Objects have words to say

Today is Sunday and this is crazy..... (?) I still used to be in bed in that our of time but today me and my sister planned to fill in our morning with something else! And it is much more refreshing and also fun. 

 Thank god we came way more earlier so it wasn't that crowded yet. Crowded with bikes, people, and goats.... yes, GOAT! Meet our new friend, RAMBO!

 He's a friend we met on the street. He was dyed pink on the back and turquoise on it's front which is very... interesting for a goat :" So say Hi!

Btw, remember last year most of u have been requesting for me to post the aquapix photo results?? Well.... i completely forgot about it >.< So really sorry for the loooong wait but today i've finally printed and transferred the results into CD then finally get the chance to post it here! phew~

 I wasn't that surprised with the results of the film because it was just... good. Not amazing yet great but just good. The only special thing about it is that it can be used under water. So i only suggest u to use this under the water which means in the water... completely inside. Or perhaps to play with splashes too. If u use it for outdoors and on land, it is just as same as those iTouch edited photos. Well yes it gives a bit "old film" kinnda effect but they were pretty standard. But i did have fun with it! It was just like a "hit and run" thing, u snap the object with ur feelings then wait to get surprised with the result! It isn't a camera to be serious with, it's a camera to play. :)

5 feedbacks:

Maulita Sabillah said...

i have an aquapix and i didnt know how to use it>.<too bad for me...
btw,i've followed urs,want to follow mine?


Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Amazing pictures! Love these! x


btari nadine said...

i like your photographs, it's so.. artistic? hehehe. i have a new dslr, but i find it really hard to use it. any tips?


Delia Salsabila said...

love the underwater photo xx



I have to say 'WOW' you dare to jump off the board @.@