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November 25, 2012

It's nice to keep yourself warm

 These last few days have been raining a lot and almost for the entire day, and on the same side the weather is kept cool and breezy which is awesome! We don't get to feel this kind of weather here in Jakarta because usually it's just hot hot and hot.
Which meanssss, a good sweater would be a perfect fit!

 SHEINSIDE collar bird sweater & leather quilted skirt, Soxgallery knee socks, CandyFeet docmarcs, Romwe glasses, Unbranded hat

Btw, i've been loving this new leather skirt i got from SheInside! I've been searching for leather bottoms (either skirt, shorts, or pants) but most of them looks very imitate and just.... wacky. The ones i usually find have this super shiny effect and is very thin which looks really weird. But finally i got my eyes on these ones! They're far from shiny and the leather is actually thick! And it also has these quilted effects which are awesome! It brings in an edgy grunge look. And that's what i love about leather :)

September 23, 2012

Dip and Dye

 I'm still not done exploring different kinds of collars, I've yet worn the fierce spiky ones and now it's time to sweeten up a bit. Btw, this one's from Stellar Neckwear!
 SheInside watercolor skirt, Stellar Neckwear Collar + bow , Unbranded lace top, OASAP necklace, Nine West shoes

 Btw, how many of you remembered Goosebumps?? 
These were my favorites back then! I remembered i used to go to the library and borrowed these books. And now... I'm trying to collect them and read as many as i can with my fellow friend Sabun! They're pretty hard to find, i mostly get them from kaskus. But perhaps u could also find them at an old book stand.

Aaaaaand get ready for my upcoming giveaway on my next post! There won't only be 1 or 3 winners, but 17! yeayyyy! :D

September 20, 2012

A soft touch

SHEINSIDE dress, OASAP necklace, SeenLabel belt, Unbranded inner, Wondershoe flats, DIY flower crown

August 07, 2012

Color Tints

A bright and fresh look to brighten up the day! I thought pastels and neon would look awesome together! So then i tried to combine this pastel mint top with my pink neon skirt.Aaaaand then i didn't forget to add some meaningful details on the floral belt. It was actually some leftover fabric that i found so then i decided to use it as a belt with some "drama" on the sides. Besides, this floral belt has the same color elements as the mint top and the neon skirt, so you wouldn't see it being "too much".

SHEINSIDE crochet mint dress (worn as a top) , LEGAL&CRIME Neon skirt, Gaudi necklace, Ditchy Mitchy T-Bar chunky heels, leftover fabric worn as belt

 And apparently that pastel mint crochet top was actually a dress! It's really beautiful since the skirt has asymmetrical effects. Also the color an the flower crochet details made me love it even more! :) But i wanted to try something else rather than just wearing it as a dress so i decided to use it as a top! If you want something like this, u can get it over at SHEINSIDE. They've got so many apparels for you to choose, starting from dresses,tops,bottoms,shoes,accs and much more! So happy hunting!

July 27, 2012

Name the colors

I have always wanted these kind of things.... Watercolor printed dress!
 SHEINSIDE watercolor dress, Forever 21 stone necklace, Ditchy Mitchy T-bar heels, Soxgallery knee socks, DIY flower headband

 Such a coincidence that the color elements on the necklace are as same as the colors on the dress! So they hooked up perfectly!

 Ok so this dress came from SHEINSIDE , and it really did make my day :D I have been a fan of watercolors  but sadly haven't got a piece of clothing that has the prints. All i can do is make an editorial of it with photoshop... sigh. But then this gift came and changed it all! The color elements on this dress are also very playful, it's got a touch of pastel in it but with a mix of cold colors. Perfect for summer. But Summer is almost already over... oh well who cares, this dress is eternal! Having ruffles on a piece of clothing is a risk taker because if placed on the wrong part, it can make the it look trashy. But the ruffles on the sleeves of this dress makes it look prettier :)