The beauty of a night

It has been more than a month since this moment passed, but i couldn't let the memories go away that fast. This is a bit personal, but i wanted to share the beauty of the moments here... 

It was my senior high prom night...
We got inspired by the latest movie of Alice In Wonderland and took it as our main theme. But we did make some little twists to it and make it more elegant. I was the head decoration committee. Although it was a bit tricky, but the theme was super fun, and that is what  this event is all about. Putting in much fun and also getting the "wonderland" feeling. Afterall, we do expect to have a wonderful night in a place called wonderland. 


U know where alice in wonderland was so famous with its rabbit hole? Well we still wanted to bring that in to this event. instead of making a tree, we thought of making an arch. It was full decorated with green leaves and flowers. There was an aisle that was headed to this arch, the atmosphere was fully inspired by nature. leaves leaves flowers flowers. Then we had this "Enter the rabbit hole" sign with all the alice fonts and its typical type of arrows.

Okay so the dress... i wasn't inspired by anything, but my imaginations just brought me up into this kind of design. It was a simple modern look with a little touch of glamour from the sequins. The coral blue gives a fun young touch to avoid it looking too "serious". I wanted to look more fresh instead of looking too heavy so i went very very light on the make up and decided to do an up do to the hair. I also minimilize on the jewelleries, a small paired heart shaped earings & necklace, and a full beaded sephora bracelet .It was actually a cut-out dress, i placed the cut out drama on the sides and a slit on the skirt part. This dress had a very simple design so i thought of putting some blings to still make it look catchy. Like how i chose the sequins fabric, the belt details, and all the jewellries. The purse itself was also a heart shaped purse with lots of spike studds on it. 
There was actually a reason why i didn't put too much attention for the preparation on the dress, well actually myself. I was fully focused on the event itself. My brain was fully packed with ideas and works to do for the event. It was our final event together, so me and the rest of the committees wanted to make an event that we'll always remember. 

 And we did!! The event was beyond expected.... :"
You know how prom is a common event that's always held in most senior high schools, and where many schools are trying to give their best effort on making it a mega event. Many were held in super luxury hotels, with very well known bands and DJs, and professional EOs. Well that's something normal if they can afford that kind of glamour. 
But this time, we wanted to set that much glamour aside. The outside look was just a plus value to us, because what's more important is how the event ran.The event wasn't held in a super luxury place but was a perfect venue for not more than 170ish guests, we didn't invite big bands instead we brought in something that can be enjoyed by all of us, and we didn't use any EOs. all the work were done by us with the help of our juniors. We trusted our own skills. We highlighted the true meaning of this event, the togetherness & friendship. We wanted to have a meaningful closing dedicated to our 3 years of togetherness & friendship. Luxury hotels can't do that, DJs also can't. It was all from us and to all of us, giving and receiving.


The night was beyond words. Its a "dance until you soar, sing until you lost ur voice, jump until the skies, eat until u explode, smile until it aces, cry until it floods, laugh until the glass cracks" event. Everyone enjoyed  the night. 

By the end, we didn't just leave and go home. we grabbed our friends, our best friends, and hugged & thanked them for the amazing 3 years. The night ended with tears, but happy tears. The guys that i never expected to ever go teary, dropped many tears that night. We felt and knew the true meaning of friendship. No matter how many dramas & struggles we've all went through, that night just made it so meaningful. It was so beautiful, too beautiful. 
Thank you for the most amazing night, and the most amazing 3 years. I love all these people, my 34 2013 :)

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Shabrina Hazimi said...

Wow seems like you guys were having so much fun ! Nice event concept, and loving your sequin dress and the clutch ! xx