Aloha July

Let's say hello to July!! The new school year starts this month which means i'll be a 3rd grader by then which also means my last year in High School... My parents are already preparing all of these courses for me to join and reminding me to always stay focus the whole school year. I can already imagine that it'll be a hectic year. A really hectic one.
Sometimes being tired is not always that bad. It depends, being tired but also bringing along a satisfying result is good. It means that we stay productive the whole day. It may sound weird, but the busiest time of the day is the one that keeps me alive. 
So enjoy the Month!

3 feedbacks:

Nava said...

semangkaaa kak sab! :)) mau lanjut kemana nih?

Mitha Komala said...

good luck with the last year in high school =) xx

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FriskaApsari said...

kreatif banget .
check out my blog :)
Followed you :)