January 31, 2013

Featured: GADIS #01

Wow apparently i've got featured in GADIS January #01 issue yeaynesss :)

 Apparently i was the Special Winner: Powered by INDOSAT and also the Favorite Winner of GADIS Fashion Blogging Competition. 2 in a row woot woot, alhamdulillah :) Well actually this was announced since December but i was waiting till the edition that reviewed about this was published.
Btw, thankyou to Florencia Irena for telling me about it and being super kind by sending me the pics! :)

Pssst, whoopsies see some Typos of my name there hehehe :)

January 27, 2013

Conceptual Prints

 Hellooooo to all of youuu!! Gosh it's been years since i've vacuumed... super sorry >.< I was in a middle of a situation where i had to prioritize many things and perhaps set aside some other things that could be delayed for a moment... It was pretty hectic, well very hectic. But i was enjoying the moment though. Sometimes, when u do things with full passion and interest, all of those tiredness are nothing compared to the enjoyment u're having. Problems occur, but u'll always have a way out. And it always brings a smile in the end :)
I'm happy that i'm living my life to not just be a person that does nothing. Being active makes me feel alive. Although i've always been struggling with time, but that's just something that i'm working on to get the solution. At my age, i'm blessed that i could do and experience many things that not all people at my age could. It makes me feel i'm 1 step ahead and ready for the upcoming days. I didn't know how this all started, but i'm always open for new things. And i guess my curiosity and the willing to jump in and try new things are the keys that led me to my position now.

But recently, i've actually been struggling. And the main problem is.... time. I really need a way out to this. But it's just hard.
Let me picture this. Right now, while writing this post, i have some programs and tabs opened on my computer. I have microsoft word standing by, i'm working on a product review, a school task about a profile biography and another school task making papers about social surveys. Also Adobe Photoshop to edit some pics for this post and the product review i've mentioned. Oh and i also gotta control and make the databases and concept of my school yearbook. I actually changed my phone's wallpaper to these to-do-list as a reminder.
That's a lot but i've actually planned to do most of them all today. I've never been worried about my energy and health because hopefully it won't be a problem. It just the time that worried me too much. huff. While writing this, i keep checking on my phone to see what time it is. Perhaps extend 1 day to be 30hours, yes?

 By the way, this time i'm clashing in strong patterns! Houndstooth + geometry. But i actually liked it and it goes pretty well! Since the whole look are dominant in monochrome, it won't be eye hurting and the rasberry color on the geometric inner makes this look dashing. Such an experiment.
VINTAGE houdstooth vest + geometric inner, PICNIC pants, ROMWE glasses, DIY studded bow, Shoecorner mettalic tassel wedges

January 08, 2013

An awesome event u don't wanna miss

I have this awesome event that u all have to come!!

Okey so this might be a different kind of event i usually announce, cos there won't be any bazzar or any fashion-related. It's an event where u can dance along with the music all night long!! It's my school's event ( 34 senior high school ) and made by my own school generation! There will be SERINGAI , ADERA, and PASUKAN LIMA JARI. There will also be many fun games :o
It's an event colored by great music that allow you to dance 'till u drop. The greater part is,it's created by Indonesian Youth :)
And i will also be there!! So there's a big chance we could meet :)
Come everyone, on Saturday 19th January 2013 at RollingStoneCafe Ampera, starts from 17.00 pm. See ya there!

January 06, 2013

Are you aboard?

Who's aboard with us??

Cos we're going sailing!!

Sabila: ReductionSale sailor top, SheInside baroque patterned pants, Centro red heels, DIY bow tie, Vintage hat
Sabrina: GAP striped top, Levi's jeans skirt, SoxGallery striped socks, Centro sequin bow flats, Unbranded hat + necklace

  It's been a while that i've done photoshoots with Sabrina... I don't know, it's just fun taking pictures with her!
Btw, i  haven't wrote anything about this new year... but i will hopefully in my next post! Resolutions, hopes, past events in 2012 and etc etc

Sadly, holiday's over!! I'll be back to school starting from tomorrow... sigh. It'll be a loooong year for me :"

January 02, 2013

Multiway Batik

 So my mom just sewed these beautiful Batik Cirebon fabric and apparently they both have 2 sides in different colors...awesome. My mom sewed them horizontally and now it's more of a multiway item, which means that i can turn them into anything! Like these....

 Turning it into a bolero!

 And also a skirt! I only need safety pins.

 I really love the fabric, it's called Paris fabric. It's super soft and also flowly. These are one of those modern batiks that i really adore, with the super sweet colors.

 And the necklaces are all S.A Crafts collection that will be airing super soon!

 So, who says Batik is boring? :)