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I've got an award from Ka Fika from Sweet Escape
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Before my holiday, i'm going to post about this
Because i usually forget about things like this where i'm suppose to write 7things about me and others . If i'm not mistaken , i've been tagged by Miss Onic and Ribbony Boo which i'm suppose to tell about 7 pink stuffs in my room :) Well i'm going to do that later and do this one first .

With this award I need to write 7 facts about me. Ka Fika wrote about 7 things that she always wear on her daily life. I choose to write about my 7 most fav indonesian bloggers that i always visit their blog everyday :)

When i say everyday , i really mean it EVERYDAY
Too bad i can only write 7 bloggers. There are still more Indonesian bloggers that i LOVE but these 7 are the most of all :)
I just like it when they post something nearly everyday, and there is just something interesting about it
Keep it up guys :)

I will pass this on to those 7 bloggers :) Except ka Fika and ka Michelle who already got one

Dropping by a pic :)
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
ICONIA strong shoulders top , VINTAGE belt , thrifted plum skirt , TOPSHOP peach tights , forever21 dutches headpiece , studded flats
I really really really LOVE these new studded flats :D

BTW , SORRY for the horrible photos -_-
i've been using this freako camera . But at least you can see my photos haha
Let's just hope i can get my DLSR faster :)

Last but not least , HAPPY HOLIDAYS everyone :)

Hope you enjoyed your vacations

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Camilla said...

oooh! I love it! xxx


ms.Gee said...

waw i love ur shoes dear... is it studded rite ?


Vorega Badalamenti Hartoto Hardikusumo said...

shoes nya baguuss! =)

check on my new post yaa sabila


Star-Light said...

Cute Skirt :)

djhanq said...

love ur shoes :)

it's just one click ahead :)

tealovecoffee said...

T_T the pictures loads sooo long in my computer...

Sabila Anata said...

i wasn't even finished writing this post guys :)
but now i am finished, it's much more longer than before :)

Nina said...

Congratulations on your award! It's sooo well deserved!


You are always sooo cute!

michelle_ said...

cool outfit ! i love ur peach tights very much sabila !

and thx for the award also :D
i love checking out ur blog everyday (if im not busy) too .

wish i could've met you today .

looking fabulous !
enjoy your last few days of 2009 !
hope you havent wasted this year for nothing ;)
visit my blog + comment + follow !

F i K a said...

thankss for posting the award!! and I'm soo flattered coz you said that you check on my blog daily..It's an honor for me :)..you're one of my fave blogger sy!!

I love the headpiece and studded flats!! can't wait to see youu dear :)

o iyaa,,topinya lgsg aq kirim ke kamu aja yaa :D..alamatnya jne yg waktu itu bukaan?

betz said...

you look so chic in that outfit dear!


Diana Rikasari said...

thank youuuu! and i love your peach tights!! :)

Eva Silviana said...
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Eva Silviana said...

hey sabila i've just passed you another award for your blog. Check it out on my blog :)

btw, too bad you didn't join the bloggers meet up again yesterday :(

ms.Gee said...

hey sabila
im just give u one more haute mess award
check it on mah blog darl..:D

alexandra said...

maw beli slr juga..
tapi bingung maw beli dimana yang murahh? kmu maw beli dimana kira2?

Valencia Lia said...

That's so awesome to share what are your fave bloggers:)

I love love all of them being so chic! And those shoes you got are so gorgeous<3
And yes my tattoo is permanent! heeeee Sorry for the late reply,work has been so busy now:(

kiya said...

now what camera do you use? and yea, that's a really cool shoes. envy it :D

Sabila Anata said...

Thank you everyone :) you guys are so nice

Alenxandra : hmmm aku juga masih ga tauu. Papa aku masih nanya nanya
Tapi jangan beli di tempat tempat elektronik yang ada di mall.
Soalnya harganya pasti lebih mahal hihi
Coba cari cari aja di pasar baru atau senen yang bisa dapet lebih muraaah :)

DIANA DYE said...

I just finish my 7 things go check it out hahaha!!

alexandra said...

bingung juga yahh maw cari yang murah.. cek tokocamzone.com deh.. maw beli second ato baru?

Camilla said...


Heidy F.M Kalalo said...

awww thank you sooo much dear!! that's so sweet of you..hihihihi

t a l i s h a said...

wowww... thanks for featuring my blog.. ahahah sorry for not being ble to psot on a daily basis.. i have a toruble taking pics myself.. yay to DSLR! happy holidays ya dear.. hopefully u can attend the next blogger meet-up :)

regina said...

the studded shoes is thrill me sabila!!!! please chek out my new post and please leave a comment on it thankyou yaaaa:)


Tysha Alya Lukman said...

cute shoes. and tights. eh iya aku link kamu yaa, link me back :)

Tysha from,

Sabila Anata said...

Thanks thanks :)

Heidy & talisha :you guys really deserve it
Keep on posting daily :)

Alexandra : tergantung juga sih mau yg 2nd atau new
Kalo jadi ambil yg 400D mah harus 2nd soalnya newnya udah ga ada
Tapi kalo 1000D bisa yg new
Lebih enak dateng langsung ke tokonya jadi bisa sekalian bandingin lebih srek cam yg manaaa hihi
Emang lagi nyari DSLR apaaa?

Camilla : ooooh thanks soo much :)

Regina :sure I'll visit your blog

Tysha : I will totally link you as soon as I get back from my vacation :


Sabila Anata said...
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Tysha Alya Lukman said...

okaaay thankies! tell we when u linked me :D


NoViTaRisTiaNa said...

congrats sabila on u're award :)
happy holiday...

meany tums! said...

i love yr blog (:

Lala Vintage Stuff said...

lovely studs!

sophia. said...

i love your blog! you have so many outfits that i adore. full of inspiration!