I know it's almost the end of July but i will list down the things that struck my eyes this month! And this time i stalked over at PICNIC's webstore!

Okey so those are my current picks at PICNIC's webstore! The ones i choose are more of a combination, in colors and the designs. I was looking for simple dresses , so then i came up with those 2. The metallic one looks so sleek and bold while the mint flower detailed patterned one reminds me of Prada... I guess maxi skirts are really booming right now with so many different designs. The usual maxi skirt usually only has 1 slit on the side, but this one has 2 on the front! And the beige + grey makes it look more daring. For the shoes, i usually find oxford shoes with boring color combination, is it either in black+white or in beige or brown. But this one is different! It has 4 colors in 1! The purple really nailed it. Lastly the accessories, like i used to say, a simple outfit can look outstanding when worn with accessories. So the accessories itself must look outstanding. Picking ones in yummy colors should do :)

Did i mention that it wasn't easy picking these from PICNIC ?? I mean there were so many to choose and my eyes really got amazed. They were all cool but then i came up with these favorites. But if u want to see more of the collection u can directly go to PICNIC's store at GANDARIA CITY , Jakarta.
So happy PIC-king! :)

2 feedbacks:

Ilmah Ismail said...

the bracelets look like your DIY braided chain necklace, aren't they? but overall your picks are great ;)

Marcella Cornelia said...

i love picnic too :)

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