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June 22, 2012

La Fleur

 I've been surrounded by different kinds of flowers recently. Starting from paper flowers, floral patterns  until real actual ones. Which is good. Who doesn't love being in the middle of these beautiful livings? But i just loooove this purple + white combination of the flowers! They're somehow elegant but romantic at the same time >.< It really is cooling and calming. And not to mention that it came from a very special person :)

April 19, 2012

Cuddly Friends

We may be desperately lost in the jungle, but our cuddly friends helped us out :D

 But we became sad after hearing their tragic stories about their habitat. They no longer can live safely. Habitats being destroyed and also illegal hunting by irresponsible man kind. and these were all done by our people... humans.

 When forests are destroyed , it means that all of these animals' habitats are gone and they have no place to live. Which can end up with extinction. But the thing is, they bring a big impact to the ecosystem and also our lives.

 Animals should be treated with big love and care. They could be the cutest friend we ever had.Some can be kept with us while some others belong in the wild. But they all must be treated fairly and respectfully like other animals should be.

P.I.CK navajo assymetrical top, unbranded trousers and accessories

 So let's go and save them now! Treat them like they should be treated, with great love.
For those who would love to make a bigger action to save these cuddly friends, u can lend out a bit of ur kecings by donating to WWF Organization HERE
A small action could save our friends and also the ecosystem :)


BTW , Today is my 14 months anniversary with my Hero!

 Me super duper mega ultra gusta you!! :)

March 30, 2012

They say it's a book

 No, this isn't a Diary for god sake. This book belongs to me and my boy. So u could say it's a love book :) This book shares pretty much everything , pictures,quotes, letters, drawings, etc. But mostly, love :) All of the great moments were just too precious to only be memorized in our heads, so then this book was created. And we could be pouring all of our unspoken thoughts and feelings here :)
The cover itself was handmade by my own hands :)

( This last epic drawing was made by him ^^ hihihi )

I'm really sorry for the lack of updates, I'm facing this mid test thing at my school and my mom's reducing my time in front of the computer......
But no worries!! I will be holding a GIVEAWAY right after my mid-test is over! yeaaaay! Do stay tuned on early April ;)

March 12, 2012

This one place...


Case 1 : Spreading addictive drugs
Victim : 16 yr old girl with an initial S.A who's been crazily in love with the guy after consuming a major amount of love drugs. Currently addicted and wanting more

Case 2 : Professional thief
Victim : The same girl that admits her heart has been stolen for over a year

This guy has been locked up in a place deep deep down inside. He has been imprisonment for a life time that doesn't have guarantees that could get him out of there. No money no car nothing can be replaced with this guy. But this "place" is different. It treats it's people with great love , warmth and joy. Creating precious moments and unforgettable memories. Making the ones don't wanna leave and will want to stay there for as long as they possibly can. Protecting, defensing  and fight for intruders that bothers.
This place is called "My Heart"