This one place...


Case 1 : Spreading addictive drugs
Victim : 16 yr old girl with an initial S.A who's been crazily in love with the guy after consuming a major amount of love drugs. Currently addicted and wanting more

Case 2 : Professional thief
Victim : The same girl that admits her heart has been stolen for over a year

This guy has been locked up in a place deep deep down inside. He has been imprisonment for a life time that doesn't have guarantees that could get him out of there. No money no car nothing can be replaced with this guy. But this "place" is different. It treats it's people with great love , warmth and joy. Creating precious moments and unforgettable memories. Making the ones don't wanna leave and will want to stay there for as long as they possibly can. Protecting, defensing  and fight for intruders that bothers.
This place is called "My Heart"

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Sausan Hanifah said...

good job, Sabila! Gambarnya bagus :)

olie said...

that's a very sweet of you and creative!

Gift Factory said...

nice picture..!

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