December 30, 2012

Someone's old

Guess who just turned old yesterday??

 Yes it was his sweet 17th birthday yesterday!! On the 29th to be exact.

 Aaaand this is what i got him... yes, it's my own drawing! It's actually a framed comic script :)
That's what pretty much happened there >< I got all of our friends to come over his house and gave a little surprise

December 27, 2012

It's up it's up!

It's up It's up!

Go ahead and see there rest of them HERE!!
Have a merry holiday!

December 26, 2012

Long break. But ain't breaking apart

 I am sooo sorry for the long wait.... I've actually planned to make an outfit post around last week but too bad i was struck by fever :( My body was so weak that i didn't even have the energy to get up. It lasted for around 4-5dayish.sigh.i even missed the AutumnWipeOut!! arrrrrgh. But i went to Puncak on Sunday.... i wasn't healthy yet then, but i thought that if i stayed at home, all i'd do is just sleep at the same boring bed, so i wanted to be in a fresh and new atmosphere so i went on. And i guess i really need some fresh air cos not long after that i'm back healthy again! yeayyy. So celebrating my healthiness, here's an outfit post....with Sabrina!
This is my current favorite bag from ROMWE! it goes along well everywhere! And it's also not too big, just like i love.

Sabila: SHEINSIDE galaxy top + leather skirt, S.A Crafts tassel necklace (coming soon), ROMWE fringe bag, Retro glasses, ShoeCorner metallic tassel wedges
Sabrina: Modify nebula tiger tank, Handmade asymmetrical skirt, CHOIES glasses, Unbranded sequin shoes

 I'm sooo happy these cuties came over to say hi! They came all the way from CHOIES... Well actually it's Sabrina's pick from the web, but i did approve it first. so we both love it! Well what i know now it that CHOIES is having so many discounts aaaaall yeaaar loooong. i mean they're always having these crazy discounts! like what's happening right now is a 50% discount for many items like printed sweaters,hats, shorts, wigs and also u'll get a 20% disc off for ur first order! yeayyyy!

 And look at those necklaces and prints and tassels! Well they surely are my next project called S.A Crafts! Will be out verrryyyy sooooon this holiday! So it's more of a holiday project.... hihi stay tuned!
Aaaaand merry Christmas everyone! hohohoho

December 18, 2012

What's inside

 I guess i've never shown you all what's inside my bag, am i right?
So this time, i think it's time for me to do that! Buuut it's just not a regular day bag cos it's my school bag!

 You might be wondering why it's soooo small.... Well actually right now, i'm having these Try Out tests which means that i don't have to bring any of my school books etc. So i just brought some small essentials that i actually can never leave home to school without them. And these are my primer essentials when i go to school.

 1. SMA 34 2013 sweater : This is my HighSchool generation's sweater! And it's becoming something that i always bring everyday, despite the super soft fabric and it does look awesome when u wear it! // 2. Red lego notebook: I write aaaall of my important notes here, so i would rather loose my cell rather than this notebook... well not exactly, but it is THAT important. All of my project notes and ideas are all there. // 3. GoGirl! Journal: And this is the cutest journal i have so far! Having a tumblr photo collage as the cover is a super brilliant idea! It is becoming supeeer useful! I like to doodle around here and write the tasks that i have to do. I hate myself for always forgetting things that i must do, so this journal is such a helper :" // 4. AnnaSui wallet: Idcards, other kinds of cards, money, photos, flashdisc, tickets, trashy bills, keys, etc are all in there. I even put my earrings there... I use it more like a pouch i guess, cos my phone even fits there! I like it bwcos it's slim and won't eat too much space in my bag, and of course the floral prints are just daring. // 5. Eeyore Flashdisc: I actually have 2 flashdiscs that i always bring everywhere with me, since the files are super important. Don't know why, but i always feel sumthin is missing when i forgot to bring them. But this one's a super cute one :3 // 6. Pencils, Pens, Erasers, Colored markers,etc: These pencils,pens,and erasers will only be here temporary, because i'm pretty sure that i'll loose them in a couple of days later haha. They probably will last for about a week, and that's usually a record. But i always need my markers, cos it's always fun to have colorful writings :D // 7. Glasses: Yes i wear glasses!! But only at class though. I'm a minus 2,5... yes that's big :" but for daily activities, i don't wear them cos i usually get dizzy if i wear them too long. weird. But i ALWAYS have them with me, cos honestly i can't read a writing that's above 1meterish from me. 8. The ugly duckling blackberry: U don't wanna see the sides of this phone... hahaha it's a blackberry but the function is more of a nokia. The trackpad can sometimes work but sometimes can't... i'm pretty sure that only some people can operate this phone :" But it's antique! Although it's super worst, i still find it suuuper useful. I only need bbm,sms,twitter,calculator,pictures folder and that's all! haha I'm not that kind of technology geek kinddof girl. As u can see  here, the only gadget i bring to school it this phone! No ipods no androids no iphones. For music, i'd rather play it with my computer with the speaker, cos i sometimes like to dance along...hihi // 9. Lip balm: Everygirl needs a healthy lip! // 10. Toywatch Watch: This is what i always count on when i have schedules! But this watch sometimes freaks me out... when i'm late for things.

