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September 29, 2012

Different Dimensions

 I've never tried to combine metallic gold with colorful prints before... but this time is a suicide mission! And i think it goes in great!

 PICNIC geometric outer + metallic peplum top, VINTAGE leather shorts, ROMWE retro glasses, KEDS sneakers, bonus tribal clutch, unbranded necklace

   Soooo... let the day count itself

September 01, 2012

The growls of a thunder

Let the rain fall. Let the thunder crash
 I've been madly in love with these "Lightning Prints" dress from ROMWE! I've always got my eyes on printed clothes and this one seemed to give a fierce look and screamed "DO NOT MESS WITH ME"
 So i wanted to stay in line by pairing it up with rebel & fierce things also.
 ROMWE lightning dress & retro glasses, PICNIC wedges, Unbranded necklace

 I've to admit it that i've been awfully touched by the Orangutan Tragedy a couple of days ago here in Indonesia. There's apparently no one to blame for this. Most of you know that the death was caused by the people who tried to make the orangutan go away by burning the tree. It was completely wrong. They DID NOT do that on purpose , instead it was AN ACCIDENT. You could read they chronology HERE. But of course, the main cause was because the Orangutan lost it's home and tried to find food for living. Who to blame? Apparently, us. The damages done to their homes makes them loose their habitat and may lead to extinction. U have to know that these creatures have a very big influence to the cycle.
There might not be a lot of things we could do directly, but there are ways. Such as being a member of "Sahabat Orangutan" by WWF. Here, u only have to lend a bit of ur money then WWF will do the rest.
Or perhaps just by simply signing THIS PETITION to protect Rawa Tripa, the natural habitat of Orangutan.
Simple things could make a BIG change. Animals are friends and they're part of the living. They do make a big influence to the earth. So make sure, that we do keep balance of their population.

And welcoming September!! 
August went zupaaah fast... can't believe my birthday's in 1 month from today :o #shamelesspublication
Okey so have a great day! :)

August 17, 2012

Locked and Sealed

 Wow time flies by waaay too fast >.< It'll be Idul Fitri in no time :D

 Furthermore... i have nothing else to say :" enjoy the pics!
Btw, Happy 67th Independence Day to my dear Indonesia!! Besides all of these never ending controversies and cases, i bet there are still so much to be proud of, yes?

August 15, 2012


 I've been paralyzed by the beauty of blooming flowers. Here in Indonesia, i bet there are lots of places that are famous for it's flowers but i've only been to 1 place which is called Taman Bunga Nusantara. It was mostly just a park... i mean it was beautiful but i was expecting more. So i have a fellow friend Vania who is now living in London, and about 4 months ago she uploaded photos of her recent trip to Amsterdam on facebook. She visited this place called Keukenhof. And guess what? I was in silence. It was way too beautiful! I don't even know what to call it as. Dream land? Heaven land? Then i've googled it aaaand the same thing happened again.Dream destination? for sure. But i was expecting it more as a... dream yard :) Yes, it'll be awesome waking up in the morning everyday having ur eyes pampered with natural beauty like this.

 PICNIC lace dress, SEEN-LABEL belt & collar necklace, Topshop tights, Ditchy Mitchy T-bar chunky heels, DIY floral headband, Unbranded lace socks & gold necklace

So far, i've only seen lace in white, black, beige, brown or sometimes baby pink. Those are the main colors that i've been seeing A-LOT. They are quite random but i couldn't deny that i've always adored them. But while i was strolling down at PICNIC's store at Gandaria City, my eyes caught this dress in purple... but wait, it was from lace! So it's a purple lace dress! yeayyy :D Just so u know, this is my first long handed dress... :o But  i feel way comfortable in it. This dress was actually a combination of purple + beige, because the inner side of it is in beige. couldn't love it more.So thanks to this dress, my lace collection seemed more colorful :"

 And another glistering gift from Seen Label!  Who couldn't resist accessories? They're look saviors! Without them, it's just as same as eating bread without any fillings.

Don't forget to join my COTTONINK 250K GIFT CARD GIVEAWAY! 
This Saturday is the last day :)

August 12, 2012

A long wait

Holiday is yet to come! So what are your plans this holiday ? :)

PICNIC glittery loose outer , Pull&Bear floral print jeans , SUGARLIPS  tube peplum top , AdorableProjects platform wedges, Message Bangles, Unbranded necklace

 The search is over!! Remember a couple of months ago i've been desperately searching for floral printed jeans? And know i've found one with the perfect prints! The colors are very calm and sweet with a hint of pastel so it'll blend well purely with anything. I have nothing bad to say about it since it looks daring and feels ultra comfortable. Such a long wait but ended up beautifully :" I guess this will be those 1 time jeans that i'll wear like most of the times...

 And this turquoise tube peplum top came all the way from SUGARLIPS! This top does it's magic when worn... It just really look outstanding. Did you realize that i've been wearing a lot of turquoise/mint lately? Well when someone asks what my favorite color is, i can't barely answer...because i just can't. I'd suggest u to ask me what my favorite color combination is rather than asking what is my favorite color. But i just have to say that turquoise is one of the top colors that  i adore. And this tube top might look simple but don't forget to pay attention to the details! The stripe accents makes it look tough and fierce while the flows makes it look pretty. And yet the color made a huge charm to this top. 
Well i've never worn a tube top to public ever in my life because it just reveals too much skin and i don't feel comfortable about it. But that doesn't mean i don't like it, i have always been charmed by tube tops since it always looks daring when worn, so then i decided to get this one... the premier of the very first tube top in my closet. Buuut don't expect me to wear it purely just as a tube, because i will surely wear an outer or something else that covers up most of my skin and by also adding necklaces. Besides, my BF will surely positively won't like it, or perhaps, hate it if i wear it purely as a tube and reveals too much skin :p
And this loose outer from PICNIC did a great job! This loose outer actually has glittery fabric so i guess it can also be worn to formal occasions. The layers made a great distraction and added more volume to the look. Perfect to hide anything u want to hide! ^^ hihi

So go ahead and check out SUGARLIPS
This site has everything a girl wants! And also they routinely update new styles based on the latest trends and the coolest items this season.  They usually have great deals and discounts for u who is saving in the piggy bank hihi. And the other good thing is... the ship worldwide! yeayyy! So hop on to SUGARLIPS :)

 Message Bangles! I've just noticed that it became such i hit after i got one. So i was hopping into a local accessories shop when i've noticed these so called message bangles. I got these with the best price and waaay cheaper compared to those ones sold at onlineshops now. Since there are 2 bangles in 1 package, i gave 1 to my sister. sooo the one below that writes "sabrina" is my sister's. I just borrowed it from her so i AM NOT that kind of goody goody sister who writes her sister's name barely on everything.

 And guess what?? I have something for u guys for ur Idul Fitri Day! Wait for it in my next post will ya ? Cheers!

August 04, 2012

When they collide

Welcoming August!!

 P.I.C.K lace top , VINTAGE leather short, DIY ethnic clutch, PICNIC wedges, unbranded accessories

I thought there was completely nothing wrong colliding lace with leather! It does give a sweet fierce look at the same time.

 Look what i've got from Lorgnette ! They're skin protectors... for gadgets. They don't only protect ur gadget's skin but it also gives it an outstanding look with the prints.There are so much variety for u to choose, so go ahead and check it out urself at Lorgnette !

 Have a good day!