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“We all go through the same things, the same insecurities, the same doubts.”, confessed Taylor Swift. It’s an amazing phenomena where the social media could be such a powerful force on shaping what’s ideal and what’s not in the society. Although the term of “branding” is commonly used to present yourself in the virtual world, unconsciously people are managing to “compete” against each other on creating a “perfect” life. This imagination of a “perfect life” sometimes are misinterpreted by others to make themselves feel doubtful, insecure, and horrible about themselves on not having the same “perfect” life. I myself have had those moments, moments where I’ve fell in the hole of insecurities about myself just after scrolling through a number of Instagram accounts that pretty much shows a “perfect” feed. This virtual reality, is a social construction.

But then I come back to myself. Social construction is subjective, it’s just something made up. Is the standard of being pretty always have to have perfectly done eyebrows and extravagant lashes just because most girls on social media post selfies showing those figures and getting many likes? Is the standard of being cool always have to be taking shots at the most hippest area with a simple & monochromatic attire and in a low saturation tone then getting many likes? There were never standards, those have always been a choice.

I highly believe that there has always been an essence of my life that’s just very valuable that other people don’t have. And so it goes the other way, where well there are valuable points about other people’s life that I just don’t have. That’s just how the world goes. So feeling doubtful and insecure about oneself is such a waste of time and energy. Why feel bad about your flaws while you can embrace the greatness of yourself?? Instead, turn those “perfect” constructed reality into an inspiration & a motivation for ourselves, that that reality is possible to aim. My key is simply by being grateful, by being confident with my own self. 

Being confident include all parts of yourself, inner & outer. Despite all my physical flaws and amateur skills, I do feel confident on what I have both earned and reached for myself. Physical conditions have always been a big issue among women specifically, where we just don’t feel enough about ourselves. Even Taylor Swift has her own insecurities! But I do believe that most part of our physical conditions are gifted. It is something earned, a gift from our creators. Feeling bad about it means that we are being arrogant and ungrateful as a human being. Though, what we can do is taking great care of it, sustaining it in great shape.

To me, the most basic beauty of a woman relies in her private area, on how she can guard it, respect it, and keeping it healthy. Since it is such a big deal for me, I do have high standards on the products I use to keep this area clean, fresh, and healthy, where all the basic ingredients have to be natural and globally dermatological tested. Lucky me, this whole package is provided by Lactacyd white intimate. I have been using this product for a while and was amazed at my first 1st month where it lightened my private area and creating a clean & fresh vibe in only such time. Its gentle texture & freshening fragrance with natural ingredients such as marine-based Algowhite and plant-based Actipone-B is a plus factor. Using it twice a day while taking baths should do just fine for a fresher, fairer, and more confident self #provenselfV.

Lactacyd wants you to share your experience with it! They are holding a blog writing competition for all confident women out there. All you have to do is connect with their Facebook & Twitter page, write your most creative experience after using Lactacyd White Intimate on your blog, then share the link over on Lactacyd’s website . What’s in it for you? Macbook air, 5 Samsung phones, and 50 beauty hampers from Lactacyd. 

Don’t waste your chance, proof your confidence by joining this competition and show your worth! :)

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so inspiring!

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