when people say that goodbyes are the hardest,well they're right. Letting go of someone that have been a part of your life is a hard step. it's like loosing your childhood doll, u can find other dolls that are alike but none of them can replace that one doll u lost cos it has all of these great memories.
Dear my bestest of the bestest friend Tika,
it was shocking at the first time getting this news. I only met your dad a few times but ur my best friend, ur family is my family. I felt the looseness. I know it's hard letting go of the one person u love the most. the man who always protected u and loved u from his deepest heart for all of these years. But it's not the end for u, u still got a long road to walk at. U just gotta remember that we will always be there accompanying u by ur side. no matter how long and how hard the road is, we will always be there for u. its very amazing how many people cares about u. the friends who have been staying at ur house until late night, the friends who set their activities aside and came to ur dad's funeral, and the friends who have been praying for ur dad in their prayers. And of course u got an amazing boyfriend who have been a gentleman all along. I got touched hearing people's story about him. The distance between his house and ur house is far but he got the chance to come to ur house right away after hearing the shocking news. He stayed there from the night until the next day without changing his clothes at all. but the most important thing is that he have been there for u at the moment u needed him the most and he respects ur family. I'm glad u have him :) U still got ur mom, ur brothers and sisters.take care of them. u see? u got all of these amazing people right by ur side to support u. u have nothing to be worried about. U have to be grateful for what u have. It's ok to be teary for a while, but after that wipe ur tears away! let the sadness go! remember the memories with a smile! life must go on! ur a big girl, i know ur strong :)there is a bright future in front of u, but in order to reach it, u gotta start walking on the road again. but u gotta walk on it with full spirit and love. Let's just say that every step ur taking on that road is for ur dad. the further u go, the happier he gets :) So stand up, wipe those tears away, and begin ur journey :D i love u <3

here i am again saying sorry for the gazillion times for not posting regularly. no, this time it's not cos my semester exams. IT'S OVER! yihaaa! the result? pretty satisfying,alhamdulillah :) After thinking and talking to my seniors and parents bout what class i'm going to take on the 11th grade, i finally made a choice for taking social class. why? looooooooooong story. But i still haven't figured out what i'm passionate most for. So that means i don't have a future dream YET... Well i do have a dream. When i'm big, i wanna built my dream house with an inside swimming pool and a water slide, a big garden with tons of flowers and a big field so i could keep my horses (in my imaginations, i own a horse), my own white working room with a pink rug and a whole set of drawing and scrapbook utensils, a dance studio with mirrors everywhere and loud sound systems, a small cozy bedroom with a cushycushy bed with thick blankets, and WOODEN FLOOR! hihihi. hey, we gotta dream big right? ;) But the ones that can't be skipped are the big garden with flowers everywhere and the wooden floor! I L.O.V.E flowers #random. but i do! the last time i got a flower was a red rose from ummmm someone. anyone minding to send me a bucket of flowers? *tingting* haha
Dear god, let me live here....
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ok enough about my crazy "too dreamy" dreams.

Just take me to this one place called heaven on earth :
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I just feel happy when i blog :) i get to let go all of the things in my mind here. it's :D most of these stuffs are the things that u don't need to know or u don't even wanna know. But it's my blog, i write what i want, i write what i'm passionate about, i write about my feelings, i write bout things that makes me happy. u don't to read them if u don't want to, easy right? i don't post about fashion every time cos i love other things too besides fashion. I never thought of being a fashion blogger from the first time i made this blog. I just blog what i love. and i guess since i posted a lot bout fashion people calls me a fashion blogger. But for me, this blog is just a regular blog. last but not least, g'night!

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blogging makes me happy too! and these pix are gorg

Noralia Ayu said...

great picture! ^^


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Great pictures! X

Nisrina Putri said...

what a sweet words from you to your friend :')

Dika Abriyan said...

love your blog,. and it's give me some inspiration,.

visit me back ok?

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very cool pictures taken