I've been paralyzed by the beauty of blooming flowers. Here in Indonesia, i bet there are lots of places that are famous for it's flowers but i've only been to 1 place which is called Taman Bunga Nusantara. It was mostly just a park... i mean it was beautiful but i was expecting more. So i have a fellow friend Vania who is now living in London, and about 4 months ago she uploaded photos of her recent trip to Amsterdam on facebook. She visited this place called Keukenhof. And guess what? I was in silence. It was way too beautiful! I don't even know what to call it as. Dream land? Heaven land? Then i've googled it aaaand the same thing happened again.Dream destination? for sure. But i was expecting it more as a... dream yard :) Yes, it'll be awesome waking up in the morning everyday having ur eyes pampered with natural beauty like this.

 PICNIC lace dress, SEEN-LABEL belt & collar necklace, Topshop tights, Ditchy Mitchy T-bar chunky heels, DIY floral headband, Unbranded lace socks & gold necklace

So far, i've only seen lace in white, black, beige, brown or sometimes baby pink. Those are the main colors that i've been seeing A-LOT. They are quite random but i couldn't deny that i've always adored them. But while i was strolling down at PICNIC's store at Gandaria City, my eyes caught this dress in purple... but wait, it was from lace! So it's a purple lace dress! yeayyy :D Just so u know, this is my first long handed dress... :o But  i feel way comfortable in it. This dress was actually a combination of purple + beige, because the inner side of it is in beige. couldn't love it more.So thanks to this dress, my lace collection seemed more colorful :"

 And another glistering gift from Seen Label!  Who couldn't resist accessories? They're look saviors! Without them, it's just as same as eating bread without any fillings.

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This Saturday is the last day :)

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clara thomas said...

woahh lovely dress! :3

eudoraa said...

iloveyour dress! :D

Sweettea Shop said...

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Ilmah Ismail said...

super lovely look sissy!

aaand the way you wear your necklaces is very smart, i mean, when i saw some of the first photos, i thought you were wearing a neck-cut-off dress!

one of my favourite post :)

Safira Putri said...

i would say this is so cute !
you could made a simplicity into a good style thats very good !!!!

riestya arum permata said...

love this look dear esp love the floral headband <3 <3


Mitha Rachmayani said...

you're so cute!

Lina Susanti said...

love your outfit!
You have a good sense of art, I like your style to edit the pict :)

Penyuluh Perikanan said...

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valonia irene said...

couldn't agree more! lace dress in purple is stunning! :-)