The Human Silhouette

Let nature do its wonder, may humans remain as silhouettes.
I never assume wearing black for a holiday summer look as a sin. The true core of a summer holiday lies in how humans wanted to seek for a new atmosphere, objecting refreshing views. So perhaps, it is descent enough to let these objects become a spotlight of their own, stealing hearts, and indulging souls. Then it would be respectful enough for us humans, to tune down our egos by becoming vivid silhouettes. 

Though another source of inspiration --who eventually is the god/goddess of fashion—who never fails to attempt black, pretty much inspired me. It is no other than Chanel. I remembered their summer swimwear collection that was merely in a whole tone of monochrome. But there was never a wonder why the tone was chosen, because it was packed so peculiarly alluring that people was somehow hypnotized by it. It brings back women’s classy touch of summer wear, bringing out the lady within of every woman.

The idea of the look was simplicity, in a classy touch. The classiness of this laced bralet top reminded me back to the 18th century where lace became a symbol of prestige and wealth, it was among the most valued of a household’s possessions. So the theory would be, the older the lace is, the more versatile & genuine it becomes. Not to mention, this laced bralet turns out to be a legacy from my mom! In its more than 20years of age, it is still in the best of shape. There are 3 combinations of different types of lace & crochets that are consisted in this bralet, where each type is structured to fit in the silhouettes of the body.

 Vintage laced bralet top // Beste Project tie culottes // New Look pointed heels 

Since comfort is also a concern, a pair of culottes would be the best fit. They could be a bit tricky though! Its simplicity could be reputed for a lazy day of casualness. But its “strata” could be lifted up into a more semi-casual or even a formal look if paired & modified in the right dose! This Beste Project culotte has an accent of a tied bow as an extra accessory and also adding more volume to the look. Since it is paired with a bralet top that reveals the middle part of the body, you might want to avoid pairing it with something else that is also body-fit. So the additional volume & loose-fit figure of the cullotte is totally a life savior by being a (good) distraction to avoid looking too appealing. 

I have always been in love with pointed heels. It elevates the beauty of your feet to 10 levels high! It makes it (look) longer and also adds a more elegant touch. The best option would be the simplest pair, so you wouldn’t want to modify pointed heels too much. A pair in monochrome tone & some extra straps would do the magic.  Lastly, by not ruining this whole silhouette idea, an additional touch of accessory in a neutral tone would be perfect to close the deal! Since it’s all summer and you want to get this whole tanned appeal, I guess preparing the accessories that are already in a tanned tone is a smart move. Rather than choosing nude tones (that would make you dead flat, &  that’s not tan), it would be more of a whine red & caramel mixture. 

So have a glorious holiday lads!!

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