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February 12, 2013


 Believe it or not, I have never done any beauty treatments… I’ve never tried facials and its other friends. It’s just that I guess my face goes pretty well without any of those helps. Although I do most of my activities outdoor, out in the sun and getting polluted with Jakarta’s sarcastic air, I still don’t pay that much attention to my skin face and others. Before activities, I only put a small amount of moisturizer and perhaps that’s all. Then when I get home, I clean my face with baby soap… yes baby soap.

But I've finally realized that it's time for me to actually pay more attention on my outer beauty. Besides the fact that i'm already 17 now which also means that more and more skin and other beauty problems will often occur. And i also have this statement that i don't want many people to hurt their eyes by seeing my face in horrible situation here in my blog. What i mean by horrible is unhealthy skin. My main goal to have this blog is to inspire others and also channeling my interests at the same time, but not to give cataracts.

I still remember i've once about to take photos of myself for an outfit post for this blog but found out that i have this big acne on the right side of my cheek, which everyone can see clearly. I tried to put foundation on it, hoping it'll fade or sumthin. But since it's so big and red, nothing helped. Soooo i didn't do the photoshoot. My mood just dropped.

But when some skin problems do occur, that doesn’t mean that I’ll do nothing about it. Because I really have to do something about it, fast. And I do have a trusted friend that I always count on to solve my skin problems. Specifically, skin face problems. Well, I always have this Clean  Clear Acne Clearing Cleanser in my bathroom rack. And one day I browsed and found at Clean & Clear Indonesia  that it’s upgraded with Fast Acne Solution that rid of acnes 2x faster than regular cleanser! Don’t you also hate it when you suddenly have huge red pimple on  your most important day ? Thankfully C&C  has this Clean & Clear Speed Clearing Gel that can clear pimples from 4 hours. They’re a combo duo, that works like magic! That’s why I always have them close by.

 I've finally realized that what makes this product amazing is its Salicylic Acid formula that works through the skin pores, helping fight against bacterias that causes acnes. Also its unique Active Botanical formula that helps reduce redness and gives a breezy feeling to the skin. And it gives a smoooooth vibe to my face, which I love a lot! 

March 31, 2012

Natural Make Up Tutorial

Dear girls, Ladies, women out there.
Being beautiful has been something that all women want. You’d be lying if u say it’s not true. Well who doesn’t wanna look good?  But the older we get, the more damages we get to our skin.  we also get more un-satisfied with our appearance. Some people still have their natural healthy skin because of treatments and extra protection or they were born with perfectly perfect appearance. But some other people used a quick shortcut by using this thing called make up. Stepping in a teenage age like me means growing up. So make ups are eventually our best friends. Such as when we are going to go out with our friends or going to sweet 17s or go on a date with our boys , we just wanna look good. I guess there’s nothing wrong with this , only if we use it in the right amount a.k.a not too much. Seeing people with heavy make ups in an inappropriate place and age disgusts me :s It would be nicer if we keep it natural and simple. After all, less is more, eh?
So here, I am going to make ur Saturday nights/Dates/Parties/Just –a-regular-day-with-friends a blast with this  :

 One of the most basic and important step is to cleanse, tone and moisturize ur skin! As we all know make ups contain chemicals that are not good for our skin's health if used too many times or too long, so we need protection for our skin to prevent damage caused by our daily activities either outdoors or indoors and make ups. We also need a healthy fresh and bright skin to boost out our confidence and spirit. And for this, we cannot choose those kind of lame products. We should choose the ones that perfectly protects, freshened, and brightens our skin. 

Firstly, our skin needs to be clean and fresh so I will be cleansing my face using Clean n Clear fairness cleanser.
U should be choosing the right cleanser that suits best with ur skin. I used clean n clear fairness cleanser cos it makes my face naturally bright, clean and fresh with it’s innovative formula which are the combination of Rice Protein, vitamin and Cherry Extract that helps freshens and brightens the face. While the unique Micro-Oil Absorbing System that reduces excessive oil on our face. So now my face is brighter,  fresh and clean from oil for a longer time without feeling too dry.

Then it's time to tone it with Clean n Clear Essentials oil control Toner! This toner works right through pores that helps prevent pimples. The free oil formula  helps clean the oil and dirt on our face. While the Salicic Acid helps prevent  pimples and blackheads.  Skin is now clean and soft.

 Now, the next step, protect! Using Clean n Clear fairness moisturizer can make  our face appear  glowing bright and oil free  for a much longer time. Rich formulas of vitamins and Cherry Extract helps  reveal  a glowing bright skin. Did u know, cherries contain the highest oxidant substance so our skin can be prevented  from free radicals that can make wrinkles & early  aging to our skin! While the Oil control system with unique Rice Extract is added to nourish the skin while protecting against powerful UV rays with it’s SPF 15 and put an end to oiliness and over drying.
So now no need to worry becos our skin is fully protected,glowing bright, oil free , clean and fresh with no sticky feeling on our face.

Psssst , get this  Clean n Clear fairness moisturizer trial for free HERE :)

 Use a concealer that has the same color tone as ur skin for areas like under the eyes or on spots to hide dark circles, dark spots and other blemishes on our skin.

 Then use Oil control powder to evens the skin. This powder works with 2 methods for a clean glowing skin: helps absorb oil on the surface of skin. Contains materials that helps prevent pimpled skin. 
Some people usually forgot about the neck... And they end up looking like a zebra a.k.a black and white. So to avoid this,  don't forget to apply moisturizer, BB cream and powder for the neck area too

 Once ur done, let's start with the art! People say that eyes are the window of the soul, so u wanna make sure that ur eyes "shines". Curl ur eyelashes with an eyelash curler. After that, apply mascara. Don't apply it too thick unless u want it to agglomerate.
NOTE : DO NOT apply mascara before curling ur eyelashes, this can damage ur eyelashes and it will begin to fall out.

 Then use an eyeliner to make a fierce look (u can try making cat eyes or dramatic looks).  U can use either the liquid eyeliner, pencil eyeliner or the gel eyeliner. The liquid eyeliner is the most difficult to apply cos it's very bold and slick so u'll need a steady hand. so if ur new at this I recommend u to use the pencil eyeliner instead that is much more easier to control. 

 The eye part is done! Now apply blush on on the cheek bone line to make ur cheeks look tyre (for those who have chubby cheeks)

 Last step! Apply lip gloss. Choose natural or bright colors so ur lips will look healthy and won’t look  pale. Such as pink

 Now u are done!! 
U are more than ready to spend the day with ur best buds! Go and have a blast!

 Hey! U also wanna feel the benefit of my moisturizer?? Don’t worry , u can get a free sampling of Clean and Clear Clear Fairness Moisturizer by visiting their facebook page here : Clean &Clear Indonesia Facebook  and twitter account here: @cleanandclearid to get healthy skin fun tips and much more! Wohooooo. When I say free I did mean it! Who doesn’t love freebies? ;;) go and get it now!


But remember, we have to be beautiful in and out.  Appearance makes first impressions , but personality keeps the impression forever and alive. You have to know it, that behind that make up relies this beautiful girl with a beautiful heart that u’ve always been all along .
This is me Sabila Anata signing out!