The book: DIY Fashion Project

I started working on this book on the mid of 2013, I was in a transition phase back then.

DIY Fahion Project: Basically, this book contents many DIY Fashion projects from us 3; Evita Nuh, June Paski, and me. This book was created with hope that it may become a life savior, to those who at least have the urge to use their hands and mind productively. It is a bit misunderstood when people view fashion as something that is only available for those who could survive in its high-end “game”, where fashion belongs to those who could afford its high costs. Well, we would like to turn that perspective around, make a twist out of it. Who says fashion needs to be expensive? It’s all a matter how you can use god’s gift, our hands and mind, in a creative way. So we believe that this book may become a way out, a guide to all the women out there, to stay confident with their own creations. We are here to proof that the “fashion is expensive” statement is only an illusion. What’s the value of wearing a branded expensive item, where you might have to suffer after that because most of your earnings are spent for it? Wouldn’t you be more proud to wear your very own creation?

Besides that, we’ve also shared some personal stories that we’ve never explicitly written here on the blog. I’ve never been too wide open of my personal life and what I’ve been busy on besides the blogging world. My absence here, is a sign that I’m working on something serious in my daily life. But I just don’t share much of it on the blog don’t i? Well don’t worry, I have written a complete edition of it, in this book. J Since I wrote (and actually finished) this book by the end of 2013, my shared insights are more of my life around my high school phase. As I looked back through the pages, I did realize that I never did stood still throughout my young ages, I was like an ongoing machine. It didn’t even look like what a teenager might do in their age! I will be entering my 20s this October, which means that I am no longer a teenager. It’s scary, but this book became a living proof that I have spent my teenage life, in the right way. This does not mean that I am segmenting my stories to teenagers only, it is widely open to everyone in any age; youths, elders, etc. The values in the stories are things that could always be implemented to anyone.
Therefore, i want to share this to every single one of you, with hope that this book will truly become a life savior in any form.

So, I will be giving away 6 free books for 6 creative people!! I’m making this very simple, here’s how you can join the giveaway:

1.       Give your best creative description & explanation to this: What can you make out of rubber bands?
2.       Simply describe & explain your wildest concepts of what you can make out of rubber bands on the comment box below, together with your full name, instagram account, & email.
3.       OR , you can send your answer on my instagram post comment here:
4.       Follow my instagram account (@sabilaanata), so you could get the latest info about the book!
5.       I will pick 6 people with the most creative answer on Saturday, 21 February 2015.
6.       You can submit more than 1 answer!! (But make sure to separate the entry)

Happy brainstorming and goodluck!!

But if you are not patient enough to wait until next week, this book is OFFICIALY available in your nearby bookstores: Gramedia bookstore, Toko Gunung Agung, Togamas, ,, dll. For more information on online bookstores that sells the book, follow my twitter account (@sabilaanata), where I’ll be updating much about it.

I would love to send my greatest thank yous to Bentang Pustaka for being a great publisher x partner that made this all happen in a very fun way :) 

If you’ve got a copy, please share it to us!! We’ll be so happy to hear your feedback:)

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Anonymous said...

I am so looking up to you. Aside from your campus activities, you still maintain to have a not-un-interesting life outside campus; this book is a prove. Would you write more about your thought, how you do things, how you overcome barrier and such? I believe that you are a piece of gem. :) <3 Goodluck on everything you do, so looking forward to another project!!

Nisrina said...

"What can you make out of rubber bands?"

Simply, I want to make a belt!

Yep, cara buat sabuknya gampang, dengan merangkai karet gelang sampai cukup panjang, kira-kira cukup buat pinggang kita masing-masing.
Setelah jadi,tinggal diikat di pinggang aja sebagai sabuk. Bisa dikasih tambahan pita dengan warna yang kontras dengan rangkaian itu. Jadi, pitanya bisa diselipkan di antara rangkaian karet gelang yang udah jadi.

Thank youuu <3

Nisrina Putri

IG: @Nisrinays

mainan dewasa said...

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Ollyvia Laura Arnold said...


anyway, would you like to follow each other on gfc/bloglovin and instagram?


Khalya Karamina Siregar said...

My dear amazing friend. A note to the self that I must get your book THIS WEEKEND!!

Sincerely, from your newbie beauty-fitness blogger:


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