June 30, 2009

Confession Of A Smart Shopper

Hey all !
Like I told you , i went to Bandung from Saturday.
And i got some stuffs from Bandung. I got a flower Corsage and Loose Dress from Happy Go Lucky and Acid Wash Tanktop.

The Flower Corsage is so usefull , you can use it as a headpiece , accessorise your belt and many more. Just be creative with it! And on this picture i didn't wear shoes :))

I really LOVE the loose dress :) It's very worthed
When i went to Bandung i didn't plan to go to Happy Go Lucky , but on the way to BSM we kinnda got lost into some small roads . But then I saw this small blue store then I screamed to my cousin that that store is Happy Go Lucky . Then my aunt offered me to go there , and totally I said yes .
She kindly bought me the loose dress and flower corsage! So happy :)
You know why i didn't buy a lot of things from Bandung ( as u can say as a smart shopper ) ?
It's because i didn't bring alot of cash ! Haha
I only brought Rp 25.000 !!!
Can u believe that ???
If i brought alot of cash , then totally i wont be a smart shopper like this haha.
And my aunt didn't pay for the acid wash tanktop , but i did ( and it's not Rp 25.000 ) . I borrowed my cousin's money :))) haha I just can't help it ! It's too cute
But next time i'm going to Bandung i will totally bring money ...
Still more pics from my vacation !!

June 29, 2009

My Next Big Thing

Hey :)
Sorry for not posting any blogs for a long time ( last week ) .
Because from Saturday i went to Bandung and just came home this moment.
And you know what my upcoming project is ??
You have to guess . The picture above is a little clue . Maybe some of u notice , but some don't.
I have dozens of pictures but i'm sorry i can't upload it all , because i'm not allowed to upload it until the magazine is out.
Ooooops , i think that's another clue !!
Keep on guessing people !
Have a great day !
I'll totally upload my pics at Bandung , especially when i jumped of the pool.
Just wait for it :)


June 23, 2009

I'm Getting Taller ( I Wish ) !

Betty LA Shop Navy Blue Blazer, Trifted Top , GAP tutu skirt, Forever21 Bracelets, Betty LA Shop strap heels
Scotish pink outer , TOPSHOP fringe tanktop , Forever21 accessories , Betty LA Shop cloud acid wash jeans and funky oxford

Betty LA Shop bow dress ( worn as top ) and gladiator heels , Stone Skirt ( From Dea ) , Forever21 accessories

Wow I sure do look taller with heels :)

They are around 7cm , well i'm still working out to reach 175cm . My target age is 17 to reach that height ! Now i'm still 13 and i'm 155cm . Think 4years is enough to reach 20cm more ??

Well hope can do :)

Because my mom told me how ugly a person can be if their body is tall , they won't look so ugly . But if a very pretty girl is short , then she won't look that pretty , too .

Well enough about the height !

Let's just hope i can reach that height !

Wish me luck !!!



June 22, 2009

Crazy Photo Session

I'm doing this project , being a model for Betty LA Shop clothing line . As You seen on the top, i'm the one sitting down wearing the floral dress.
Today is soo much fun and crazy too !
I don't know why , but when the weather is HOT i can't stay still. So i do crazy stuffs :)
You can see by the pictures.
They're BEHIND THE SCEEN pictures , i can't publish the other pics yet .
But they are publishing it on July 1st.
Just open their FB Betty LA Shop

So what do you think ?
Crazy right?
Ok , I want to rest for another photo session tomorrow with my schoolmates :)
Love ya !
P.S : That peacok necklace i'm wearing is mine ! hhe ( Just so you know)

Going Crazy With Studds !

Hey all !
What a wonderfull morning today . I was suppose to go to school but didn't feel like it. Because I predict that we're going home early. And my prediction is right! My friends came over today.
And the other wonderfull thing today is I just got this supeeer cute TOPSHOP STUDD CLUTCH!Didn't feel like dressing up this morning so i just wear what i wore to sleep last night :) Just add some accessories :)

ME !

June 19, 2009

It seems CLOUDY today

I'm soo happy today :)
My Cloud Acid Wash jeans has just arrived !!
It's just too cute to beleive !
What do you think of it ?

June 12, 2009

Dropping by to say HAI !

Hey all ! It's been a very long time on my last post ! I don't think i'm going to continue the film because it's just really complicated making one -_-
So i'm just dropping by to say HAI after these long days of not posting any blogs !
I 'm going to have this test going on for a week starting on This Monday .
But on 20th June i'm going to go to GOGIRL! crowning night . The dresscode is PIRATES.INDIANS.FAIRIES.LOSTBOY . I pick PIRATES !
I'll post a blog me wearing it later, now i have to do my thing!
see yaaa !