January 27, 2013

Conceptual Prints

 Hellooooo to all of youuu!! Gosh it's been years since i've vacuumed... super sorry >.< I was in a middle of a situation where i had to prioritize many things and perhaps set aside some other things that could be delayed for a moment... It was pretty hectic, well very hectic. But i was enjoying the moment though. Sometimes, when u do things with full passion and interest, all of those tiredness are nothing compared to the enjoyment u're having. Problems occur, but u'll always have a way out. And it always brings a smile in the end :)
I'm happy that i'm living my life to not just be a person that does nothing. Being active makes me feel alive. Although i've always been struggling with time, but that's just something that i'm working on to get the solution. At my age, i'm blessed that i could do and experience many things that not all people at my age could. It makes me feel i'm 1 step ahead and ready for the upcoming days. I didn't know how this all started, but i'm always open for new things. And i guess my curiosity and the willing to jump in and try new things are the keys that led me to my position now.

But recently, i've actually been struggling. And the main problem is.... time. I really need a way out to this. But it's just hard.
Let me picture this. Right now, while writing this post, i have some programs and tabs opened on my computer. I have microsoft word standing by, i'm working on a product review, a school task about a profile biography and another school task making papers about social surveys. Also Adobe Photoshop to edit some pics for this post and the product review i've mentioned. Oh and i also gotta control and make the databases and concept of my school yearbook. I actually changed my phone's wallpaper to these to-do-list as a reminder.
That's a lot but i've actually planned to do most of them all today. I've never been worried about my energy and health because hopefully it won't be a problem. It just the time that worried me too much. huff. While writing this, i keep checking on my phone to see what time it is. Perhaps extend 1 day to be 30hours, yes?

 By the way, this time i'm clashing in strong patterns! Houndstooth + geometry. But i actually liked it and it goes pretty well! Since the whole look are dominant in monochrome, it won't be eye hurting and the rasberry color on the geometric inner makes this look dashing. Such an experiment.
VINTAGE houdstooth vest + geometric inner, PICNIC pants, ROMWE glasses, DIY studded bow, Shoecorner mettalic tassel wedges

21 komentar:

Rimma Izzaty Putri said...

kereeen, aku juga punya tp blazer hehehe
btw km pake kamera apa Sabila?

Lady Doe said...
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Lady Doe said...

I couldn't disagree that we need more hours in one day... It should be like 48 hours?

Love the combination of pattern and the shoes!


Ruby and Rosa said...

ahaha perhaps!
But you will keep survive with 24hours a day, I'm sure ! :D

So good luck with your tasks :)
and you look great ❤

Febriani Farida said...

lucu kak :)
great outfit! hihi xx

nadira arasya said...

Awesome ,, nice outfit :)


sara josephine - sartob said...

love the houndstooth vest, bil! and yeeeep pngn bgt if in one day we can spend time more than 24hours... hahaha


Vika Vinessa said...

so cool!!
love the outfits <3



major love!!
simply adore those metallic wedges <3

Delia Salsabila said...

Super love the shoes xx


drey said...

been waiting for your post and finally!! i like your outfit anyway and goodluck for youu sabila xx

Anonymous said...

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Marie said...

Nice look! I love your shoes.

Naomi Hosma T said...

keren kak! :)

liat blog aku dong...


Naomi Hosma T said...

keren kak! :)

liat blog aku dong...


rjc said...


((((g.d. vintage))))

i donno such textile takes a demanding designing to look anything - i likely wouldn't waer such - but i might've had a jacket pinki read white of a type - and it was rainproof nylon smth. (like industrial design - if you 1-st see such https://picasaweb.google.com/a012361236 -- Water Ikes Family it's (the upper left) actually cool)

κΉ€ν™˜ν˜œ said...

love the houndstooth

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