DIY Project: Grunge Rucksack

If you wonder where i got this grunge rucksack, well you might be asking the wrong thing.
Because apparently.... i made it!
I've been a contributor for CosmoGirl Indonesia Magazine on its February 2015 issue, for its DIY page article.
There were 2 DIY pieces that i made where this grunge rucksack was one of it. If you happen to miss the issue, don't worry, i'll present them both to you right here!
Here you go!
Pssst, they mentioned me as the "queen of DIY" in the blogsphere haha

We'll be playing with these marble beads a lot! ;)

D.I.Y Grunge Rucksack
by Sabila Anata

-Translated version-

What you'll need
1. Leather fabric
2. Big white rope
3. Patterned small ropes
4. Bag rings
5. A variety of beads
6. Tassel
7. Sewing equipments
8. Scissor
9. Glue
10. Bobby pins
11. Measurement

Step 1
Cut the fabric in a rectangle shape.
Adjust the size based on your wants. As exampled: 70 cm x 47cm

Step 2
Fold the top part towards the inner part of the fabric, approximately 3cm.
But adjust the size of the folding with your rope, make sure that it isn't too dense nor too wide

Step 3

Sew it! For a stronger & neater result, use a sewing machine. But if you don’t have the equipment, you can sew it manually. Use bobby pins to make marks

 Step 4
Fold the fabric by meeting the right and left sides. For the further steps, make sure that the fabric is in a reverse condition (the inside part of the fabric facing outside)

 Step 5
Make line marks to mark the sewing path, use bobby pins for extra help. Always leave an approximately 1,5cm from the sides of the fabric until the sewing path.

Step 6
Then sew the middle part (the meeting point of 2 fabric sides) and also the bottom part of the fabric. To make it strong, I suggest you to double sew it.

For the middle part, only sew it from the bottom part until the top sewing border of the rope folding (don’t sew until the very top, just until the border).

Step 7
Turn over the fabric. Then sew both of the corner edges of the bag horizontally. The distance should be adjusted with the size of the bag ring.

Step 8
Make a hole in it. The size should be as big as the bag ring. Then glue the bag ring into it.

Step 9
Then put in the rope through the bag folding on top. Make sure that the left and right length of the rope is in balance.

Step 10
Put in the rope through each of the ring holes. Then make a dead knot.

 Step 11
Accessories time! Use all the beads and patterned small ropes freely & creatively! Beads, patterned small ropes, & tassels can be used as a hanging accessory. Feel free to use your creativity!


Stay tuned for further DIYs!! :)

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anisah zuhriyati said...

Yaaay, that is a good DIY idea to try !

Rima Tambunan said...

nice diy idea!


Zahra Mahdiatari said...

hai sabila, mau tanya, beli leather fabric gitu biasanya di mana ya?
semoga dibales hehe. makasih :)

Lucy Lie said...

Cool DIY!

I love your blog, mind to follow each other so we can keep in touch? Let me know if you do!

Greeting from Indonesia,