Long break. But ain't breaking apart

 I am sooo sorry for the long wait.... I've actually planned to make an outfit post around last week but too bad i was struck by fever :( My body was so weak that i didn't even have the energy to get up. It lasted for around 4-5dayish.sigh.i even missed the AutumnWipeOut!! arrrrrgh. But i went to Puncak on Sunday.... i wasn't healthy yet then, but i thought that if i stayed at home, all i'd do is just sleep at the same boring bed, so i wanted to be in a fresh and new atmosphere so i went on. And i guess i really need some fresh air cos not long after that i'm back healthy again! yeayyy. So celebrating my healthiness, here's an outfit post....with Sabrina!
This is my current favorite bag from ROMWE! it goes along well everywhere! And it's also not too big, just like i love.

Sabila: SHEINSIDE galaxy top + leather skirt, S.A Crafts tassel necklace (coming soon), ROMWE fringe bag, Retro glasses, ShoeCorner metallic tassel wedges
Sabrina: Modify nebula tiger tank, Handmade asymmetrical skirt, CHOIES glasses, Unbranded sequin shoes

 I'm sooo happy these cuties came over to say hi! They came all the way from CHOIES... Well actually it's Sabrina's pick from the web, but i did approve it first. so we both love it! Well what i know now it that CHOIES is having so many discounts aaaaall yeaaar loooong. i mean they're always having these crazy discounts! like what's happening right now is a 50% discount for many items like printed sweaters,hats, shorts, wigs and also u'll get a 20% disc off for ur first order! yeayyyy!

 And look at those necklaces and prints and tassels! Well they surely are my next project called S.A Crafts! Will be out verrryyyy sooooon this holiday! So it's more of a holiday project.... hihi stay tuned!
Aaaaand merry Christmas everyone! hohohoho

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Eka Patriargadani said...

miss your post so much :(
but thanks god your ill gone :)


Benefit's said...

Adorable shirt!

nourash said...

wow ,,nice outfit

Rimma Izzaty Putri said...

hope you always healthy~
your sister? aw she is cute :3


Carlyn Girl said...

You two look so cute together, your outfits really go well together. I really like the collared galaxy shirt and the neon pink skirt.

Delia Salsabila said...

Nice outfit
I'm so sorry to hear that you have missed Autumn Wipe Out, but relieved to hear you already better now :)xx


nadira arasya said...

so cute .. nice outfits

rimatambunan said...

can't wait to see the collection :)

Sunny Sunartiyo said...

you two are so cute and adorable together!and love the whole outfit!<3


Nadya Joy Soetanto said...

just found your cute blog <3

nice shirt!!

spike said...

hai pastel girl!
boleh tau gak, kamera yang di pake apa?
terus ngeditnya dimana ya?
thankyou, wish you replay my comment :d
nice to read your blog