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October 14, 2012

A Sweet Escape

 No no no i'm not getting married... keep scrolling down~

 Top & skirt Handcrafted by my mom :) , DIY headpeace, Unbranded accessories, Yongki Komaladi heels

 It was my sweet 17th birthday bash! I didn't celebrate it alone cos i was with my 2 other friends Bunga & Syifa :) I remembered that i celebrated my last birthday years ago... so i thought it shouldn't be wrong celebrating this special one.

 These are only a few photos and still got plenty where that came from. So there sure are more photos to post!
    So then i wanted to thank everyone sooo much who has gave me their love! Everyone means so much to me <3 :=":" amazing="amazing" blessed="blessed" by="by" feel="feel" i="i" nbsp="nbsp" people="people" so="so" surrounded="surrounded">