When they collide

Welcoming August!!

 P.I.C.K lace top , VINTAGE leather short, DIY ethnic clutch, PICNIC wedges, unbranded accessories

I thought there was completely nothing wrong colliding lace with leather! It does give a sweet fierce look at the same time.

 Look what i've got from Lorgnette ! They're skin protectors... for gadgets. They don't only protect ur gadget's skin but it also gives it an outstanding look with the prints.There are so much variety for u to choose, so go ahead and check it out urself at Lorgnette !

 Have a good day!

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Cynthia Adiesti Alivia said...

gorgeous! Love your wedges :D

kindly visit my blog!

Eka Patriargadani said...

Love your skin protectors I definetly buy one soon XD

don't mind to visit mine too ;)

Lorgnette Love - Pasion For Fashion said...

thanks a lot dear :D -Lorgnette Love-

Lorgnette Love - Pasion For Fashion said...

thanks a lot dear :D -Lorgnette Love-

Safira Putri said...

Love the wedges ,
haha short makes you look so tall o.o and pretty at the same time


eudoraa said...

omg! super like your outfit. especially the wedges!

and the skin protectors - i'll buy it also! soon :P

just found your blog, and i'm your new followers, so happy if you want to follow me back :)


Lina Susanti said...

WOW!! I love your wedges much. Cool outfit =D


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Keenan said...

AWESOME SHOES!! Totally fierce! Oh and good thing you post about gadget skin, I've been looking for one! :D

Come and hail to my cruise~