Walking in Mid Air

Time stood still but our movements haven't
 I've accidentally found this low light program in my camera that are able to snap pictures very detail. And it is supeeeer fun and awesome! :D

 You see how i somehow look like a ghost in mid air? And i tell u these are not edited works! The results are truly like this!
 Modify nebula tank , PICNIC oversized outer, Riotous Barbie pants, Wondershoe flats, DIY necklace
The holiday is OVEEEER! back to the daily hiatus... huft. And things are going to get wild here!
Some random photos i'd like to share

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Gabriella Olivia said...

cool photos as always! love your necklace! <3


putri soe said...

that's original photos from a camera? i want it! cool photos and moves indeed.

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rimatambunan said...

study date? how cute! :3

JAL. said...

awesome outfit :D and awesome photos , can you tell me what you use to make that "ghost" scene? thank you soo much

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Amazing pictures! Love your top xx


Sausan Hanifah said...

Cool nebula tank! :)

Izzah Anne Abdullah said...

OH my GOD, cool ! I really love this post. My favorite post this month ! Keep doing best sabila

nourash! said...

cool photos. what kind of kamera to make photos like you ?

Anonymous said...

what camera did u use Sabila?

Nadiah Kusuma said...

what camera did you use for make those amazing picture?:)