Puzzled Illusion, for Indonesian Youth Conference 2014 Artspace Exhibition

 My Artwork, 
"Puzzled Illusion" by Sabila Anata, for Indonesian Youth Conference 2014 Artspace Exhibition

Dreams are a puzzled illusion in the mind, in our thoughts. It is a deceptive impression of reality. It may never be real, until it is realized.
Our minds will always be played with these puzzeled illusions of our dreams. But there is 1 simple key to turn the table around; play the game, connect the puzzle, eliminate the illusion. It is back to our own choice; to take control of the game, or let it just remain as, illusions.
The danger lies in the comfort we feel with our illusions. It lets us soar too deep, deep to a solidation in our minds. This makes us forget the most important part of having a dream; to realize it into reality.  
Dreams are about realizing our illusions into reality, by controlling & executing the game, the game of the puzzled illusions in our minds.

I still remember about a year ago (2013), i submitted my artwork for IYC 2013 Artspace exhibition. But apparently i wasn't ready enough, i wasn't qualified enough to be a part of this exhibition, with its many talented artists.
But apparently it didn't stop me there, 1 year i had to grind my skills, to test my patience.
I tried my luck again on 2014 and submitted an artwork for IYC 2014, a different one.
And apparently, among the 147 submitted artworks, i became 1 of the 26 qualified artists from all over the nation who got the chance to exhibit one of my artworks.
I have learned 1 amazing thing from this; There will come a time for you to shine. Sometimes, it needs a bit of patience, but it's worth the wait. Along the wait, upgrade yourself, be a better figure. :)

And the other thing that made me out of words are the feedbacks from the people... how they highly appreciate my artwork. This is just 1 of a few, being Urban Icon's top 6 favorite artwork from the whole exhibition, thank you. :)
The thing about creating an artwork is not about the "materials" that we might get from it, but the most valuable form in return is the form of appreciation from the people who consumes it.


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