July 27, 2012

Name the colors

I have always wanted these kind of things.... Watercolor printed dress!
 SHEINSIDE watercolor dress, Forever 21 stone necklace, Ditchy Mitchy T-bar heels, Soxgallery knee socks, DIY flower headband

 Such a coincidence that the color elements on the necklace are as same as the colors on the dress! So they hooked up perfectly!

 Ok so this dress came from SHEINSIDE , and it really did make my day :D I have been a fan of watercolors  but sadly haven't got a piece of clothing that has the prints. All i can do is make an editorial of it with photoshop... sigh. But then this gift came and changed it all! The color elements on this dress are also very playful, it's got a touch of pastel in it but with a mix of cold colors. Perfect for summer. But Summer is almost already over... oh well who cares, this dress is eternal! Having ruffles on a piece of clothing is a risk taker because if placed on the wrong part, it can make the it look trashy. But the ruffles on the sleeves of this dress makes it look prettier :)

July 26, 2012


I know it's almost the end of July but i will list down the things that struck my eyes this month! And this time i stalked over at PICNIC's webstore!

Okey so those are my current picks at PICNIC's webstore! The ones i choose are more of a combination, in colors and the designs. I was looking for simple dresses , so then i came up with those 2. The metallic one looks so sleek and bold while the mint flower detailed patterned one reminds me of Prada... I guess maxi skirts are really booming right now with so many different designs. The usual maxi skirt usually only has 1 slit on the side, but this one has 2 on the front! And the beige + grey makes it look more daring. For the shoes, i usually find oxford shoes with boring color combination, is it either in black+white or in beige or brown. But this one is different! It has 4 colors in 1! The purple really nailed it. Lastly the accessories, like i used to say, a simple outfit can look outstanding when worn with accessories. So the accessories itself must look outstanding. Picking ones in yummy colors should do :)

Did i mention that it wasn't easy picking these from PICNIC ?? I mean there were so many to choose and my eyes really got amazed. They were all cool but then i came up with these favorites. But if u want to see more of the collection u can directly go to PICNIC's store at GANDARIA CITY , Jakarta.
So happy PIC-king! :)

July 24, 2012

Black Rose

 GAP black top & tutu skirt , Nine West heels , Unbranded accessories

 So my buddy buddy just had her 17th Birthday a few days ago and since she's so special then i just had to give her sumthin... so then i made her this :)
I don't know what to call it as, but it's sort of a book frame... It's like a scrapbook but attached on a frame, so u can hang it or put it anywhere u like :)

July 22, 2012

a holy day, a holy month

 Customized Floral Outer & Beige top , Mom's maxi skirt , Ditchy Mitchy T-bar heels, Unbranded accessories

 It's funny how many people have already prepared what they're going to wear for their Lebaran day, although it's still around 29 days to go... Well no there's completely nothing wrong about that but they're just well prepared... I don't always buy new clothes for Lebaran cause i usually wear what i have, Or maybe make one with my mom. But i've been really sad that i've just had my period on the first day of Fasting.. which means i didn't get to Fast on the first day which doesn't feel good :( But to all of you, hope it all goes well :) Have a great month!

July 21, 2012

Splash Splash

As i've promised before, I will be sharing more results from the Aquapix!
A few weeks ago me and Sabrina (again) went to.... guess where! :D

 Yes!! It's Waterboom! :D

Btw, happy fasting for all of the muslims out there :)

July 20, 2012

Body Cloning

School is back! Which means i'm back to my daily hiatus :"
Have been experiencing new things which is slightly cool and exciting and so far July's being very great :D

 Dorothy Perkins Dress , DIY denim jacket & studded bow tie, Candyfeet lace-up boots, Unbranded glasses & accessories

 These glasses was a best buy!! I've seen it hanged at a local accessories shop and somehow i managed to take a peek at it since the prints are rare, when i saw the price tag it was an amazing shock because it really was out of my expectations :D

 Will be sharing more results from my aquapix camera on the new post! :D

July 14, 2012

The Ocean Wave

 Anata Fringe cape, Esprit collared top, DIY Studded bow tie, Vintage leopard skirt, PICNIC Wedges, Unbranded accessories, Mom's leather purse

 To Be Continued...