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In this time being, women are no longer hiding in the shadows nor are the shadows hiding them. I have come across so many inspiring yet down to earth profiles who are passionately living their lives; actively working through their passion or simply becoming an awesome mom. The scope of “shining” cannot be measured by positions or achievements, but how passionate they present their status of any condition. I have always admired house moms who sacrifices most of her life, dispensing all her love to her family.

I came across a concept (that was actually presented by my “A” friend) that I and also my friends have been frequently using. We all know about the Alpha Males, but how about the Alpha Females? The Alpha Females refer to a majestic female who’s killing it in her career (or anything she’s doing) and has a solid group of friends to rely on. There's nothing quite as brilliant as a woman with confidence and ambition. Though some people might get them wrong, they’re not always that typical woman who dominates its environment brutally, they’re just naturally shining very bright, which directs all the attention.

Based on an article from titled “Alpha Woman”, it is said that they have the tendency to be funny, strong, independent, and comfortable in her own skin, the Alpha believes in herself. The point is about the comfort & confidence that a woman feels about herself, no matter who you are, how you look, or what your background is. Because that is what will lead anyone to present its originality. We all shine in many ways, in our own ways. It has never been about presenting all the ups of life, but it has always been about presenting originality.

Originality refers to natural, where things are presented just the way it is from its basics, with no effortful touches. For a daily condition, I like to keep things naturally basic, especially for my skin. I do believe that an outer performa depends much on its base and finishing, so that is why I take in-depth considerations on choosing the perfect product for those 2 elements. Lucky enough, the Marina Smooth & Glow UV products are the light at the edge off the cave.

When it comes to light & gentle texture, I could always rely on Marina Smooth & Glow UV Products . My favorite base so far would be its BB Cream that is a mixture of gentle moisturizer with a Korean Technology to keep my skin moisturized all day and SPF 20 PA++ to protect the skin from harmful UVB & UVA rays. I highly admit that I have a strong schedule every day for both indoor & outdoor activities. Therefore, I do realize that I needed something to protect & nourish it from its very bottom, something very basic. The whole BB cream idea eased everything where I don’t need to use double products (moisturizer & SPF face lotion) on. Applying too many layers of products to your face feels too putty & heavy. Therefore I was so satisfied on how Marina BB Cream could serve me with a very light texture, as if nothing was on.

Then, to maintain a bright glowing look, I am always ready with my product weapon, Marina compact powder. You don’t say that you could go on an entire day without any touchups! No need any complex ones, just a simple face powder touch up. Especially, this Marina Compact Powder has natural microfine powder to even out skin complexion and also Vitamin C to make the face appear more bright & smooth. It has always been nice to have a bright glowing skin, as somehow it affects your mood psychologically. As a woman, sustaining a great physical appearance is one of the top listed things, where you just want to glance in the mirror every time you pass one, and play mirror-mirror on the wall all of a sudden. Seeing a nice faired glowing natural face smiling back is all what we seek for, and in a way keeps our day up and shining. To me in some way this is important to sustain a stable mood when facing a tight schedule, being professional means no time for moody moods.

But, if you are seeking for something more lasting, there are 2 options for you. The Marina Two Way Cake will do good for a semi-formal occasion. It contents 30% of foundation which makes it more everlasting. Nevertheless, it also has an SPF 20 PA++ and clinically proven for no skin irritation effects. Then, there is the Marina Powdery Foundation for a more formal occasion, " width="1" height="1" />" rel="nofollow" >Marina BB Cream Smooth&Glowwith 50% foundation and 50% powder. The 50% foundation serves a more lasting hold & coverage, but also with a gentle touch. It thrills me how the whole Marina Smooth & Glow UV Products could fulfill all kinds of my daily needs!

So Alphas, ready to be original?

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