top :D I've been experiencing soooooo many new things this May. Either good or bad. It was such a thrilling but yet ultra fun roller coaster ride this month. Also learning new things on it's way. :)
I'm facing my final exam this week and hopefully will be done by this Monday. So I, Sabila PROMISE to not be lazy to blog anymore after the exam is over! I've been planning to hold another giveaway, more DIYs and photoshop tutorials all on June! yeayyy!
This post would be flat if there weren't any pictures. So last week i've attended Amel's Sweet 17 Birthday Party with my friends.

May 17, 2012

Sweet... very sweet

I've been very lazy these couple of weeks and apparently off blogging for a while. but i'm back! And apparently May didn't go as bad as i thought it would! :D

I will be sharing some pics from Anin's sweet 17 birthday that i attended 2 weeks ago... yes 2 weeks ago :')

 "alcoholic much?" hahaha no this is not what u think it is! it's just lemon tea duh -.--