The oriental smells

It's always nice to have a very fresh atmosphere, especially for this whole Ramadhan month while fasting :)

But sometimes these aromas have a whole different meaning... There're some that somehow makes us feel like falling in love all over again. Having a new favorite, a new favorite fragrance. 
U know, these new Izzi fragrance variations are my newest "crush". The smell is fresh, modern, yet everlasting which is great for my daily activities in this fasting month! Not to mention its expressive packaging that i couldn't resist ><

Magically, the aroma flashes us back to those moments... some lovely ones. Pretty cheesy, but beautiful.I guess these things are perfect for youngsters & teenagers that are starting to feel these sprinkle dusts of love :p Also to those that have a modern, open minded, opened, and experience taker characters. Like u, perhaps?

Leony Evelyn peplum top // ANATA necklace // unbranded capri trousers // Melissa shoes // Romwe glasses

And wait look! The Izzi Fragrance comes in 3 variations!
"Love at first sight" ,"Electrify Me!" and " Secret Love"! 
Which one suits u best? ;)

Get IZZI Get Love

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Delilah said...

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spike said...

eye candy! love it!

Dhika said...

cute top! :3

Fanny Yuniar said...

marvelous you!