November 28, 2012

GIVEAWAY: X Shoecorner

 Yeaynesss another giveaway for my beloved readers!!

 The prize would be.... 3 pairs of Aiko Navy Blue Floral for 3 lucky winners!!
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2. Follow Shoecorner's (@ShoecornerID) and my (@SabilaAnata) twitter account

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This giveaway will end on Monday, 3 December 2012  and the winner will be chosen randomly via!

---- CLOSED ----

November 25, 2012

It's nice to keep yourself warm

 These last few days have been raining a lot and almost for the entire day, and on the same side the weather is kept cool and breezy which is awesome! We don't get to feel this kind of weather here in Jakarta because usually it's just hot hot and hot.
Which meanssss, a good sweater would be a perfect fit!

 SHEINSIDE collar bird sweater & leather quilted skirt, Soxgallery knee socks, CandyFeet docmarcs, Romwe glasses, Unbranded hat

Btw, i've been loving this new leather skirt i got from SheInside! I've been searching for leather bottoms (either skirt, shorts, or pants) but most of them looks very imitate and just.... wacky. The ones i usually find have this super shiny effect and is very thin which looks really weird. But finally i got my eyes on these ones! They're far from shiny and the leather is actually thick! And it also has these quilted effects which are awesome! It brings in an edgy grunge look. And that's what i love about leather :)

November 24, 2012

Review Langit Ke 7

Indonesia has brought back a movie very worth to watch for all circle

If you've noticed, this fresh from the oven movie titled LangitKe7 had many incredible reviews from all the ones who had watched it already. 
The story plot, the script, the characters, the cinematography are all done at it's best. 
It's a combination of a sad dramatic movie but it also has these humor comedy scenes. So it surely wouldn't make us go still the whole movie. And yes from the tagline itself, we all know that the highlight is about believing faith.
Most of the characters we're played by new faces, and they are the winners of Clear Hair Model, so perhaps u'd be seeing many flowing hair here....
I wouldn't want to tell you the synopsis of the film here because it's waaay better if you see the movie for yourself. U'd get this curious yet excited vibe. But perhaps i'm just going to give a little sneak peek of the movie

So why don't u go to ur nearest cinema and enjoy the movie! It's already airing now!!

November 23, 2012

Another Batch

Whooot whooot it's another batch of the Reduction Sale!
But this time, it has it's own blog! soooo go ahead and visit their's

This time i'm letting u experience what it feels like to be in my clothes! :p 
So go and see the rest!

November 22, 2012

Featured: GirlfriendMagz

Great! Just got another feature from Girlfriend Magazine November 2012 issue :)

   And here i am also going to share some snapshots during the photoshoot over at their office!

Unbranded striped top & necklace, NasiGorengKeju maxi skirt, PICNIC wedges

DIY denim jacket, Gifted from boyfie top, ANATA fringe cape worn as skirt, Topshop tights, PICNIC hat, DitchyMitchy T-BAR heels

ANATA fringe cape, ROMWE lightning dress & retroglasses, DIY peterpan collar, PICNIC wedges

OldNavy denim top, Modify nebula tiger tank, Pull&Bear pink pants, UP wedges, Unbranded necklace

 I got to style 6 different looks but it was totally fun! Thankyou to the whole Girlfriend crew!!
BTW, all of these snapshot pictures were taken by my assistant... Oh wait sorry, my sister, Sabrina! She's been very helpfull ;)

November 20, 2012

Photoshop Tutorial: Silhouette Artwork

 After a loooong gap from my last photoshop tutorial, here it's back again!! And this time i'll teach u how to make a silhouette artwork!
So let's just get this thing started!
P.S : Pay attention to the red squares on the picture

Step 1: 
Open 3 layers ; A blank layer ( in here I named it the  “Area” layer) , The side picture of yourself, and A Patterned layer

Step 2: 
Click on The picture layer.
Here’s the tricky part, to make it much easier, make sure that the background is plain.
If it is, select the “MAGIC WAND TOOL” or “W” on the toolbars then click on the background. 

 Then “SELECT”--> “INVERSE”. Use the “MOVE TOOL” or “V” to click on the picture then drag it to the “Area Layer”.

 If the background isn’t plain, select the “POLYGONAL LASSO TOOL” or “L” on the toolbars, then cut the shape of ur face on by one until it connects to the first place u started. Then click on the picture then drag it to the “Area Layer”. But this will take more time and much harder. + u have to be ultra careful and be very detail.

 Step 3:
 Click “CREATE NEW FILL OR ADJUSTMENT LAYER” at the bottom right part.

  Then click “SOLID COLOR” --> choose black --> OK.

Step 4 :
 Click the triangle arrow on the right part ( on top of “OPACITY”) , then click “CREATE CLIPPING MASK” or just by simply typing “ALT+CTRL+G”. And voila it’s already a silhouette!

Step 5: 
Now I want to shape it up a bit using the “POLYGONAL LASSO TOOL” or “L” by shaping the parts that I want to delete. Once they’re all connected, click Delete. Make sure that the layer is on the picture.

 Now u’re done with the silhouette!! But perhaps u wanna customize it by adding colors,patterns or even frames!

 Step 6: 
Open a photo of a frame. U can get the frame by searching at Google by typing “Ornate Vintage Frame”.  Drag it to the Area Layer

Step 7:
 Make an Oval Shape with "ELIPSE TOOL" or "U" , and make sure that the size is exactly like the oval frame. 

 Also make sure that it is placed on top of the background (or behind the silhouette and the frame).

 Step 8: 

Click on the Patterned Layer then drag it to the Area Layer. Make sure that it is placed on top of the Oval Shape. Then click the triangle arrow on the right part --> “CREATE CLIPPING MASK” or “ALT+CTRL+G



Go ahead and try it on ur own! GOODLUCK! :D

Ohyaaa, i u've tried any of my photoshop tutorials or DIYs ( u can see the others HERE , HERE, and HERE) , feel free to share them with me! U could share it via twitter (@sabilaAnata) or by e-mailing me ( and i would looove to share them also here at my blog! :)
So would be waiting for all ur creations! :)