DIY: Accessories Stack

It's a good thing to keep our stuffs in proper places, but also we want a cute looking "place" to put it. I've seen many in stores but i just can't stand the price. So then i thought out a way to..... make one instead! This one only cost me... Rp 26.000 :)

Here are what you need:
- 2 Carton boards (make sure u choose the hard ones, so it would be strong enough to hold on to ur stuffs. You can find the big sized ones in various stationary stores or gramedia, the price range is Rp 6.000 - Rp 13.000 each)
- 3 Patterned wrapping paper (u can find these everywhere!! bookstores, scrap stores, stationary stores, everywhere! the price range is Rp 1.000 - Rp 4.000)
- Polypropylene Ribbon ( in Indonesia it is usually called "Pita Jepang", but u can use any kind of ribbon! The price range for 1 roll is Rp 5.000- Rp 10.000)
- Glue (try to use the super sticky ones, like aica aibon or super glue. but u have to be super tidy and careful when using them)

Here are the STEPS:

 Super easy 10 steps right?? But what u have to concern here is that cutting out the carton board is 1 heck of a job... which means it's hard! U will need extra energy and 1 (very) sharp scissor. Becareful though.

 Soooooo goodluck!! :D