'probably' my last post

Going to announce something that may not be important but just like you to know

Here's the thing , many things have been happening and many big things will also happen in the future . One of the big day that i've been preparing this whole year is the final national exam .
It's one of the important things for me and i don't want to fail in this. I've been researching and found out that the high schools i want to go to have really high passing grades. I believe in myself that i can do it with hard work and support from my lovely ones.
The blogging world is EVERYTHING for me! I can't be who i am right now if it wasn't because of this blog. I've experienced many things , many wonderful things that i've never thought of.
I never want to say goodbye but i want to take a time off. My fingers just want to type everyday but the time and situation right now is not really right.
Sooooooo this 'might be' my last post for now . I have to concentrate on my studies for the national exam. I want to reach my success like i've did a couple of years ago.
So please support and always hope the best for me

22 feedbacks:

Putri Estiani said...

ambisi lo kuat bgt walaupun masih smp dan mau masuk sma. you still have a long way to go, girl. reach all your dreams while you can :)

Sherlyn Lavenia said...

selamat berjuang! :)

shannen misiliu. said...

goodluck for your final national exam,girl :)

Anonymous said...

Goodluck, sweetie! I only see good things happening for you!



Marla Singer said...

good luck, cutie pie =D

onic said...

good luck, sissy :)

michelle_ said...

good luck with the exams dear !
i hope you'll be back real fast love !
i wish i could meet you too !

CastorPollux said...

good luck on the national exam :)
hope u'll come back real soon


ONLY I SHOP said...

gudluck sista :)

Erin said...

Just happened upon your blog and I think it's gorgeous...I've been reading through your posts and I love them all! I will definitly be back to read more...

Love love love,



オテモヤン said...


Susan said...

aww, good luck for your exam!!

Fitri said...

gw yakin lo bisa masuk sma impian lo . SMA 28 kan ? pasti bisa :D
good luck,and keepin study hard

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