 I'm using the GoGirl! Journal to write down my tasks!! Aaaand ofcourse with colorful markers! :D

 Here's a closer look of my Ugly Duckling Phone! I sort of made a makeover to it so it wouldn't look too....antique :" And i also have this Sincan pluggy! Tito also has a similar one to this :o So it's like a couple pluggy,eh?

By the way, i'm enjoying my time with this pink fringe drawstring bag from ROMWE! I'm more of a sling bag type and rucksacks for school. I don't know, but i always have this deepest interest in drawstrings. And also this bag has these fringe accents which i looove! I have an indian fringe bag but it's in brown which is pretty random, but this one is in pink which is pretty rare! And also some gold round studds to crate a fierce look... with pink!

Aaaand that's a wrap!

December 14, 2012

Goods and Foods

WOOT WOOOT it's an event u don't wanna miss! :)

I will be selling out some handmade accessories and of course my own treasures!!
Make sure u'll be coming ;) see you!

December 10, 2012

Red lime

Here's one way to combine neon lime and red....

 VINTAGE lace blazer, Mom's neon line top, Handmade tutu skirt, Nine11 necklace, Centro red shoes, Unbranded sequin purse + socks

  and i guess there seems nothing wrong with it :)

December 08, 2012

Burning Mint

 SheInside mint lace dress, Bata sequin bow flats, VINTAGE sling bag, DIY bow hairclip

I'm shrinking noooo! Hahaha i know this is very absurd... Yes it's Sabrina o.O I don't have any outfit photos yet to post here, but i wanted to make a post... Then i remembered i have once taken Sabrina's photo when she was about to go to a wedding party, so why not just post that one! hihihi

December 06, 2012

Sweets In The Rough

 Why do pink always look sooo sweet and attracting? But i like them all together only in different shades of pink. i mean like it's weird seeing 1 same exact color at 1 same time...
Raindeers, snowflakes and all sort of things reminds me of Christmas :) And i had always loved the Christmas atmosphere. The Christmas carols, the movies, the Christmas tree, the snow and pretty much everything. 
I remembered when i was still back in the US, Christmas had become my favorite moment that i've always been waiting for, although we don't celebrate it from the religion side. I just enjoy the moment :) I used to buy this small Christmas tree then decorate it with ornaments that i bought at the dollar store hahaha. Then we put presents beneath the tree, 1 for me 1 for my mom and 1 for my dad. They were super simple but i don't know why, it became very special to me and i felt very happy. And not forgetting the cookies + milk for Santa! I've always found them gone by the morning... but perhaps, Santa is known more as my dad a.k.a he ate all the cookies + milk, sigh. At school, we once made these gingerbread not so cookies cos they're made out of glue and stuffs... but we decorated it as we like to, with our names written on it, then hang it on the Christmas tree at our classroom! And i don't have to tell you how fun is the snowball fight, building a snowman, and also making snowangels, right?

 It seems that i'm enjoying writing down inspiring quotes on this artistic journal from GogirlMagazine!

 Gifted navajo top, PICNIC lace dress, SheInside collar, Soxgallery knee socks, AdorableProjects platform wedges, Baggubag backpack, Unbranded necklace

I guess taking down notes and writing down my To-Do-List is becoming my daily routine now. The schedule is being slightly tight and i also have this amnesia kinddof thing that likely makes me forget some things that i shouldn't hehehe... And also i needed a good media to write down inspirations or ideas that pops instantly. And i have to admit that this Gogirl! Journal did a really good job helping me. These aren't those kind of bonus agendas that i actually never use because of their small-area-to-write space, this is more of a personal journal where u can completely write anything with a super big space. I can even doodle on them! And my sister Sabrina actually begged me for the tribal journal... she said it's cute.